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by Stéphane Allix 

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About The Book

“This riveting book will challenge you to rethink your ideas about who you are and your interconnections with other people. Allix’s dramatic journey offers profound evidence of healing of psychological wounds through acknowledgment of both light and dark.”―Bruce Greyson, M.D., Carlson Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia

I’ve read and marveled at some extraordinary stories in my time, but the one that Stéphane Allix relates in his latest book, When I Was Someone Else – The Incredible True Story of Past Life Connection, tops everything I’ve ever read about Past Lives.

While on a spiritual retreat in Peru, Stéphane Allix experienced a vivid waking vision of a soldier dying on a snowy battlefield, followed by scenes from the soldier’s earlier life. He also clearly saw the man’s name, Alexander Herrmann, and felt a disturbing sense of closeness with the soldier.

Part of what made this book so remarkable and so compelling for me (and many other readers too) was the sheer amount of proof that Stéphane, an investigative journalist, and host/presenter of the French documentary tv series that investigates extraordinary events, was able to uncover 

Obsessed by the power of this extremely real vision, began an intensive investigation which revealed that Alexander Herrmann had actually existed – documentation confirmed that Alexander was  a German soldier who died in World War II during the 1941 Russian campaign.

As Stéphane began retracing Herrmann’s past, he found that the other images accompanying the battle scene in his vision were also of people who had truly existed and were close to the man who died.

Diving deep into German military archives, meeting the Herrmann’s surviving family members, and following his own intuitive hunches, Stéphane also discovered that Herrmann was part of the Waffen S.S., the infamous Totenkopf Brigade, and his investigation broadened to explore what drove Herrmann to become part of such a much-feared organization.

While Stéphane ’s initial impression is that this German soldier was a past life, as he progresses in his rigorous investigation and his decoding of the events surrounding it, he realizes that it was actually his own work with the paranormal and his unresolved feelings over the death of his brother and his father that made him particularly sensitive to the veil between life and death, culminating in the soul of this dead soldier coming to him in search of forgiveness and healing. Allix realizes that his mission is not to bring about the rebirth of this person but to heal him—and the victims of his ignominious actions during the war.

Offering a fascinating exploration of visions, synchronicities, reincarnation, and the connections between the spiritual and physical planes, When I Was Someone Else shares a powerful message of healing after death along with the profound epiphany that light needs darkness to be perceived.

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About The author

STÉPHANE ALLIX is a journalist and former war correspondent who became interested in the question of the afterlife following the death of his brother in Afghanistan.

He is the founder of the Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences (INREES) and the writer and director of the French television series Extraordinary Investigations (Enquêtes extraordinaires).

In June 2013, upon the death of his father, he decided to proceed with an experiment designed to test the possibility of communication with the Beyond. To do this, telling no one, he hid several objects in his father’s coffin and several months later visited various mediums, individuals who claim to be able to communicate with the dead, with the aim of testing them. The results, which were stunning, are recounted in his book Le Test (The Test) which was a great success in France and has been translated into several languages.

His latest book is When I Was Someone Else – The Incredible True Story of Past Life Connection. He lives in France.