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Synthia Andrews 

I love books. They have been a best friend and companion, opening my mind and heart to experiencing life in deeper ways. Certainly, my greatest spiritual teacher is Nature, and my experience of spirituality is of connection; the flow of love that unites all life. Although it’s obvious, we sometimes forget that the human body is part of Nature. It’s designed with sacred geometry and wired to connect with all life, to experience bliss, to engage multi-dimensional reality. My spiritual path has been to understand how to awaken the body, recognize its language, and connect to life through all the energy centers in the body.

What books helped me? They are too numerous to count. So who do I discard; Black Elk, Lyall Watson, Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Haich, Greta Woodrew, Meredith Young-Sowers? Barbara Brennan? My beloved Dion Fortune? Sadly, yes. My criteria is to select books that did more than validate or encourage me, but actually changed me, my direction, and/or provided a unique experience. Truthfully, the books that did this may have been simply a matter of timing. For many people, the ideas in these seminal books are no longer new, but at the time I connected with them, they were revolutionary.

SYNTHIA ANDREWS is a naturopathic doctor and energy intuitive. In her practice, she unwinds the emotional and spiritual tensions that create pain and dysfunction in the body.

She is passionate about energy awareness, believing that individual healing is a necessary part of healing Earth, the fundamental calling of our times. Synthia has authored four published books and co-authored four published books on subtle energy, consciousness, healing, and spirituality. She believes that at this time, all of us are needed in our full awareness to free Earth from the current course of destruction foretold by Indigenous peoples across the planet over the last century. Earth can heal in the blink of an eye. The question is whether we can generate enough love to move out of the way.

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Don Juan: A Yaqui way of Knowledge
by Carlos Casteneda


Casteneda’s books have become classics in Indigenous spirituality. They detail the author’s story of learning how to shift perception and engage alternate realities. I read Don Juan when I was fourteen and it changed me. It turned the world into a breathtaking mystery and my body into a vehicle of consciousness. In this book I learned three essential things that changed everything. First, that the greatest inner resource we have is our perception. How we perceive determines what we perceive. The ability to shift perception from the brain to parts of the body provided my first experience of full-body energy awareness. Facilitating that for others is a lifelong pursuit. Second, emotions provide information that directs our perception. We can be driven by habitual conditioning so that our perceptions are enthrall to our emotions, or we can use emotions as the powerful resource they are. Third, what matters most in the world is traveling a “path with heart.” And isn’t that the hardest thing, to be authentic in a world that focuses on the artificial? This book set me free and set me on the course of my life – to understand emotions as the language of the energy.

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts


Judgment, criticism, and expectation are assimilated at an early age. Casteneda gave me the incentive to rid myself of the judgments that controlled my perceptions, Alan Watts gave me tools. I was trained to believe I was isolated, unconnected from the rest of the universe, and had to fight for space. Alan Watts gave me a philosophy of interconnection. His book collapsed the duality of good and evil and gave me the tools to cultivate non-violence, non-judgment, and compassion, the basics necessary to facilitate healing in self and others.

This book provided the awareness that cruelty anywhere, hurts everything, everywhere. Compassion, empathy, and love rule.

Das Energi
by Paul Williams


This little book with a single line or paragraph on each page is still one of my favorites. It promotes life-force energy, not money, or goods, or land as the true exchange happening on this planet. Until this, I focused on life-force energy as a means of healing; after, I understood that energy is the central exchange of life on this planet.

When I started to perceive life as an exchange of energy, what is real and what is illusion became apparent. Energy flow, alignment, and exchange is the way I view everything- geopolitics, commerce, relationships, gardening, healing, everything. A truly liberating perspective.

The First and Last Freedom
by Jiddu Krishnamurti


The life and teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti are deeply moving. ‘Discovered’ at the age of thirteen by Charles Leadbeater and Annie Beasant of the Theosophical Society, he was groomed to be The World Teacher. In adulthood, Krishnamurti denounced his messianic role and the Theosophists to travel a true path of awareness. His teachings resonate with the very core of my being. He teaches that “truth is a pathless land.” We cannot rely on organizations, gurus, or teachers to find the way. We must find the guru within. Adolf Huxley ends his forward to this book with, “Love is love, not to be defined or described by the mind as exclusive or inclusive. Love is its own eternity: it is the real, the supreme, the immeasurable.” Krishnamurti encouraged me to walk a path of heart. He gave me permission to grieve.

by Ken Dychtwald


This book provides tools to decipher the language of the body. It integrates Eastern perspective with the pioneering work in body-centered therapy of Wilhelm Reich. Illuminating the relationship between body and mind through science and experiential exercise, it demonstrates body tension is held in place through mental stress.

