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Monte Farber

I was introduced to the meta-physical, meaning “beyond the physical,” side of life, when I was 16 years old in 1964, by my 70-year-old physical education teacher at Brooklyn Tech, Mr. Helfand, who painfully taught me that reflexology works; he jammed his Vice-Grip thumbs into my arches and cured my bad back for good!

I learned all I could about this newly discovered way of living which inspired me to move on to all things spiritual, like the books on my list, and then astrology and tarot and more.

My wife Amy Zerner and I love knowing that our own work, especially our many divination systems like The Enchanted Tarot and Karma Cards, are part of the daily rituals of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We have worked hard and have been able to share what we have learned and what helps us.

Monte Farber’s inspiring guidance and empathic insights impact everyone he encounters. He is the author of many popular books and oracles that have helped millions answer questions, find deeper meaning, and follow their own spiritual paths, with nearly 3,000,000 books in print in eighteen languages. Monte’s proven techniques to use and learn tarot and astrology enable you to energize your psychic gifts and improve your creativity, intuition, and decision-making skills.

His books are published by Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Weiser, Schiffer, Sterling, and Quarto. His bestselling titles include The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Creativity Oracle, The Enchanted

Love Tarot, Quantum Affirmations, Chakra Meditation Kit, Astrology for Wellness, Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook, Mindful Astrology, and The Psychic Circle.

Living in the Hamptons, he has personally counseled many of the celebrities and business elite who know him as “The Best Astrologer in The Hamptons” (Dan’s Papers). In his work and workshops, Monte shares with his clients and audience the kindness, good humor, and deep wisdom that has enabled him to find true love with his wife of 46 years, artist Amy Zerner.  |.

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Genesis Revisited
by Zecharia Sitchin


I learned many things from the books and talks and sharing personal time with my late friend, Zecharia Sitchin, whose “Earth Chronicles” series of books are well worth readings. Start with either The Twelfth Planet or Genesis Revisited. It is like going on the best amusement park ride in the world and instead of just coming off it nauseous and exhausted, his books enable you to feel that there actually are explanations for the monumental stone buildings around the world (they had to last 3,600 years or more) and the astronomically based buildings (they had to determine when the first degree of Aries was because it helped determine who would rule Earth) and where we came from and more.


The Bible


For a whole year when I was 14 in Brooklyn Tech Honors English class we studied THE BIBLE! Yep, as a secular book, a history book, a book of morals and philosophy, and I have to tell you that I learned a lot and I have found it useful my whole life. This is why it pains me greatly to see people put down The Bible. There is A LOT of history and wisdom there, though you have to know how to look.

Of course, my time spent with my late friend Zecharia Sitchin, author of the must-read 12th Planet series of books, was greatly enhanced by my biblical understanding. But there are so many things worth keeping in mind. I have realized that my Brooklyn Tech Bible class was the first step in my preparation for the life I now lead as a philosopher, psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, and self-help guide.

Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramahansa Yogananda


The guitarist for our three-man power trio, “The Flow,” Pete Fine, and I used to play acoustic 12-string guitars at the Queens, NY, natural food restaurant, Annam Brahma, owned by the late spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy and staffed by his disciples. We were in good company because guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, devotees of Sri Chinmoy, also played there acoustically when they were in New York City.

I got friendly with one of the people who ran the restaurant and asked for the name of a good introductory book to Indian spirituality, He told me that Autobiography of a Yogi had started him and a lot of people he knew on the path. Here’s a line from it that has helped me more times than I can remember: “The time of defeat is the best time to sow the seeds of future successes.” – Paramahansa Yogananda (A true saint, his “Autobiography of a Yogi” is a must-read IMHO.) I’ve lived by this sentence since the day I read it and, of course, he was right!

The Nature of Personal Reality
by Jane Roberts


When I met Amy in 1974, she was an accomplished artist who was studying tarot and astrology and I was a studio musician who was studying Amy, so I learned about the tarot and astrology, too. I had no previous knowledge or understanding of what they were about, though I was very interested in the nature of personal reality. I was reading the “Seth” book with that very title, “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts at the time, and trying to get over the pain of my difficult childhood and the confusion of that difficult time by trying to understand reality in a logical way.

Before we met, we had each been using our art to make a living and as an expression of our beliefs and our search for meaning. As we learned more about astrology and the tarot and the nature of personal reality, we began to explore and blend the magic and mystery we were coming to know with our unique takes on the times we were living in and our hopes for the future, too. We are both very practical people and if something is not useful in a pure and meaningful way, we will not have very much to do with it for long.

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet
by Jess Stearn


Edgar Cayce was a seer who was an early hero of mine. Edgar Cayce, referred to as America’s Sleeping Prophet, was asked while in trance what was the highest spiritual act a soul could accomplish on Earth. He answered that the highest spiritual act a soul could accomplish on Earth was to make their home (and, IMHO, their very being) a place where a person leaving it was better off than when they had entered it. In other words, being present with the person you’re with is the highest spiritual act of which a human being is capable. I loved reading that and I think about it often.

I live it all the time and I highly recommend it. For one thing, everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story and you can learn something from everyone, no matter what their age, where they’re from, there’s no limit.

Edgar Cayce defined Karma as “meeting your self.” I believe he meant that quite literally –  that when we encounter positive and negative consequences of our past actions, we are meeting our Higher Self, the part of us that knows what we need to learn for our highest good and greatest joy.

Mind Over Back Pain
by John Sarno


One of the things that helped me to understand the somatic relationship between many illnesses and our mental and spiritual health was a teaching that came out of my back pain courtesy of Dr. John Sarno, author of “Mind Over Back Pain” who showed me that my back pain was actually somatically caused by my feeling unsupported.

One day in 1986 when I was working in the movie business, and the movie wrapped, I couldn’t get out of bed because the crippling pain in my back was so severe. But I decided to see if Dr. Sarno was right and that the underlying cause of my suffering was that I was losing the five-month good paying movie job I loved so dearly.

So, I lifted myself off the bed and stood myself up, despite being in agony, and as I did so I tried to really get in touch with the fact that maybe this pain was the result of my feeling unsupported by the universe, afraid where my next job was coming from, having to re-orient myself and my identity to the next job (Michael J. Fox’s bodyguard on “The Secret of My Success”) and POOF, my back pain went away!

The Wisdom of Insecurity
by Alan Watts


Being prepared is a great way to help yourself feel better in these insecure times. Reading “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts is another.

May all beings find peace, compassion and understanding.

When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone


This is a very significant, illuminating, and empowering book, written in the ’70s that reveals so much about history, bias, attitudes, archaeology, and status. The information in it became an important part of our journey and inspired us to explore more about Goddesses and the Divine Feminine, which we were already intuitively tuned into, and we went on to support the movement with our own creations.

Constructive Living
by David K. Reynolds


I am a great believer in the philosophy known as Constructive Living. I’ll give you a hint, though this hyper-over simplification of the philosophy does an injustice to the beauty and elegance of Reynolds’ book: Stop focusing on your problems, get off your ass and just do it! The why’s and wherefores of your “problem” will fall away as you go about the business of living.

Be Here Now
by Ram Das


Be Here Now was so important to me when I was twenty-one (it came out in 1971) that I carried it around even when I was basically a homeless musician – my “on the road” period. It was my most important possession for several months. Ram Dass’s creativity touched a chord in me that still resonates.