Every great dream begins with a dreamer

YOU HAVE A DREAMa book, a business, a vision, a project—or maybe just an unformed yearning to share something of value with the world…  There’s no shortage of programs, webinars, courses and wise teachers that can help you make it happen.

Perhaps you signed up for them… but what you were anticipating didn’t happen… Or maybe you spent weeks or months procrastinating; drawn to what they offered but not sufficiently convinced to commit to a decision.

So what’s one thing that’s likely keeping you from making those important decisions, creating your dreams, discovering your dharma, growing your business, or just living your life on your terms?

The answer is RESONANCEBy which I mean that “something”—the teacher, the program, the marketing—doesn’t quite resonate.  Sometimes it’s a hunch or an intuition… Other times it’s a spiritual, emotional, or psychological belief or memory that unconsciously holds you back, preventing you from fully aligning with your soul’s purpose.  Sometimes it’s a lack of belief—in yourself or your ability to pull it off.  

If this sounds familiar… the RESONANCE PROCESS can help you.


You already have everything you need to make anything happen. You just don’t know it yet.

We do not come here unprepared. The soul knows its purpose. And we are all blessed with an abundant toolbox filled with unique gifts and potential. There’s only one thing that distinguishes those who succeed from those who struggle—the ability to harness your gifts and skills in a manner that is fully and completely in alignment with the unique expression of your soul.

Whether you’re looking for guidance, coaching, and support in identifying and successfully moving into your dharma work, or an integrated, conscious approach to building your personal or business platform, raising your individual or company profile, and connecting with an audience that resonates with what you have to offer… the RESONANCE PROCESS can help you find clarity, align with your purpose, and create a beautiful, big, scrumptiously yummy cupcake out of the modestly sized muffin your soul is quietly (and persistently) nurturing.

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions with the RESONANCE PROCESS

Special one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions are tailored to your individual needs and designed to act as a catalyst for intense and profound movement, both internally and externally.

Sessions include: 

Business conceptualization and coaching

Brain- and heart-storming sessions to generate ideas that specifically match the vibrational energy of the book, business or project you want to birth

Newsletters/Magazines – Conceiving, creating, designing and launching your own digital or hard copy Newsletters or Magazines

Books – From where and how to start, to coaching through blocks, to when and how to publish, I can help you comfortably navigate the process of writing your book and guide you through the process of self-publishing, printing, promoting and marketing it.

“You already have EVERYTHING you need to make ANYTHING happen; you just don’t KNOW it yet

There is something almost alchemical about a conversation with Sandie Sedgbeer. It’s as though ideas really love her so they stop chasing one another around my head and get into neat lines so they have a chance to meet her.

As soon as I start to talk to her I find myself making new connections between ideas, and am able to express them in a more coherent way. At the same time, she has an encyclopedic knowledge in so many areas. I find a conversation with Sandie helps me to expand my thinking as well as gain greater clarity. It is an incredibly creative process and also a very grounded one.” 

Tracy Smith