Love Money, Money Loves You

Money Talks. Are you Listening?
By Sarah McCrum

About The Book

What’s a book about money doing in the No B.S. Spiritual Book Club?

Believe it or not, this particular book about money has more to do with higher consciousness than a lot of books that are currently filling the “Spiritual” bookshelves.  And, when you read the free excerpt, you’ll understand why.

Over the years, I have interviewed and worked with several experts teaching about the consciousness of money. While all have their individual approaches and merits, I always felt that there was an intangible “something” missing.  Then I was introduced to Sarah McCrum’s work.  And everything fell into place. Sarah’s clarity, heart, and authenticity make it all so simple.

In Love Money, Money Loves You, McCrum cuts right through all the “heady” stuff about money, and the “woo-woo” stuff too, and instead, approaches this topic from a profoundly different place by taking us straight back to the heart.

The missing element Sarah McCrum brings to her work with money is the highest and most powerful frequency in the universe—LOVE, which is a fundamental quality that none of us can live without, and which is our only means for creating peace and harmony in our lives and on this planet, that alone earned its place here.

When my friend, Karen, initially introduced me to Sarah McCrum’s work, saying she thought I should interview Sarah, my first thought was, not much chance of that.  I’d already done several interviews on the consciousness of money. And besides, my show was booked out for the next six months. But then I couldn’t help noticing the shifts that were occurring in Karen’s life and outlook.  And that intrigued me.

So, when she invited me (with Sarah’s permission) to sit in on a private online webinar Sarah was presenting on Karma, I half-heartedly agreed… on the proviso that I would sit behind the computer, where I could listen, and not be distracted by the visual. I wanted to hear Sarah McCrum’s voice, and feel her energy.

I’m known among my friends for having a first-class inbuilt, B.S. Meter, a gut compass that’s exquisitely attuned to the frequency of authenticity.  It didn’t waver once throughout the webinar.

So, of course, I had to read Sarah McCrum’s book.  And when I found myself quietly muttering, Yes! Yes, YES! as I processed money’s wisdom, I was intrigued to know more.  Like, who is this woman, really? What else might she know about money that we don’t know?  How come she’s got answers that other experts haven’t?  Does loving money really work? Etc. But I was still booked out for the next six months.

Then synchronicity stepped in. A guest couldn’t make a show.  And, voila! Sarah McCrum just happened to be free to fill the only prerecord slot the studio had available.  We did the show. And the more I heard and felt, the more certain I became that she is for real.

It’s nigh on impossible to grasp the profundity of the difference Sarah McCrum makes to our understanding of money until you comprehend more about how LOVE and MONEY are interlinked in ways that few of us have ever imagined. Sarah McCrum’s conversations with money—and its answers—have radically shifted my perceptions, most of which I was aware I’d inherited from my mother. They broke through the resistances that I hadn’t known I’d constructed, and are still unraveling patterns that have been in place since childhood. Money’s answers to the questions that we’ve all asked at one time or another slipped straight past my intellect to be processed by my gut, which vibrated with the resonance of truth that LOVE and MONEY are the same energy.  

Love Money, Money Loves You took up residence in my brain and quickly became like those annoying, persistent pieces of music—earworms—which keep going round and round in your head. 

I’m a shameless sharer.  Books are my love, my lifeblood, and my business.  Shifting perceptions, raising consciousness is what my shows are all about.  It’s my job to read more books than the average person. No one is more excited than I am when I discover books that resonate with truth and authenticity. These are the ones that stick so strongly,  I have to share them.  I call these my “bookworms.”

Love Money, Money Loves You is a profoundly spiritual book; one that could radically shift your perceptions, unravel your misconceptions and transform your consciousness in one read.

But there’s nothing like personal experience. So check it out for yourself. Download the 4-chapter excerpt and listen to the short Money Speaks audio that Sarah McCrum has gifted us. Take advantage of all the freebies she offers on her website. Then get her book and the answers to all of your questions about MONEY—and LOVE—from money itself.  And if you don’t notice any changes in your life, well, I’ll eat my hat.


Below is a short 5-minute recording from Sarah McCrum’s Money Speaks Series of Activation Audios for you to sample.

Money Speaks: Why Are You So Afraid Of Me?

by Sarah McCrum | Money Speaks Activation Series

If You Could Ask Money Any Question, What Would It Be?

About The author

SARAH McCRUM is a money consciousness coach and the author of Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out. A graduate of Cambridge University, and a former school teacher, Sarah spent ten years working for BBC Radio before embarking on 22 years of training and studying energy and natural health with esteemed Chinese Masters.

Sarah’s powerful programs based on energy run the gamut from recognizing and releasing karma, healing past relationships, and communicating with kids to developing higher-level abilities, and unlimited creativity and self-expression. Unsurprisingly, however, she is best known for her unique, life-changing series of programs on “The Consciousness of Money,” in which she helps people explore how they think, feel and act around money.

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