Act of


Adamus St. Germain
through Geoff and Linda Hoppe

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About The Book


At around 33,000 words, Act of Consciousness is a little book that makes a big difference—big enough to be rated #6 in Book Authority’s Best Consciousness Books of All Time. 

When it comes to channeled works, I’m not an avid follower. Some are a bit too “soft and fluffy” for my taste. I prefer to be confronted, provoked, and challenged to reassess my belief systems and thinking.   So the “messengers” I’ve gravitated towards tend to be more matter of fact, grounded, and practical in disseminating their information than those that have a more cossetting, feel-good approach. 

That’s why I enjoy the information shared by the Ascended Master Adamus St. Germain through Geoff and Linda Hoppe. There’s nothing remotely fluffy about this guy (if I’m allowed to call him that).

Adamus is a unique facet of Saint-Germain’s oversoul. In his work with the Crimson Circle community, he refers to himself as Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate his contemporary teachings related to embodied ascension from his previous work and previous channelers.  His passion is to assist those who have clearly chosen embodied enlightenment in this lifetime, yet are faced with the myriad distractions and doubts that stem from today’s intense mental focus and programming coupled with the density of mass consciousness. 

Some might think of Adamus as a little bit of a badass because he doesn’t pussyfoot around, and he certainly doesn’t pander to our human egos.  He’s irreverent, provocative, entertaining, and deeply insightful. He challenges our thinking, pricks our bubbles of spiritual illusion or complacency, and prods us to expand our awareness.  And he has a wicked sense of humor. 

In Act of Consciousness,  Adamus explains the metaphysics of energy. He defines the difference between consciousness and energy, and makes it clear that we are beings of consciousness – not energy – and that it is the passion of our pure consciousness that attracts energy from the unified field to manifest our reality. 

He defines the four primary levels of energy including Core (soul), Crystalline, Cosmic, and Earth, and he explains how the various levels are used by our consciousness to manifest our stage-of-life.

Life is an act, Adamus says. We act like humans and therefore we experience like humans with a litany of limitations, shortcomings, and dramas that mask our underlying angelic consciousness.  But if we act like a Master rather than a less-than-perfect human, this act will literally change the type of energy we attract into our life, and in so doing, change the reality theatre we exist within. 

He says a great deal more than this, of course, but there’s only space to share a few quotes in the next column.  So, I encourage you to download the PDF below, which contains the first two chapters of Act of Consciousness and see if Adamus St. Germain resonates with you as much as he does me.

“Humans have very little understanding of consciousness.”


“Remember, everything is made up! Your human life is just a temporary act, no matter how real you think it is. Humans in general have very little understanding of consciousness. It is vastly undiscovered and unknown. With all the science and math and powerful computers, it’s amazing that consciousness is still not part of the equation on this planet. Even though consciousness is at the core of creation – it actually creates creation – humans are essentially unaware of it. This should provide you with many, many clues about why the world is where it’s at today, as well as the dire need for consciousness explorers, engineers, and scientists. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is work that you will undertake …”

“When the scientists study the universe, the cosmos, the origins of creation, there is no reference to consciousness. The religious types use a reference to God, the New Agers will reference Spirit, but there is little or no reference to the role of consciousness. Even modern psychology doesn’t really acknowledge consciousness. They account for memory, thoughts, and emotions, but not for consciousness.

When humans begin to understand consciousness, not in religious or intellectual terms, but rather as the core essence of all creation, humanity will make a huge leap in its evolution …”

“Most people will never feel into the intimacy and passion of the ‘I Am, I Exist.’ Even religious and New Age groups don’t understand the very simple principles of consciousness and energy because they’re busy worshipping distractions such as gods, angels, saints, spirit guides, healing modalities, and energy alignment devices. I call this makyo – or spiritual distraction – because without the basic, intuitive understanding of consciousness and energy, these things fail to bring you to the feeling of the deep passion of the soul and consciousness. And without that deep feeling, it’s nothing but mental and philosophical distraction…”

“In enlightenment, you discover that you don’t need much energy and there’s always an abundance of it when you do need it. You also realize that when you use energy you’re not taking it from another being. You can’t destroy energy. It’s always there. So the need for power simply goes away, including power over yourself. You find that the need for power over your mind, power over your aspects and powering your way through life simply disappears. It’s an illusion, but one to which many entities and humans are addicted. They can’t seem to let go of power.

There are those who accumulate power in the form of money, control over others, goods or weapons. But the enlightened being realizes that power is a great illusion, because all energy – everything you ever need – is already there ready to serve you. It doesn’t have to be coerced or manipulated. There’s no need for witchcraft, black magic, intimidation or any other form of persuasion. Power is truly an illusion. How does that feel?” 

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About The authors

“You’ve escaped your small childhood town, moved out into the world, and are now running multiple successful businesses, on the fast track to a comfortable retirement and happily ever after. What’s missing in your world? Oh, just a few invisible friends to turn your life upside down!!”

GEOFFREY HOPPE: The early spiritual curiosity of a young man was all but forgotten as he served a few years in the US Army as a Public Information Specialist at the NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain View, California), and then stepped into the business world. After finding his way to senior management positions in several advertising agencies, Geoffrey started his own marketing company in Dallas, Texas at the ripe old age of 28.

Later on, he co-founded an aviation tele-communications company (provider of Internet services for business jets and commercial airlines, now known as Gogo), serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing until 2001. In a stroke of ironic prescience, Geoffrey holds three patents for multidimensional telecommunications technologies, as well as numerous trademarks and copyrights.

LINDA HOPPE: A gifted artist and highly creative by nature, Linda graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to teach Art Education, even writing a ground-breaking curriculum for Texas’s first high school honors Art Education program. Her artistic talents landed her a job as Fashion Merchandise Manager with a Fortune 500 company, helping to set the styles and designs for each upcoming season. She also served as manager for Geoffrey’s marketing consulting company for several years.

DESTINY: Geoffrey & Linda met in high school and got married in 1977 on the day the first Star Wars movie premiered. Twenty years later, an angel named Tobias introduced himself to Geoffrey during an airplane flight. After talking and learning together for an entire year, Geoffrey finally told Linda about his invisible friend. Soon after, Tobias started working with clients of a local psychologist, providing deep insights into past lives and current challenges.

In late summer 1999, a few friends were invited to listen as Tobias spoke through Geoffrey, assisted by Linda. It was the beginning of the Crimson Circle, an organization that they would soon spend every waking moment trying to keep up with. Since then, Crimson Circle has grown into a multinational organization, with Geoffrey & Linda traveling the globe conducting numerous workshops and events each year.

They didn’t see it coming, but looking back in hindsight, they wouldn’t change a thing in this most extraordinary lifetime.