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Shama Viola

Having been raised in an orphanage I didn’t have a chance to read anything other than school books. The only other thing possible was for us to listen to whatever books the nun read aloud while we were working at our embroidering, books chosen by her of course. So books weren’t such a reality in my life until I left the orphanage at 17 and I could then delve into their wonderful magical world to discover how much my soul could be nourished by them.

I became an avid reader but I was also very selective, I needed for books to teach and inspire me, I wanted them to expand my consciousness through the knowledge they contained, it wasn’t enough for me to be entertained, even by interesting stories.
And so in my life I used books mainly for my growth and evolution, greatly appreciating the value they brought to my life.

Shama Viola (Manuela Terraluna), has dedicated 33 years to consciously living and teaching spiritual growth, art, and esoteric traditions. She came to the United States from her native Italy as a young woman filled with curiosity and a drive to delve deeper into self-development, and took the first steps towards this in the early 1970s with the personal growth course EST (Erhard Seminar Trainings). This opened hidden internal doors and prepared Shama to soon meet masters who would become enormously important to her growth.

From 1975 to 1977, Shama studied with Kaskafayet, a fantastic channeled being who impressed her with his teachings on the distorted ways in which we attempt to find and give love, or what passes for it. These lessons went onto shape Shama’s course called Exploring, Experiencing, Expanding into Love. For the next eight years, she studied with Lazaris, a spiritual being channeled by Jack Purcell.

From 1986 to 1991, Shama worked side-by-side with her dear friend and teacher, Shakti Gawain, author of the bestselling books Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, Return to the Garden and others. Along with Hal and Sidra Stone, founders of the Voice Dialogue method, Shakti trained Shama as a facilitator of this incredibly effective modality. In 1991, Shama returned to Italy, where she taught it with great commitment for five years. During this same period of time, she also trained extensively with Byron Katie, creator of The Work, and was so impressed by her program that she introduced that method to Italy, as well.

Shama then spent a number of years living and teaching conscious awareness in the United States, before returning to her native country in 2001 to become a citizen of Damanhur and fully participate in this very interesting social and spiritual adventure. She has spent the past fifteen years participating in Damanhur’s esoteric traditions and practical approach to sacredness, rituals, and conscious living. Shama is part of Damanhur’s worldwide outreach team and travels throughout Italy, Europe and the USA to spread Damanhur’s message of spiritual freedom, as well as sharing information about the Damanhurian dream for Humanity’s evolution.

My 10 Best

(Roughly in chronological order)

by Elisabeth Haich


Initiation is an extraordinary book telling a story within a story, and what a story it tells! Elisabeth Haich recounts the dramatic story of her past life in Egypt circa BC where she was the daughter of Pharaoh Atothis. As a young girl of 16 she asks and receives preparations for her initiation by High Priest Ptahhotep. The preparation consists of in-depth lesson in cosmology, the laws of the universe, exercises to increase perceptions, and other consciousness expanding information and material.

This was one of the very first spiritual books I ever read and it gave me the chance to go through my own belief system, review my ways of being and doing, meditate on the ancient eternal truths that she had received and see how they fit into my own modern life. I read it so very long ago and treasured the book ever since, to be read again and again as I grew and matured, in order to track my own evolution and understanding, by the way I was able to more easily receve and understand the information revealed in it.

The Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You
by Dorothy Bryant


Here is another book from my early wake-up days. I loved the simple way in which it showed the ancient wisdom of native indigenous people, their silent work so committed to healing the planet, and the amazing power of dreams. It made me “dream” of possibilities not yet awakened in me, it resonated with something inside that I could not yet understand but that I felt very true and very deep.

At the core, this book is an allegory of spiritual growth, a journey of awakening from the slumber most of us have been in for way too long. And so it gave me hope…

The Seth books (Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality) by Jane Roberts


It was the mid 70’s, and I was at the beginning of my spiritual exploration. I had registered for a six-months training program that was promising to enhance Psychic Powers and through this course I started to become familiar with channelling. This is when I happened upon the Seth books, my first time of reading channeled material. I took to this new knowledge like someone dying of thirst in the desert. “Seth speaks” opened me up to a better understanding of reincarnation, to what to expect immediately after death, “past life” and the eternal validity of the soul. It also encouraged me to pursue my interest in dreams, as well as in ancient civilisations, including Atlantis, and much more.

