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Shelley F. Knight

Some people find happiness through shopping, a bottle of wine, talking with friends, or some form of physical exercise, but for me, I simply find solace in the pages of a book.

Maybe it stems from my childhood where as an only child I would often express, search and find answers through creativity or reading, all I do know is that I am a bookworm through and through. Some books I leave unfinished, but others are like a companion who really understands who I am, and in turn, greatly impact on my life and the next step I choose to take forward into the unknown.

I have bundles of books all over my office and I felt like an excited child in a sweet shop getting to rummage through and select ten of my favourites to share with you. Whilst there are hundreds of books on my shelves, and millions in the world, I chose my ten books with a smile and heartfelt gratitude, as they are the ones that hold a memory of my spiritual journey so far.

Many years ago I was told that I would never amount to anything spiritually as I did not like or resonate what was classed as a ‘classic’ spiritual book. I am a resilient soul, and continued to read books that were the lesser known ones, or those that literally fell into my hands with the most beautiful synchronicity. I would encourage you to do the same; vote for the underdog, listen to your inner niggle, and catch and devour those books that come crashing into your life.

People often joke how we do not come into this life with a manual of how to live it, but for me, these ten books have certainly taught me just what I needed to learn at different stages of my colourful and ever evolving life.

Shelley F. Knight is a Positive Changes Expert who inspires through both her written and spoken words. She is the author of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book and Good Grief – The A to Z Approach of Modern Day Grief Healing, and host of the award-winning mental health show, Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast.

Shelley holds a first class degree in adult nursing, and post graduate studies in Palliative Care and Life Limiting Illness, Pathophysiology of Cancer, Cytotoxic Chemotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a plethora of holistic and spiritual qualifications, including Transformational Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Development Teacher, Holistic Diagnosis Skills, Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Herbalism, and Dream Therapy.

She is also an intuitive Tarot card reader, and intuitive Tarot coach, with gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, inherited from her ancestors.

My 10 Best

(Roughly in chronological order)

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
by Sogyal Rinpoche


I was introduced to this hearty read whilst undertaking my past life regression training and was initially a little overwhelmed by its size. It is however a simple yet profound read which may just be the manual we should all be given when we are born.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying has certainly been a reference book on life and death for me, consolidating my experiences and understanding of life, death and everything thereafter. This book was a real comfort to me, when I was unable to have these deep and life-affirming conversations aloud with others.

I like to think that I have captured some of the essence of this book, in my own book, Good Grief: The A to Z Approach of Modern Day Grief Healing, so that I too can help others know that there is more to life than what we are observing in our present moment. Wouldn’t you love to be part of a movement where we can all speak as openly about death as we do about life?

One of the reasons I left the world of nursing was I had changed so much with my own life and death observations, that I came to realise that we are more than our physical body, and that life goes on, whether here on the earthly plane, or in another dimension. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, along with my own life lessons around the continuum of existence, was a huge comfort to me, but not something I could openly declare during a Doctor’s ward round or whilst seated by a patient’s bedside, and this silencing of my truth led to being a turning point in my career and life as I knew it.

If you find yourself baffled by life, or curious about death, this book is a great start to opening your mind, as well as your path ahead.

Many Lives Many Masters
|by Dr Brian Weiss


Many Lives, Many Masters is another book that I discovered during my past life regression training, and during a career break from nursing. I read this book in one sitting, I am not even sure if I blinked, as I was captivated by the story of Catherine and her psychiatrist, Dr Brian Weiss, and how they accidentally discovered that the cause of her current life anxiety and nightmares lie hidden in past life traumas.

What I love about this book, and the way in which our world is forever evolving, is that we are seeing more and more highly respected physicians (Dr Michael Newton, Dr Raymond Moody, and Dr Alexander Eben, to name a few) encountering deep spiritual phenomena beyond their modern and western medicine training. It is wonderful to see how the lines between science and spirituality are softening, and practices such as hypnotherapy and energy healing, are now seen as reliable treatment options, rather than days gone by when they were seen as alternate medicine, or dismissed entirely.