The book provides techniques for releasing repressed feelings, and practices of self-awareness. Through these practices we learn how emotions and trauma are trapped in the body and distort our ability to perceive. This book led me to modalities that were key for my personal healing and professional development.


The Game of Life and How to Play It
by Florence Scovel-Shinn


This little book was one of the first in the New Thought era of success thinking that became part of current prosperity manifestation. In general, I find that manifestation books sadly misplace how and why to use the power of intention. This book, however, had one concept that vitally changed my life. The concept was this: if one person holds another in a vision of wholeness, that person cannot fail. To say this set me on my heels is an understatement. At the time, I was locked in a difficult marriage with two young children. I was deeply unhappy during a period that should have been the best in my life. On reading this sentence, I realized that I thought of every person in my life in terms of their failures, including myself. In a single decision, I changed. I saw that everyone is on a path and what I called failures were their most profound learnings; the gift they came to give the world. With that one sentence, I turned a corner in my mind, and when I looked back, I was on a different street entirely. My life was permanently altered. This is the single, most profound healing tool I have for myself, family, and patients: I see you in your wholeness. I hold to the bigger design of your life.

Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered
by Machaelle Small Wright


Machaelle Small Wright created her version of Findhorn in Jeffersonton, Virginia where she communicates with the consciousness and invisible forces of Nature. This book explores the relationship between atoms, molecules, cells, and structures and the force that holds them together in the materialization of energy into form. It describes the relationship and mechanisms of how thought and attention direct life-force and impact creation. It’s a handbook for co-creating that acknowledges that the powerful force of attention is best used with permission from the consciousness within Nature. I love this book and the preeminence in which Nature is held. I read it after I read Peter Thompkin’s book, The Secret Life of Plants, which presented scientific experiments on plant consciousness. Once we accept that everything has consciousness, discovering how we interact with it is the powerful next step Machaelle reveals. (and to continue the discussion, check out this Ted talk on the communication between trees by forest ecologist Suzanne Simard.

Circular Evidence
by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado


This book was the first ever written on the subject of crop circles; geometric patterns appearing in crop fields, hundreds of feet across with no explanation. The people investigating them were having strange experiences such as spontaneous healing and paranormal events. Electronic equipment used to investigate consistently failed. In 1991, I went with my family to a lecture given by Colin Andrews at the Omega Conference in North Haven, CT. While watching the images projected on the screen and listening to a two-toned sound recorded in a crop circle, I had a bi-location experience. I was standing in the center of a circle and my aura expanded and contracted with the two tones of the sound. I understood immediately that the geometry of the circles, wherever they came from, human-made or otherwise, were energy modulators. Could they be used to support and heal Earth? That question sent me into the corridor to join sixty or so people surrounding Colin Andrews. As soon as our eyes met, we recognized each other. Subsequent experiences with Colin and the circles exponentially expanded my ability to read and feel energy and demonstrated that the power of love transcends the laws of physics.

Holographic Universe
by Michael Talbot


This book brings the world of quantum physics into the practical world of the everyday. It provides a scientific explanation for paranormal abilities of the mind through entanglement, non-locality, and particle-wave duality. What was most important to me, and formative of my world view, is that in a hologram each part holds all the information of the whole, but from its own unique vantage point. This affirms that every one of us, and each of our perspectives, is integral to the whole and necessary to its evolution and healing. Through coherent, focused thought we have access to information in all parts of the hologram. Experiments by scientist Dean Radin and Lynn McTaggart’s Intention Experiment demonstrate the power of intention. All in all, this book moved me from being a victim of the disharmony of society to a full, co-creative participant in creating a world in harmony with Nature.


Molecules of Emotion
by Candace Pert


Candace Pert is the neuroscientist who discovered the endorphin receptor in the brain. This book details her next discovery: that emotions are biomolecular information packets that are generated by neurons exactly where they are felt- in the body. More, where emotions are felt correlates to neural plexuses that convey the information they convey directly to the brain. The areas that generate emotions also correlate to chakras, energy centers in the body given emotional correlations by ancient mystics. For me, this book was the science I needed to explain my theories of how consciousness is conveyed on carrier waves of energy, and how the body is a vehicle with an energy language of emotions and felt-perceptions. It was a key for my ability to convey the spirituality of the body.