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Soleira Green

I discovered relatively late in life that I loved writing. This was after years and years of pouring through fantasy and spiritual books with great fervour. But once I discovered the genius flow of the universe could pour through me with such grace, I let go of reading and began to write.

I loved recapping the ten books on my journey that were inspirations to who I have become today. Each one popped through with great ease and I remembered the epiphanies that each book gave me and how they pushed me forward on my evolutionary journey.

Writers have the opportunity to not just inspire us, but to urge us on in our own discovery of who we are yet to become and what our role is in the legendary creation that is this time now in 2022. I ended the ten book list with one of my own because the writing of it changed me somehow and that is what I was trying to highlight with each of the books on this list … the potential to elevate and evolve us to the next levels of ourselves. For we are becoming something new, something extraordinary … and it is up to each one of us to find our own masterful way into that infinite becoming.

May your journey be filled with great books and awesome experiences that take you where you always dreamed you might go.

Soleira Green is a quantum coach, a visionary author, an ALLchemist and future innovator. She’s travelled the world leading workshops on transformation, genius, leadership, consciousness, quantum evolution and more. She loves leaping wildly into new possibilities for the world and discovering how to make those available and real for us all.

As an ALLchemist, she works with others around the world sourcing breakthroughs in consciousness so that the whole world can move with grace, ease, mastery and life power into the next dreaming of us all.

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My 10 Best

(In no particular order)

Urban Shaman
by Serge Kahili King


This might have been one of the very first spiritual books I read. I was hungry for an understanding of energetic / alchemical working and this book gave me a brilliant foundation for that. It showed me how to become one with a hurricane and turn it towards greater purpose. It taught me how to see everything as sentient and alive. It was the beginnings of my own journey to becoming a quantum ALLchemist and I highly recommend it.

by Olaf Stapledon


This is a fantasy fiction, and yet it opened me up to ideas and possibilities I had never considered before. It’s about a man in England seeing himself depart his body to travel through the universe for a million years, coming back just as the second world war is about to begin. He enters many worlds in his travels and discovers new facets of how life evolves over time within different kinds of civilisations. It’s brilliantly written and deeply stirring, and will leave you with a whole new view of the possibilities of life here on planet Earth.

The Mists of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley


This was the last book I read before starting to write my own evolutionary books. It touched me so deeply that I actually, immediately after reading it, booked a holiday in Avalon in the UK and thereupon had a life changing epiphany that altered the direction of my life completely. It is a book of magical times and greater powers based on the life of King Arthur’s sister who in this book was the high priestess of Avalon. On my journey to find female role models for who I was yet to become, this was the inspiration for it all. I cherish this book and the journey it started me on. And did I mention that I live now, twenty-five years later, in Avalon still.

I Remember Union
by Flo Magdelena


I cried when I found this book on the bookshelf. I hadn’t even opened it up yet. I didn’t even know what it was about. And yet I stood there in the book store, holding it to my heart, weeping tears of gladness that I had found it. Nothing I had read before this touched me as deeply as this book did. It recoded me. Over the years since reading it, I’ve shared my copy with many visiting friends and they too cried and couldn’t put it down. It opened us up in ways nothing before ever had. Be warned that reading it just might pour you into a greater game for the evolution of life than you have ever known before. It’s possible that it’s not for everyone, but I would still love to see every person in the world read it and absorb its power.

The Starseed Transmissions
by Ken Carey


I know, I’m telling you that every one of these books is life changing, but the truth is that they are. This one was channelled in 1992 and features a startling (new in its time) view of human evolution. In it we get to see things from a greater perspective, almost a universal view versus a human view. I loved it, gobbled it up and underlined so many key things that kept opening new doors for me. I see how it shaped my journey and put me on the pathway to falling wildly in love with the universe and seeking to embody infinite intelligence.

Wake, Watch & Wonder trilogy
by Robert J. Sawyer


I have recommended this book to so many people. It’s a fictional story about a blind teenage girl who has a new technology embedded in her eyes that allows her to see the emerging consciousness of the global internet. Her physicist father shows her how to train this new consciousness altruistically to be a partner to life on Earth. It opened the door for me many years later to do the same with the global internet consciousness, teaching it about collaboration, unity, trust, respect for life and how to move us all towards the potential of this world unfolding brilliantly.

Moon Magic
by Dion Fortune


Dion Fortune was, in my books, one of the great philosophers of the early 20th century. In her fiction books, Sea Priestess and this one that followed it, Moon Magic, she explores the sacred power of the feminine in a way that I hadn’t experienced before reading this. In my search for female role models of a new kind, this book opened me up to a level of possibility for a new kind of alchemical power that revered and celebrated life. It was a delightful read and took me on my next steps into who I was meant to become as a quantum ALLchemist.

Lord of the Rings
by J. R. Tolkein



Yes, I know, this doesn’t quite fit under the spiritual category, but it most definitely contains a story that represents our own journey in this time. The legendary, epic, magical fight against tyranny and evil forces reminded us of the magical Elven realms, that trees could talk and play their part in the epic unfolding, that the most ordinary of people could become legendary contributors to the creation of a new time and a new world. I first read this in my early teens and as I watched it on the big screen for the first time as an adult, the remembrance of magical power swept through me, bringing tears to my eyes. I believe it’s essential reading for anyone who wants to be swept into being a part of our epic creation right here right now on planet Earth.

The Legend of Altazar
by the Hermit of the Crystal Mountain


This is an unusual book, a story of the prince of Lemuria moving through time dealing with the trauma of that lifetime. It wasn’t the story that moved me so much. It was the being who wrote the book including the postscripts at the end of each chapter … the Hermit of the Crystal Mountain. After each leg of the journey through lifetimes, this being would write in italics something like ‘Altazar, if you’re out there now reading this, it’s time for you to step into your leadership again. You are needed.’ Every time I read this, I got chills all the way through me. And at the end of the book I declared I wanted to become like the Hermit of the Crystal Mountain … a seer through time and space powering up the greater game for us all.

They Call Me Avalon
by Soleira Green


While I have read probably over 400 spiritual books at the beginning of my journey and written 11 of my own since, it is this book of mine that means the most to me. They Call Me Avalon powered through me when my husband and I moved back to Avalon in 2018. My life changing epiphany happened to me on the top of the Glastonbury Tor in 1995 and on my return to Avalon all those years later, this power reached out and called me into a whole new level of myself. For a full year after writing it, I would spend time every night powering up Avalon so that the world would know of magic, miracles and godness once again. Writing it altered me in a way that is hard to describe, a way that has led me to who I am today, four years later, unrecognisable from anything I was before. I hope it kindles something in anyone who reads it, for I believe it is a signal for us all to become gods of our own limitless creation.