If you are inquisitive about past lives but do not feel ready to dive in fully to the subject or past life regression expereince yourself, Dr Brian Weiss’s books are a welcoming hug into the fascinating world of reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and life after death.

The Journey
by Brendon Bays


The Journey book was originally loaned to me by my dear friend, Fiona, who just so happens to be a dear friend of Brandon herself. I dived wholeheartedly into this book in a couple of sittings, as it is an easy to read memoir of how Brandon healed herself – and her life – by revisiting her past experiences and the unresolved emotions around them.

This book and its insight into how we manifest dis-ease in our life was a real lightbulb moment in my nursing career. I suddenly became hyper aware of all the recurring conversations I had been having with my breast cancer patients in my role as their chemotherapy nurse.

As I sat face to face with patients, slowly administering their chemotherapy, they would share the story of their life so far, where there would be a recurring theme of never having been courageous to have spoken their truth. As they authentically shared their formerly repressed words, the breast cancer patients would say “I am glad I got that off my chest” or “it feels so much better to have got that out of my system” and other indicators that our emotions can manifest physical illness.

The Journey is an easy to read story in the first instance, but also a trigger for our own thoughts of what we are still carrying which no longer serves us. The book concludes with some exercises to try to apply to your own journey, perfect for those of you who do not feel read to open up to others about the words that you carry within you.

Violet Flame to Heal Body Mind & Soul
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


I am a huge believer in Divine timing, anything from not being able to send an email which turns out to be a blessing, right through to relationships ending even though it felt like the most secure and glorious part of our life. Violet Flame, a sliver of a book, literally fell off the bookshelf and into my hands and heart, as I stood tearfully in a holistic shop searching for answers to life’s challenges among the store’s displays.

Violet Flame is such an easy book to digest, which is a wonderful thing, as I had no sooner read the book, when a strange event followed. I was driving back from a friend’s house late one night, feeling wide awake and focused, when as I went across a roundabout, a speeding car appeared out of nowhere. The next thing I recall was being at the next roundabout down as if I had been driven there by an automatic pilot, and suddenly I went through a vast arch of violet flames, before snapping back fully into my body, and driving mode.

I was once told that there are three points in our life where we can choose to exit or continue our earthly journey, and I wonder until this very day if that may just have been one of my exit points had I not recently taken to chanting the Violet Flame incarnation for protection.

For anyone feeling vulnerable, or alone in this world, as if they have no one to call on, take time to read this small book, as I know I have never felt truly alone since calling on Saint Germain and the Violet Flame all those years ago.

Silver Birch Anthology – Wisdom From the World Beyond edited by William Naylor


The Silver Birch Anthology is another small but mighty book which I inherited after my Mum’s best friend died, bequeathing her many of her books from her years of working as a medium.

The Silver Birch Anthology is older than me, first being published in 1955 and yet it is spookily modern in its words of wisdom. This beautiful book touches on all my favourite themes once again; life, death, and the afterlife, as well as talking about love and the power of our mind.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is “ You are on earth to build character. It is the way you face your problems that makes your character. But there is no trouble in your world of matter which is greater than the power you have within you.”

We all endure times of feeling powerless, or we readily give our power away asking for the opinions of others in our life choices, when sitting silently and patiently within us is this unwavering strength to see us through, building up character and wisdom as we travel further along our path.

The Five Stages of the Soul
by Harry R. Moody and David Carroll


Not only does this book have one of my favourite words in the title (soul) but the book weaves and intertwines the worlds of psychology, religion, myth, and literature, laying before us the five stages of the soul.

This book was a charity shop find and we were so meant to spend the rest of our lives together. This wonderful book is for anyone who has ever pondered and asked “Is this all there is?” and started to question their current reality and reason for existence. When I say anyone, what I really mean is everyone.

