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Conversation at the Cutting Edge


Every Tuesday 5 – 5:30pm Pacific time / 8 – 8:30pm EST

If you like playing in the field of possibilities and getting your information right at the edge from those in the know, Conversations on the Cutting Edge will expand your perceptions and give you new insights on living in the shift.

Each week Sandie engages in frank and fearless discussion with an eclectic mix of powerful teachers, leaders, and authors working at the cutting edge of science, education, conscious parenting, psychology, energy medicine, and spirituality. To listen live or to access archived shows CLICK HERE.

What guests are saying about Sandie’s shows

“Sandie Sedgbeer is a terrific interviewer! Not only does she know her guest’s material, she looks deeply beyond the words and into the real messages. After being interviewed by Sandie on the Virtual Light Broadcast, my book sales soared! I am delighted to work with her anytime!”
Dr. Meg Blackburn-Losey, author of The Secret History of Consciousness; The Children of Now; Touching the Light: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Merging with God Consciousness

“I very much enjoyed my interview time with host Sandra Sedgbeer. I found her well-prepared and her questions were very astute, helping to stimulate the best possible conversation.”
—Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

What listeners are saying about Sandie’s interviews

“I enjoy your show very much and every bit as much enjoy listening to your incredible skill in asking questions.  You are a master. Much of my spiritual, emotional and mental growth has been because you put yourself out there and asked really tough questions.  Thank you.”
—Margaret C.

“I am always blown away by your ability to uncover the most insightful and profound information in your communication process.”
—Mauri G.

“Fantastic show! I plan to listen again! I Sandie, you are such a great host and interviewer! I thoroughly enjoy listening to you, always!”
—Eileen A.

“I am enjoying your shows greatly! You are a tremendous interviewer and your guests are totally fascinating!”
—Georgia, NM

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