The Nature of Personal Reality started me on the path to understand that I could consciously create my own reality, something that I continued to pursue through the years, especially during my time with Lazaris, an entity who was my teacher for many years. Through this book I learned how people create their reality from their thoughts, emotions and beliefs and that we have the tools to truly take charge of our minds and lives. To this day, for me, it stands out as one of the finest metaphysical books ever written!

The Moon Under Her Feet
by Clysta Kinstler


This book was the very first in which I read a different kind of story about Mary Magdalene. I was so amazed at the bold, new, almost irreverent angle in which the story was told that I kept this book all through my many international moves, affectionate to how it shook me away from old and widely accepted way of seeing her story, freeing me to envision it in a complete and totally different way instead.

Later, I read a variety of other books on the story of M.M. but my liking of this first book remained intact. It’s not that I necessarily believe that this story is the right one, but I appreciated this angle of seeing it, which has enlarged my ability to include other possibilities in the usually accepted ways in which it’s normally seen.

The book weaves the biblical account of Mary and Jesus with the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, and even with the Sumerian story of Inanna and Dumuzi, creating the exotic tale of a strong, sensual woman, which may cause some uproar in Christian circles. I prefer to not give away much of the story which is full of surprises, and reads like a mythical ancient tale, with the Goddess as central focus.

The Mists of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley


OK, I admit it, I was one of the many who fell head over heels for this book to the point that for the first and only time in my life I actually wrote a note of thanks to the author!

I loved the book! It spoke so deeply to my heart! It inspired me, it encouraged me, it made me cry, laugh, dream, cringe, swoon, fear, rage, and all kinds of other possible emotional reactions. I identified with Morgaine, I wanted her to win and I hated that the story had to follow history, allowing for the fall of the ancient religion due to the rise of Christianity.

For so long this book was my favorite, it made me see how each woman has unique gifts and responsibilities, and how each of us at times is called upon to courageously defend our truth and beingness against impossible odds.

Atlantean Secrets by Samuel Sagan (Sleeper Awaken! and the following 3 books)


I don’t remember who gave me, ot suggested that I read, these 4 books. But the fact remains that I devoured them and they had a great impact on me. It was like reading The Lord of the Rings and being taken into the magic of amazing adventures of light and darkness fighting one another in a reality where worlds intersect, human beings and angels communicate directly, seers contemplate the distant past and future of humanity, and initiates travel along the ladders of levels of reality. As the saga unfolds, journeys into these non-physical worlds are described, and there are references and experiences relating to non-physical sages and beings, gods, angels, fallen angels, inhabitants of other worlds, and Flying Dragons, galactic intelligences of gigantic magnitude. There are secret initiations and high states of enlightenment. It explores the scope of human consciousness and it carries warnings.

Despite their phenomenal technology, the Atlanteans created large-scale disasters, which completely wiped out their civilization. Unless we learn from the past, the same mistakes are bound to be repeated. It suggests that when a world finishes and time runs out, the sleepers awaken to discover the meaning of love, the depth of their eternal nature, and hopefully they remember…

Tarot Handbook
by Angeles Arrien


What a blessing it was to find this book just when my interest in Tarot was exploding in the 80’s! Angeles Arrien was an anthropologist living in the San Francisco area where I was also living. She was teaching at the local University and I knew people who were taking her class, they spoke highly of her. She chose the Crowley deck to explore the hidden meaning of all the symbols contained both in the Major Arcana, as well as the minor Arcana, of that deck, making it so interesting, so understandable, so clear, that it was a sheer pleasure to study her material. I discovered how the Tarot was a symbolic map of consciousness, as well as an ancient book of wisdom, revealing states of being and situations that tend to always appear in the personal and collective evolutionary journey of Humanity. And so I learned to read the Tarot thanks to Angeles Arrien and her wonderful insights into the hidden symbols of each card, becoming skilled in using this magical tool for myself and soon after for the many who came, and are still coming, seeking my help to explore their own life and choices through it.

