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By Cate Montana

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About The Book


It’s not often that a writer or a book leaves me struggling for words, but Cate Montana has managed it twice.  First, with her achingly honest, raw, and frequently funny memoir, Unearthing Venus, and now with her first work of fiction (if you want to call it that), Apollo & Me

The problem is I find it impossible to describe the impact both books had on me without sounding like a slavering groupie.  It’s not just Montana’s writing skill, which fills me with envy.  Or the way she sets up her stories—both the real events and the ones she invents—so that when a denouement comes it strikes you like a physical punch in the gut.  It’s more of an alchemical combination—a magical blending of her sublime writing style, her expert pacing, rhythm, and plotting, and her enviable mastery of the art of storytelling. But even that doesn’t convey the impact that Apollo & Me has had on me as well as several others who took up my challenge to read this extraordinary book. 

So, having spent hours trying and failing to find words that would do justice to Apollo & Me, I’m giving up.

Instead, I’m just going to say: regardless of your gender, read this book. And in the event that you should feel moved at any point in the early pages to dismiss it as merely a love story, dismiss the thought instead.  Move beyond it.  Keep reading. Because you haven’t got to it yet.

Then, when you get to the part where the unexpected happens, and you feel yourself recoiling speechless in shock, take a few moments (or days) to just sit with your thoughts. And as the faint whispers of ancient memories stir, or a deep welling of empathy rises (as I am sure it will), pay very close attention to how your body responds. As this is the point



It was spring 2015 and I was in Greece visiting the temple of Apollo at Delphi. The second day I was there, I hiked up Mount Parnassus to get away from the tourists. There, on a wind-swept cliff high above the ancient temple complex, a gorgeous man appeared out of nowhere. He sat down next to me and said:  “Hi! I’m Apollo. I have things to tell humanity. Let’s talk.” And then he was gone …


Apollo & Me is the story and conversation that unfolded from that extraordinary meeting.


where you may hear or feel your soul responding. And this is when you may comprehend that what appears on the surface to be merely another (albeit mightily superior) Harlequin-style romance actually contains some of the deepest and most radical spiritual information you’ve ever encountered.

Which may cause you to wonder: How much of this is truth? And how much of this is fiction?

See below for your downloadable PDF excerpt from “Apollo & Me” PLUS a full-length EPub gift copy and MP3 audio recording of “Unearthing Venus”

About The author

CATE MONTANA has a Master’s degree in psychology and speaks and teaches about consciousness, quantum physics, and spirituality.

An author, writing coach, and a noted authority on ego evolution, transpersonal psychology, transcendent states of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, and (last but not least) feminine and masculine archetypes, Cate’s books include Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within, a memoir that tracks her awakening to the feminine nature, uncovering the deep programming keeping women second-class citizens; The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials; and her first novel, Apollo & Me, a love story that blends spirituality and sexuality—a sensuous tale of an older woman’s awakening to the Divine Feminine and the real nature of the gods under the tutelage of her cross-lifetimes lover, the Greek god Apollo.

Cate’s main focus today is bringing information about the mystery of the feminine nature and an understanding of the profound energetic forces behind both genders to a mainstream audience. . A book editor and journalist, she is also a writing coach, helping women and men find and express their deepest truths and voice. She lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the farthest point of land from any other landmass.  catemontana.com