“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold
story inside you.”—Maya Angelou


Have you ever walked through a book store and known in your heart that you should have a book on one of those shelves…but have no idea how to make that happen? 

Writing your story and getting your book into print may feel intimidating, but it’s remarkably easy and satisfying when you put yourself in the hands of an experienced professional.

So, whether you are still striving to:

    • Connect with your muse
    • Find your authentic voice
    • Formulate your ideas
    • Present your message in compelling prose
    • Publish your book 
    • Find your audience
    • Build your profile and platform

Just imagine what you could accomplish with 30+ years of experience in writing, ghosting, editing, publishing, Talk TV/Radio hosting, and Content/Resonance Marketing to guide you.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”Dr. Seuss

Below are a few of the stories I’ve been privileged to nurture


When Hay House asked filmmaker, photographer, screenwriter, and author, PETER RODGER, for some fast cuts and rewrites to his manuscript for The OMG Chronicles which recount Peter’s extraordinary journeys around the world filming his documentary, THE QUESTION, his publicist recommended him to Sandie. Working closely together, Sandie helped Peter craft an even more entertaining and thrilling read. With her editorial guidance, practical advice, editorial skills and support, Peter delivered his manuscript on schedule and in perfect shape – not just for publication, but also for the process of turning into a screenplay in its own right!


CAROL HOLADAY dreamed of becoming an author. Her dream came true when Sandie pointed out that Carol already had everything she needed to create a unique book in the material she provided for her magical crafts workshops.

After coaching Carol from start to finish, and editing the manuscript, Sandie sold the book to the first publisher she approached. 

It wasn’t long before Carol’s book on practical magic also caught the eye of a French publisher and, voila! the French translation was published the following year, thereby extending Carol’s exposure even further.



KIMBERLY SMYTHE had been working on her unfinished manuscript for over ten years when she met Sandie. They worked together for over a year, gently nurturing, revising and editing what was, for Kim, an extremely emotional and challenging true story. One unexpected benefit for Kim was that the process became a wonderful catharsis for her unresolved feelings and emotions, enabling her to reach a place of calm resolution about a deeply distressing personal experience.

Another unforeseen benefit was the birth of a new goal to create The Hanai Foundation, a non-profit Center where people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds could come together in community.  

And Kim became the proud recipient of the Independent Book Publisher Association’s Benjamin Franklin Silver Honoree Award for her book (which, on this occasion, Sandie had no hand in judging.)


GAIL HARRIS  was one of the first female news anchors in the USA. A correspondent for ABC News and Nightline, and a  host/correspondent for PBS and NPR, Gail hosted and co-produced the Emmy award-winning PBS special, Hiroshima Remembered, and was the creator, host, and executive producer for the Body & Soul series on PBS for which she also wrote the companion book, Body & Soul: Your Guide to Health, Happiness, and Total Well-being.   

Gail’s book Finders Seekers, which Sandie edited, seamlessly weaves subtle lessons about synchronicity, karma, past life connections, and valuable tools for spiritual growth into a modern-day romance, which pioneers a new genre of Spiritual Romance. 


“If Sandie Sedgbeer’s name has crossed your path and you are thinking about working with someone to help you write your book, run, do not walk, drive, do not run, fly, do not drive—put everything you are doing down and call her now and tell her: “I want you to help me write my book.” And if you are lucky enough to be accepted by her, know that you will be challenged, pushed beyond your comfort zone, asked to rewrite things you hoped were already done; but in the end you will have a book that you are proud of and one that will be a gift to the millions of people who read it.”

Daniel Bruce Levin
Former Director of Business Development at Hay House. Author of The Mosaic.

Imagine your joy on seeing YOUR book here!