We all encounter that calling and searching in our life, and The Five Stages of the Soul book truly helped me feel more self compassionate about my restlessness in life, that inner niggle that would frequently bubble up and get me thinking that I was destined for more in life, even though on paper it looked like I was ticking all the boxes, and was on a path to “lived happily ever after.”

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
by Debbie Ford


This book was recommended to me many years ago by my life coach who had a great passion for shadow work; working on the dark parts of ourselves that we have disowned or hidden over time.

In this book, Ford encourages the reader to embrace and reconcile with our dark side, and to find the gifts of the hidden aspects which can then be used to reclaim our power, creativity, and authentic self. I like to compare our authentic self to the moon, where we are constantly going through different phases of lightness and darkness, as a means to becoming whole again.

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers is a mixture of stories and exercises, which is almost humorous in part when we are encouraged to identify and name our shadow personalities, such as, Resistant Rita, Angry Alice or Know-it-all Nick. All in all, a much needed reminder to be yourself and own every aspect that makes you wholesome.

Witch – Unleashed. Untamed.  Unapologetic.
by Lisa Lister


I remember growing up and the word ‘witch’ being used in a negative context and yet always stirring a great curiosity within me and my soul, and oh how I longed for a broomstick, I truly did.
The book Witch is unleashed, untamed and unapologetic, and I found it so feisty and relatable that it had me saying “Yes” aloud many times as I resonated with the words that encouraged me to remember, reconnect and reclaim my brilliant inner power.

As if the self-kicking words were not enough, Witch is like a beginners guide to witchcraft, sharing spiritual tools, spells and rituals in the midst of its magical pages. As much as I love reading words, and thinking thoughts, the greatest shifts in our life come about when we take action, so bring on those tools and calls to action, as I am ready to go from beginner to winner in the wonderful world of witchcraft and all things spiritual.

Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want by James Arthur Ray


The wonderful author, Colm Holland, once described me as an alchemist, and whilst I did not fully understand the term at the time, I thanked him and did a little digging around.

An alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something seemingly through a magical process. Well, I am a positive changes expert, so I suspect that I probably am an alchemist after all. As well as helping clients to create magical transformations in their life, l have been busy in my personal life too, manifesting homes, cars, positive experiences, book contracts, and more.

Natural alchemy aside, if there is ever a book about attraction and manifestation, this manifesting magpie is buying it! Harmonic Wealth with its shiny cover had me at first glance and it did not disappoint.

A wonderfully refreshing and gently humorous book that focuses on five key pillars of life – financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual – and how we can live a greater life when they are all in harmony together.

I know I have certainly been guilty in the past of putting all of my eggs in one basket, particularly work, and then wondering why my life seems like a scrambled mess and I am walking on eggshells around my neglected family members. Whether you need to address your work life balance, need a lighthearted bedtime read, or fancy trying your hands at manifesting all things abundant, Harmonic Wealth is a great place to start.

The Truth About Angels
by Theresa Cheung


Last but my no means least is the latest book by the wonderful Theresa Cheung. I have chosen this book almost in a symbolic sense, as it reminds me of how far I have come in life.

My first ever spiritual book was purchased over fifteen years ago for a mere forty pence at a village fete. The book was an angel book written by Theresa Cheung and it was a gentle read that intrigues me into seeking out a more spiritual path ahead.

Fast forward fifteen years, having travelled a journey of much love and loss, complete with a moment when I considered jumping off the life path entirely, and I have come full circle as I am blessed to be one of the co-authors in The Truth About Angels book. From buying my first angel book which was by Theresa, to becoming part of one of her angel books is a big spiritual thumbs up for me.

In life, we can become so focused on surviving and getting by that we rarely give ourselves time or credit to reflect on how far we have come, and this tenth book reminds me how I have transitioned from mess to messages, both in my personal life as well as sharing the process with my positive changes work.