When your life and work revolve around tapping into the unseen realms to support others in understanding their lives and experiences from an expanded perspective, what do you do in your downtime? How do you stabilize YOUR energies? Where do you find the support YOU need? With whom do you share your rawest and most honest thoughts and feelings about the rapid evolutionary shifts in consciousness that are upgrading us all?

When it comes to decompressing and stabilizing our energies, my good pals, internationally renowned channeler, author, energy intuitive, and musician Lee Harris, and the uniquely gifted Awesomism pioneer, author, and multidimensional see Suzy Miller like to chill out together and share a raw, no-holds-barred exchange about how the energies of the month have been affecting us and those around us.

Now we’re inviting you to eavesdrop on our conversations

But be warned… when we say raw, we mean completely raw and unscripted (sometimes even embarrassingly so!).

Each show also provides a unique energy session with Suzy designed to synchronize YOUR energies so you can thrive, not just survive, the coming weeks.

Eavesdrop live on the Last Thursday of every month, 7-8pm ET/4-5pm PT on OMTimes Radio…
or bookmark this page and download/listen here at your own convenience.