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Theresa Cheung 

Growing up I was quite literally surrounded by books.
My mother was a passionate reader who found it impossible to discard any book, so while we often went hungry or couldn’t afford new clothes or holidays our hearts and minds never felt deprived. We survived on a steady diet of reading! I must have inherited her love of books. I don’t feel complete unless I am writing one or reading one. I’ve often been called a serial spiritual writer, but for me there can never be enough books to send out into the world.

At every time in my life when I have felt lost or alone, books have comforted and uplifted me or given me much needed pause for thought. I truly hope my books play that significant role in other people’s hearts and minds. But more than that, I hope everyone discovers the joy and wonder of reading.

There is some research to suggest that people who read books tend to be more compassionate than those who prefer movies or TV. More studies need to be done, but if it is true, it would not surprise me at all. Reading might just play a really important role in bringing much-needed healing, empathy, and greater understanding and connection into the world. That’s why I was so very honoured to be asked to create my top 10 list for this archive. I thought long and hard about which books to select and truly believe my chosen ones have the potential to encourage all who read them to not stop there, but to seek out more and more books and make reading their way of life.

About my list
These are the 10 books that have changed my life. When I read each of them, it was not just a light bulb moment but as if millions of lightbulbs lit up in my brain. I can honestly say they made me think about my one precious life, and what I was doing with it in a completely different way.

In my role as a spiritual teacher and author, I am often asked for reading recommendations. Of course, my instinctive response is always to recommend my own books! But once I successfully tame my ego, I never tire of recommending this list. They have all been selected because they have the ability to wake the reader up – emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Once you read them your life is never quite the same again. My first choice is part autobiography, the next five choices are non-fiction, and the final four choices are fiction. I wanted to include different genres here to 

suit all tastes and also to show that personal and spiritual growth is exciting and fun. There is a tendency for spiritual books to be deadly serious – and, dare I say it, dull,  but I can assure you my top 10 books are anything but dull. They will open your eyes and minds as you read and somehow make you cry and smile at the same time, which in my book, is the mark of something deeply profound and empowering.

THERESA CHEUNG has been researching and writing about dreams and dream interpretation for the past twenty-five years. She has a Master’s degree from Kings College Cambridge University in Theology and English and several international bestselling books, including two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers to her credit. Her Dream Dictionary A to Z regularly bounces to number 1 in its Amazon category and is regarded as a classic in its field. She has also published a Dream Decoder Journal and card-deck with Laurence King, and most recently Night Vision: An Illustrated Field Guide to Dreaming.

Her spiritual books have been translated into over 40 languages and she has written numerous features for national newspapers and magazines. Her media appearances include an interview on the UK’s GMTV, guesting on episode 71 of Russell Brand’s Under the Skin podcast, and decoding dreams live on Coast to Coast AM. Theresa works closely with scientists studying consciousness and has her own popular spiritual podcast called White Shores. www.theresacheung.com

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Man’s Search for Meaning
by Viktor E. Frankl


Hard to choose a number 1 recommended read but for me it would likely be this book. It is written by a remarkable man who endured the loss of his family and his dignity in a concentration camp. It shows how strong the human spirit can be and that whilst the world can take away everything from you it cannot take your spirit. If you ever feel life hasn’t treated you well, read this book for a dose of much-needed perspective and inspiration.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
by Deepak Chopra


Although I’m not in tune with Mr Chopra on all his ‘new age’ messaging, this book is an exception. I think it is his finest hour. He manages to combine eastern and western wisdom effortlessly and every law, if followed, will enhance your life. There are also practical suggestions following each explanation. Every word feels deeply profound and practical at the same time. I think it should be required reading.

The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz


Rather similar to The Seven Spiritual Laws, this book also offers both explanations and practical advice, but this time in the form of four promises you need to make to yourself. The clarity of this book shines through as well as its deep wisdom and truth. It encourages you to think about your values and reminds you that who you are from the inside out, your personal integrity and values, matters far more than anything else in your life.

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle


There’s a reason why this book is among the most read of all time. The concept is simple but like so many things in our lives it is one we are all guilty of forgetting. It reminds us that the future doesn’t exist, the past is gone and all that is truly real.,all we ever truly have, is the power and infinite potential of right here and right now.

The Road Less Travelled
by M. Scott Peck


Overcoming struggle and a heavy dose of self-discipline and focus are the ingredients for a fulfilling life. But so often we try to avoid challenges and the hard work required to overcome them and take the easy path. This book makes it clear that life isn’t easy and it isn’t meant to be.The joy and meaning can be found in the learning and growth through encountering challenges—and sometimes that growth will hurt.


The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho


The simple message of this book is that all you are seeking is not outside yourself but can be found within. A bit like Dorothy recognising at the end of The Wizard of Oz that there is no place like home. But to get to that inner peace you need to go on an adventure first and this book will give you all the insight and incentive you need to navigate that exciting journey successfully.

The Lord of the Rings
by J.R.R. Tolkein


Not only is this a fantasy read that set the template for future brilliant fantasy reads—such as Harry Potter and—there are also deeply spiritual themes to uncover and enjoy. From the innocence of the hobbits to the unseen world of the elves to the temptation of the ring, this book is a guide to life, death, and everything in between.

The Celestine Prophecy
by James Redfield


This story carries you on a wave of self-discovery that is utterly absorbing. Along the way, you learn to notice signs and coincidences, the interconnection between everyone and everything, and once again, that the greatest adventure is always the one discovered from within.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven
by Mitch Albom


They aren’t the people you might expect them to be. This moving read explores the possibility that nothing in your life is trivial and every interaction or meeting you have with others sets in motion a ripple effect that crosses over into space and time.


The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown


This is perhaps the only book I have ever read that I just could not put down—seriously, I took a day off work to finish it. Not only it is a page-turner in every sense, but it also encourages you to find out for yourself about the concepts explored. By the end of it, you feel as if your mind has been opened and your curiosity—desire to learn and no longer take everything for granted—ignited as never before.