Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common,
ordinary substance into something of great value.

Who am I?  Good Question.

Can any of us ever truly know the answer to this one?


Like all of us, I’m an alchemist; a magician; an artist, explorer, and a creator. I see life as a grand adventure, a play that can have as many acts and rewrites as I can envision. I’ve enjoyed trying on different faces in different phases, stretching my creative muscles, discovering different talents, and exploring the limits of my “What if…?” kind of mindset.

Of course, if you read my CV or what people have said about me, you’ll learn enough to start building some kind of picture. Like… how I started my career as a  magazine journalist… became an author…  and a conceptualizer, developer and Managing Editor of magazines…

Then became a PR, advertising, and direct marketing innovator… before starting a few more online and print magazines…

And then took on  Talk TV/Radio Show presenting and interviewing… and became a 13-times Judge for the Independent Book Publisher’s Awards… 

And a Resonance Marketing pioneer and Communications Consultant… and an editor, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant… plus a Clarity Coach and Mentor… 

Oh, and I mustn’t leave out these two—they’re my favorites… I learned I’m an unapologetically Shameless Sharer and a Cosmic Switchboard operator… (they’re really fun ones!) 

So now… what does that tell
you about me?

Not a lot, I imagine, apart from maybe two things:

1) I don’t believe in plowing just one field. Following my intuition, my passions, and my curiosity are much more satisfying and take you down so many exciting avenues.


2) I’m not very good at keeping things to myself. If I come across something or someone that’s original, authentic,  and resonates deeply, I can’t hold back.  If it’s of benefit to others, I have to share it with anyone who’s willing to listen.

I’m proud of being a shameless sharer. It’s why I host Talk TV and Radio Shows, so I can share all the great paradigm-shifting innovators, pioneers, edge-dwelling scientists, and boundary-pushing spiritual explorers and information I come across.  

It’s also why I accepted the challenge of founding the No B.S. Spiritual Book Club when the Universe dangled this concept in front of me.

 You cannot separate who you
are from what you do


I laughed when someone once described me as a  “Cosmic Switchboard Operator.”  Because it’s true.  It’s another facet of shameless sharing.  I love connecting people with like-minded others.  Collaboration, partnership, and inclusion are more productive than separation, control, and division. Indeed, they’re fundamental to creating the world we all want to live in. If we learn only one thing from the chaos we’re currently experiencing, surely it’s that the future of humanity depends on Me becoming Us, and I becoming We.  

So, there you have it: That’s me in a bit of a nutshell. You may glean a little more from what others have said about working with me.   Or if you want specifics about where I’ve been and what I’ve done, or are interested in working with me on a book or project, send me an email and I’ll share it with you.  



There is something almost alchemical about a conversation with Sandie Sedgbeer. It’s as though ideas really love her so they stop chasing one another around my head and get into neat lines so they have a chance to meet her.

As soon as I start to talk to her I find myself making new connections between ideas and am able to express them in a more coherent way. At the same time, she has an encyclopedic knowledge in so many areas, I usually come away with at least one new book to look up. I find a conversation with Sandie helps me to expand my thinking as well as gain greater clarity. It is an incredibly creative process and also a very grounded one.

Tracy Smith, Founder,