Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness 

by Dr Synthia Andrews 

BOOKWORMS: Just like those sticky musical “ear worms” that keep playing in your head, my Bookworms are the standout, thought-provoking, belief-busting, awareness-shifting reads that stick with me the most. When it comes to shining new light on the way we view life, the world, and ourselves, these are the ones I recommend first.

About The Book

Learning to consciously interact in the domain of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation. 

I’ve met and experienced many energy practitioners and forms of energy healing over the years. I’ve also read many interesting and illuminating books on the subject.  But one that really stands out for me, is Dr. Synthia Andrews’ The Path of Energy.

Why? Because Synthia Andrews isn’t just  passionate about energy awareness. She believes that healing ourselves is critical to the healing of our planet; that all of us are needed in our full awareness to free Earth from the current course of destruction foretold by indigenous peoples across the globe over the past century. “Earth can heal in the blink of an eye,” she says. The question is whether we can generate enough love to move out of the way. 

In The Path of Energy, Synthia Andrews provides a wealth of practical information, principles, tools, and exercises to help us access our energy awareness and live a more empowered life. It’s a unique handbook in my experience in that it also contains thirteen meditations that activate patterns of light within our energy bodies to awaken specific abilities and levels of awareness. Each meditation includes benefits and purpose, step-by-step written directions augmented with line drawings, and an interpretive illustration of the completed energy pattern.

Synthia Andrews demonstrates that subtle energy is more than life force; it is the substance of reality and the vehicle of consciousness. Our bodies are wired to navigate this domain. We are equipped with everything we need to engage the world of energy and creatively change our lives. We simply need to remember how.

The Path of Energy is a guide to living with expanded consciousness. Included are techniques that build energy awareness and use this skill to deepen your spiritual path, intimacy in relationships, align with earth energy, clear space, create protection, manifest goals, facilitate healing, and more. 

If you’re interested in expanding your consciousness and awareness of energy, this is one of the very best books I’ve ever read to help you achieve this. 

From the Foreword to The Path of Energy
by Barbara Marciniak

“A crisis in consciousness appears to be fully underway on Earth. As formerly reliable systems fall away and uncertainty grows, the vast complexities of navigating modern society are challenging us to awaken to our inner power and use it to be more responsible for ourselves and our own wellbeing. A paradigm shift, a momentous transformation of consciousness, is upon us.

With the speed of life accelerating, we must discipline ourselves to slow down and become more aware of the energies we are broadcasting. Expanding our perceptions includes being aware of energy and learning how to direct and focus our most valuable attention into these subtle realms. This takes time, discipline, and practice. The power of the imagination activates the inner subtle energy patterns, and being in Nature extends our senses into the natural environment, where we feel more vital and alive when we entrain with Earth’s energy grid and the cosmic influences of the planets and stars. Deep rhythmic breathing calms the body and opens the mind to the realms of energy. Devoting 10 minutes every day for mind relaxation through energy meditations will reward you with brand-new wonders of the mind.”

Consciously interacting with subtle energies is a most powerful and productive use of our minds. In a very grand sense, as we traverse the terrain of new possibilities of the mind, we have a spiritual duty to take charge of our lives, to search for the valuable ancient inner wisdom, and to use it to improve the quality of our lives.

When we learn how to create from within, we broadcast frequencies of energy that inspire others to tap into and use their own inherent energy to create new possibilities. We can demonstrate a sacred way of exploring multidimensional realities through subtle energies with reverence for the presenceof a grand intelligence of which we are all part.”

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About the author

DR SYNTHIA ANDREWS is a licensed  naturopathic doctor and energy intuitive who has written or coauthored seven books on healing, subtle energy, and consciousness, including The Path of Energy, The Path of Emotions, and The Path of Presence. She taught for 15 years at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and 7 years at the Kripalu Yoga Institute, and is an authorized teacher of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and an instructor in energy awareness for personal and professional development.

Through her personal healing journey, Synthia came to recognize the importance of the mind and emotions in healing. Consequently, her work focuses on the underlying spiritual and emotional aspects of health and unwinding the emotional and spiritual tensions that create pain and dysfunction in the body.

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