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Kate Spreckley

My bookshelves have contained a wide variety of books but there are a select few that hold a special place. These are the books that changed me and my perspective and wrought some kind of transformation within me.

Initially when I thought about choosing ten books, I was a little overwhelmed. I couldn’t think of a single one, let alone ten. I literally had to stand at the bookshelf and see what I had hidden there. And as I did, I reflected on my journey of awakening and healing and how books played a vital part in my self awareness. As others shared their wisdom, I had gained my own; as others shared their healing journey, I was given the courage and strength to continue mine.

I may never meet these authors, but their books and their stories impacted me in the most profound and beautiful way. They have shaped my path and given me very necessary insight and guidance at moments when I needed it most. These books have inspired hope and gave me the fortitude I needed to continue to follow the path that I have chosen.

KATE SPRECKLEY is a soul coach, energy practitioner, speaker, and facilitator who allows her natural skills and abilities to guide and support those who are in search of healing, growth, and transformation. Over the years, she has allowed her inner guidance to shape the way in which she works, and now offers a creative mix of everything she has found to be most useful and effective.

Kate’s unique approach to healing, personal growth, and development incorporates the entire being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritua,l and soul. Her distinctive and unique gifts enable her to read energetic fields and to bring release, healing and clearing of blocks, old patterning, negative beliefs and challenging life experiences. She offers processes and practices which bring in a higher state of consciousness, connection and balance.

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Many lives, Many Masters
by Brian L. Weiss


One of my aunts started her spiritual journey when I was in my late teens. I’d always been fascinated by the spiritual path and had done my fair share of exploring but had kept that pretty secret as I didn’t think anyone in my family would understand. With my aunt, I found someone I could talk to. She shared with me most of her books and Many Lives, Many Masters was one of the first.

This book was transformative for me as it affirmed many things I intuitively knew but didn’t know how to explain. I had always believed that everyone has access to the spirit realms and did not know that what I saw, felt, and understood was unusual. I’d always had a strong connection with my guides and, unlike most children, that connection didn’t go away as I grew older. As a result, I never really had any fear of death and this book affirmed that life continues after this one.

The Invitation
by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


Originally a poem, Oriah later wrote a book called The Invitation. The words of this poem and the book speak of the need for all of us to ‘show up’ and to make the most of our lives. As someone who has suffered from chronic pain and experienced the debilitating effects of chronic fatigue, Oriah’s message inspired me to continue to make the most of out of life despite the challenges I faced.

I read this book soon after my divorce and had the poem pinned above my desk as a reminder of what was important. The end of my marriage had me questioning everything I believed and the path that I had been following. I had attempted to fit in to be accepted. As a result, I had betrayed myself and my own soul by choosing a life that did not reflect who I was. Reading this book inspired me to be the best that I can be for myself—that as long as I accepted me, I was good enough.

The Celestine Prophecy
by James Redfield


This was another book shared with me by my aunt. Its message is simple and yet so profound as James Redfield shares in a story format many ancient spiritual ideas and concepts. All of the messages and insights in this book resonated with me and, again, gave me a greater understanding and awareness of who I was and what was possible. I read this book at a time in my life when I was pretty confused about the path I was taking and desperately trying to fit in to a world that did not make sense. James’s book opened up a new world for me. A world that made sense and that I instinctively understood.

The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz


I must have been about 23 or 24 when I read this book. It was life changing. Having always had a challenging relationship with my family and in particular my mother, I found these agreements incredibly helpful as they put into perspective our responsibility. Being an overly responsible person, I can get caught up in things that are not my responsibility and therefore hurt myself. I still remind myself of these agreements and do my best to live by their principles. I must have shared this book well over a hundred times with family, friends and clients.

Eat, Pray, Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert


I read this book at a time when my own marriage was falling apart, and I was leaving my husband. Elizabeth speaks of the ending of her marriage and the need to explore herself. I felt exactly the same way and was inspired by her journey and her discoveries. Having two small children at the time I was not able to travel. But I was able to recognise from this book that I desperately needed to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. I knew that unless I did something, I would stay stuck in old patterns and old conditioning that I knew did not serve me.

I think my real journey of self-exploration began after reading this book.

Shaman, Healer, Sage
by Alberto Villoldo


Alberto’s work has had a big impact on me and the work I do. I started reading this book at the same time as starting my own shamanic journey. His description of some of the experiences he’d had matched my own and gave me some much-needed encouragement as I faced wounds brought up in initiations.

This book helped me to understand on a deeper level the processes I was going through, and the reasons for these processes. As a result, I came to know myself better, both my weaknesses and my strengths, which helps me every day in my personal life and in my work. Following a shamanic path helped me get to the root of my own pain and gave me a strong and powerful foundation.

Bringers of the Dawn
by Barbara Marciniak


This book had been given to me by a friend and sat on my bookshelf for years. When I eventually picked it up to read it, I was blown away by the information contained within it. I had to stop every few pages to process what I was reading. I did my very first meditation journey at the age of 26. In that journey, I was introduced to my Pleiadian family. At the time, I didn’t even know who or what the Pleiadians were, let alone that I had a family of them with me.

In this book, Barbara shares channelled information from the Pleiadians about our original ancestry, the universe around us, and the evolutionary journey we are on. It had a dramatic impact on me as much of the information affirmed what I somehow knew, and answered questions I had been pondering for a long time. Questions around our purpose and humanity’s reason for being. I understood from this book the journey we, as humans, have to heal and repair the damage done to ourselves, each other and the Earth.

A Return to Love
by Marianne Williamson


Growing up in apartheid South Africa, I was incredibly inspired by Nelson Mandela. It has been incorrectly stated that in his inauguration speech he quoted a passage from this book. Whether he mentioned it or not, this passage spoke to me deeply: “Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

At the time, I knew that I was living small and as a result was limiting myself and what I was capable of. My work as a spiritual teacher was just beginning and I had a burning desire to be of service. I realised in reading this book how much I doubted myself, my abilities and the path I was on. I believed I was not good enough and needed to be someone other than myself in order to do the work I was doing. Growing up with an abusive mother I was denied love and, therefore, thought I was unlovable. In this book I learnt that we are love and that love is the key to self-acceptance and inner peace. This book highlighted my need for inner peace and self-love.

Serpent of Light
by Drunvalo Melchizedek


In this book, Drunvalo shares stories of his travels across the globe. In these travels, he held ceremonies with indigenous cultures which helped to realign the Earth’s energies, correct imbalances in the land, and open people’s hearts. It’s a magical sharing that offers deep insight into what is occurring within the Earth and how this is impacting us as human beings.

I found Drunvalo’s insights fascinating as well as gained some understanding of his journey and the courage it took to follow his heart. These stories gave me the courage to continue to follow my heart and the guidance of my soul at a time when I felt like giving up.

Essential Guide for Healers
by Carolyn Myss


Although not a written book but an audio download, it is one that shares an important space on my ‘bookshelf.’ I love Carolyn’s work. I love how honest, truthful, and to the point she is. There’s just no messing about. Her message is clear, and she can be incredibly witty. In this audio book she shares valuable insights and suggestions for anyone who feels called to be a healer.

We all know how important self-care is but, in this audio, Carolyn explains exactly why it is vital for those who work in the realms of service and healing. The first time I listened to it my father had just moved in and was living with me for the foreseeable future. The messages in this book were profound and helped me to navigate how and when to help my father. Rather than trying to save him, I recognised how important it was to empower him. I’ve listened to this ‘book’ many times and every time I get something new from it.