The Ra Material, and the three books of The Law of One by Ra

How can I not mention these classic books as some of the most important ones in my own evolutionary journey? Such incredible information, so powerfully transforming and mind-blowing! Of course I had to read these books more than once because the way in which Ra, the channelled being speaking through Carla L. Rueckert talks is quite different than our normal way of communicating and needs plenty of attention and “translation” into a more understandable language. What I found so important in its message was the “service to self and service to others” part, which made very clear the choice we are all here to make in our lives. I was so taken by the basic principle of the books, that all is One, that I even put it on my car’s license plate! So I was driving my Audi affirming to the world that WEAREONE! These books changed my life, and are at the top of my list as far as spiritual books are concerned.

The philosophy of The Law of One describes the big questions of life: why, how, and where everything that exists comes from. The books explore this premise in relation to many aspects of life including philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, and the paranormal, articulating a non-dualistic philosophy according to which all things both spring from and are one with the source of the universe, termed The One Infinite Creator, the all-pervasive intelligent energy, that is both within everything that exists and without.

The Pathwork of Self Transformation
And Fear no Evil by Eva Pierrakos


Most of the other books I was reading when I started my journey of personal growth had to do with expanding one’s perceptions and consciousness, but these books channelled by Eva Pierrakos, brought me down to earth in a very profound way and made me realise the importance of honest self-examination on the path to self-realisation. With amazing clarity and wisdom, the “Guide” emphasises that we each have to take responsibility for finding and recognising our own shadow parts, in order to transform those limits that block us unconsciously, to then open up to the divine within, our Godself. Whatever prevents us from being joyous beings, full of energy and light, is in our own psyche. We have put it there, and only we can remove it. According to the Guide, we must turn our conscious attention to that which has become unconscious or hidden — our childish, self-centered and negative aspects. We must then turn our attention to our higher nature to help us heal and transform these lower aspects.

The Guide’s focus on confronting and transforming the darkness within distinguishes these teachings from many others. The Guide insists that the darkness within us cannot be glossed over, ignored, or suppressed. It has to be confronted, brought to light, and transformed. “Fear No Evil” offers a practical method of compassionately observing and transforming our shadow side, helping us face our negative life experiences with a new light of understanding that will transform our personal pain into joy and pleasure

The Three Books Of The Initiates
by Oberto “Falco” Airaudi


Since these are books written by Damanhur’s founder, Oberto Airaudi, aka Falco Tarassaco, I have read them a number of times as an initiate of the Damanhur’s School of Meditation. I never tire of reading them as they are a mixture of powerful concepts and truths assembled in such a way that can be easily meditated on over and over. Not necessarily an easy read, the books demand a committed concentration as well as a desire to delve into the mysteries hidden in those written words.

Dying to Learn is the first installment of the futuristic trilogy in which humans are living in a dystopian world. Capitalism has failed, a great cataclysm has occurred, and an “End Times” of our own making has left our planet in chaos. In this wasteland, an Avatar named OroCritshna has come to Earth to teach and to guide the resurrection of the human race.

Reborn to Live is the second installment. The Avatar must quickly gather a new crop of Initiates to defend Earth against the Forces of Darkness. He then leads the Initiates through a labyrinth of imagery and interior challenges that are designed to detach them from the material plane and support their quest for enlightenment.

Seven Scarlet Doors is the final installment of the Initiate series. Monk Vadusfadam leads a small army of Initiates in a battle against the Forces of Darkness. During this spiritual quest, the Initiates must survive dangerous tests and solve metaphysical riddles that will unlock the Seven Scarlet Doors, which represent the stages of enlightenment. By the end of the story, the enlightened Initiates are “New Humans” ready to seed the “New Era.