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“Some like to believe it’s the book that chooses the person.”
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

When I started thinking about which books I’d put on my list of 10, I realized how much the process was like setting out an autobiographical timeline of my life. The journey of personal awakening, the healing of relationship patterns, the brutal realisation that all is not as it seems in our world, and the shift that came with motherhood, is all there. To share a list of ones most life-changing spiritual books, is to reveal one’s self deeply and intimately.

So many books have taken their turn to support and shape me throughout various stages of my life and awakening process. What on the surface looks like a book club list, is an intricate tapestry of soul-fuelling truth, soul-nourishing wisdom and soul-healing balm.

DANA MRKICH has worked with thousands of people globally over the past 20 years. A highly gifted energy intuitive, course teacher, workshop facilitator, author and speaker. She is passionate about uncovering truth, both personally and collectively, as a pathway to authentic power and freedom.

Most recently she is down the rabbit hole of the connection between our repressed feminine, suppressed Goddess herstory, and many of the issues we find ourselves in as individuals and as a society. She explores these themes in her regular blogs, monthly She Fire membership and annual She Fire course. For more info:


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My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

The Celestine Prophecy
by James Redfield


I have to start here because it was this book, almost 30 years ago, that was the first to make me feel, “Finally, I’m not alone. Other people think like this.” I was 20 years old and wondering why I thought the way I did, and why most people seemed to be living unaware of other realms of reality and consciousness – or otherwise laughed it off as science-fiction. While I was lucky enough to have awake family and friends in my circle, reading this book validated so much for me.

The Star People
by Brad and Francie Steiger


When I was younger I felt like I’d been dropped off on another planet. I had clear visions of a very different kind of world, and wasn’t sure if this was a memory from some other place, or something I was here to help create (Answer: Both.) I remember looking at the sky wondering when “they” were coming back to get me and take me back “home.” The Star People was another book that made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my feelings, “knowing,” memories, and experiences.

Astrology for the Soul
by Jan Spiller


Astrology has been a lifelong passion. I honestly think we should all be educated about our natal chart from childhood, and how to understand astrological transits. From personal crises to natural gifts and talents, life purpose and upcoming ‘dark nights of the soul,’ astrology can give you a heads-up and a higher understanding regarding what you are going through and why.

And the Truth Shall Set You free
by David Icke


I’m a big advocate of uncovering as much truth as possible. Whether on a personal level, or a social, collective level, it’s hard to change something if you don’t know what’s going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes. While our spiritual awakening plays a major role in our overall global transformation process, awakening to that which has been repressing and controlling humanity is empowering and helps to lift us out of the ‘matrix.’ David Icke has always been on the leading edge of truth-telling, with so much of what he’s been saying for decades now slowly starting to enter the mainstream.

The Artists Way
by Julia Cameron


Whenever someone is feeling like they have lost their way and needs help finding their best way forward, this is my go-to gift or recommendation. Written in the form of a 12-week program, this book is officially “a course in discovering and recovering your creative self.” But truly, it’s a course in reconnecting with your true self and finding the courage to express it through your work, projects or life in general. I absolutely loved working my way through this book twenty-something years ago when I so desperately wanted to make a living writing and teaching … which I now do. If you know you have a purpose, but aren’t quite sure what it is, or feel stuck with your dreams in any way, The Artists Way helps you along.

The Game of Life and How to Play it
by Florence Scovel Shinn


Florence Scovel Shinn was a metaphysician in the 1920’s, and a lady ahead of the times. My husbsand, Christian, and I took this little book with us when we decided to go traveling for 15 months – with only enough money for 5 months. Many a time, there we’d be, driving along a highway, yet again at almost $0, with me reading aloud from The Game of Life, as you do. I’d share one of her many stories, and together we’d repeat it, or say “Thank you that we have all we need, a wonderful, cosy place to stay and delicious food to eat, thank you!” And, sure enough, we were taken care of, each and every time. Unexpected funds would arrive, or much-needed work would come in. “Your thoughts create your reality” is something that you need to experience for yourself to truly realize how powerful you are, and how quickly energy responds.


In the Meantime
by Iyanla Vanzant

About a year before Christian and I got together, I’d had my heart broken yet again. I decided “Enough is enough. I’m going to dedicate myself to clearing my relationship patterns once and for all and either finally let my soulmate in, or live happily ever after with myself!” Iyanla’s book took me through a deep dive into my patterns, and helped me to finally come out the other side into both a healthy relationship with myself, and a healthy, committed relationship with my life mate.

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
by Debbie Ford

I love working with the Shadow, and this book is another one of those that I have referred people to countless times! Having a conversation in your journal with Disappointed Dora, Tired Tania, or Angry Archie is one of the most powerful ways to shift energy and emotions, and receive insights from within your own self.

Red Hot and Holy
by Sera Beak


This book came along at the exact right time, and activated a part of me that in many ways feels like a completely new self. I’d given birth to my son, Jaxon, a few years prior to reading this, and in labour, I went somewhere I’d never been before. I couldn’t quite understand where it was that I’d been, other than to say it felt like I was taken to the core of Mother Earth and was pushed back out again, born anew at the same time as I gave birth to him. Slowly, my relationship with the spiritual world as I knew it, started changing, very subtly at first, but eventually culminating in what I called a divorce from one of my spiritual teams ‘upstairs.’

For a few months, I found myself in a void – I wasn’t sure who or what to trust anymore in terms of our non-physical reality, which was completely disorienting for someone who’d spent my whole life with that as my anchor! Slowly, I started hearing and sensing … something. Ancient, yet familiar. I finally got a name … She. I was stunned.  How, after 20 years of being on a conscious spiritual journey, had I remained asleep to not only Her but Her part in our overall human history/herstory?! Where is She in all the spiritual books that are out there?! I’d written about the Divine Feminine, yes. I’d explored Goddesses and the Goddess, yes. But this was a totally different level of that. Around this time Red, Hot and Holy somehow came to me and. click, it was like awakening 2.0. This is not just a book – it is an activation for those called to it.

Weaving the Visions: New patterns in Feminist Spirituality by Judith Plaskow and Carol Christ


After awakening 2.0, I was off and running, eager to catch up on lost herstory. I was fortunate enough to find the incredible Women’s Spirituality and Social Justice M.A., and through that, discovered a whole new world of Women’s Spirituality-centred texts that have been available for decades, yet I’d never come across them!

Weaving the Visions is a brilliant introduction as it’s filled with contributions by female researchers, academics, authors, and teachers who have also encountered this “She,” and uncovered archaeological evidence for matri-focal communities that honoured Her.





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