The Peaceful Warrior’s Way

The Entire Series of Books
By Dan Millman

BOOKWORMS: Just like those sticky musical “ear worms” that keep playing in your head, my Bookworms are the standout, thought-provoking, belief-busting, awareness-shifting reads that stick with me the most. When it comes to shining new light on the way we view life, the world, and ourselves, these are the ones I recommend first.


About The Books

This month’s bookworm isn’t just one book, but a whole series of them!  Read on to find out why.

When you’ve been on a spiritual quest for a long time, and consumed a lot of the books along the way, it’s not uncommon to forget some of the earlier reads that spring-boarded your spiritual growth.

I realized this had happened to me when I revisited Dan Millman’s work when preparing for a recent interview with him.

I’ve always been interested in the unknown. But back in the late 1980s, where this story begins, I was still a fascinated but uncommitted bystander on the spiritual path. A voracious reader and researcher, I was thirsty for knowledge and immensely attracted by everything “woo-woo,” but was put off by its nebulousness. Nothing short of irrefutable proof would bring me down from my fence.

Then I met an astrologer who appointed herself my teacher and mentor. Lilian was a wise woman. Highly intelligent, Lilian had made a lifetime study of the occult, and had accumulated a treasure trove of a library, filled with everything from old and rare esoteric wisdom to the latest wave of popular entries in the “New Age” market, and pretty much everything in between. I lapped it all up. But I still wouldn’t leave my perch on the fence.

Aware of my need for something grounded, practical, and evidential – a philosophy, or a set of fundamental guiding principles to live my life by – Lilian suggested I read Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior. She said it might offer some answers to my questions about  who we are, why we’re here, and the purpose of life.

Lilian was right. Way of the Peaceful Warrior almost brought my mind to a standstill. Everything that Socrates said, every word that Dan Millman wrote, resonated so deeply, Looking at things through Socrates’s eyes, seeing the world and myself from his perspective, I felt like some kind of internal gnosis had awoken within me. But I didn’t know what to do with that. I was a thinker and an analyzer, but I couldn’t use my mind to process this knowledge, when every cell in my body was already feeling its truth. It was a new experience for me.

Just as its sub-title claims, the simple yet profound truths in Way of the Peaceful Warrior triggered a change in me. It wasn’t instantaneous. But gradually, over a period of months, I realized that I hadn’t been searching for proof after all.  I’d been trying to remember something that some part of me knew that I knew, but had forgotten.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior didn’t answer every question I had. But in reminding me of the universal principles and laws that are foundational to all life, it gave me two things: solid ground beneath my feet, and an internal compass to guide me forward.

It confirmed that there was more to me – to all of us – than I’d been taught. And gave me hope that with time, and effort, and open-mindedness, I would find my way to reconnecting with that knowledge.

It also taught me to have faith in my intuition, to honor my feelings as stemming from a wiser part of me – my soul, or inner guidance system. It gave me insights into valuable lessons that Socrates said  are hiding in plain sight. And it gave me the meaning and purpose I needed to commit to uncovering and remembering the hidden mysteries of life. I was off the fence.

And then, as time passed, caught up in my journey, I forgot. Not what I’d learned, but how I’d first learned it. Of course, I remembered the book fondly. But the details of what had made it so significant grew hazy. It was only when Millman’s later book Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior refreshed my mind that I understood the pivotal role that Way of the Peaceful Warrior had played in my spiritual awakening.

I’ve spent several weeks diving into Dan Millman’s body of work, rediscovering the ineffable wisdom of both Socrates and Dan himself (because we cannot really separate one from the other). I’ve dipped into some excerpts and read several titles all the way through. And, as with all of my bookworms, the insights, observations, truths and principles shared in them have fueled many subsequent discussions with friends.

So, when I was asked which of Dan Millman’s 17 books I would recommend reading first, and heard myself answer, “All of them!” I knew I couldn’t single out just one title to focus on. Because, for me, this entire body of work represents one great big, fat and juicy bookworm.  If you read only one, you’ll stretch your mind and expand your awareness. If you read them all… well, how much do you want to grow and how far do you want to go?


Dan Millman’s books can be found online and in local bookstores. You can download excerpts from 5 titles in the Peaceful Warrior’s Way series at the bottom of the page.

To learn more about each one, visit his website at And be sure to take advantage of his free Life Purpose Calculator to learn more about your life path

To listen to a podcast of a recent conversation I had with Dan Millman about his books and the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, CLICK HERE.


About The author

DAN MILLMAN is a former world champion athlete, university coach, college professor, and inspirational author and speaker.  He is the author of seventeen books,  including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which became a word-of-mouth international best-seller, and later adapted into a feature film – “Peaceful Warrior,” – starring Nick Nolte. 

Based upon incidents from his life, “Peaceful Warrior” tells the story of a chance meeting with a gas station attendant who becomes a mentor to a young gymnast  – Dan Millman – who names the attendant “Socrates.”  When Millman’s right leg is shattered in a motorcycle accident, Socrates becomes Millman’s spiritual teacher and shows him how to become a Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman teachings, which comprise a body of work known as the “Peaceful Warrior’s Way” shared in seventeen books to date, have inspired and informed millions of readers in more than 30 languages.

Dan teaches worldwide, sharing realistic ways to live with a peaceful heart and warrior spirit, transforming everyday life into a path of personal and spiritual growth. His work has influenced men and women from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, entertainment, sports, and the arts.

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