Nicola Harrold

Creating this list of my top 10 books has been a beautifully reflective project for me. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. from the age of 12 and all together. it took me 10 years to make a full recovery. At one of my worst times, when I was bedbound and unable to leave the house, I found the first book on my list, You Can Heal Your Life. This was really where my spiritual journey began. I loved to read and learn how to heal myself. I always knew that my illness was something I needed to go through in order to find my true self and then go on to help others. Even though it was physically, mentally and emotionally tough, my soul embodied the wisdom that it was happening for a reason.

As you can probably tell from the list, my areas of interest are metaphysical healing, female spiritual awakening. and conscious parenting, all of which are my passions when it comes to working with clients and creating meditations and self-help online courses and products. It’s been a joy to look back over the years and remember the books that have helped me most. I am so grateful for every one of these books and how they appeared in my life; some by seeking them out and others that somewhat magically seemed to make their way into my life.

NICOLA HARROLD is a Holistic Therapist trained in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and a Meditation Teacher and Audiobook Author who specialises in Female Empowerment and Conscious Parenting. Her guided meditations have been played more than 3.5 million times and her biggest passion is teaching on the subject of Goddess Spirituality and the Spiritual Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle. www.nicolaharrold.com  

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise L Hay


This was the first book I read that really opened my eyes to the world of metaphysical healing. I was only 14 when I found this gem and it played a huge part in my healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The book was my introduction to the mind-body connection and just how powerful our thoughts can be. It felt incredibly empowering for me to take my health into my own hands and learn how to work ‘with’ my body, instead of against it. I had been told by medical professionals that I would never get better, but thankfully I refused to believe them and I am now fully recovered and physically thriving! This book is still one that I return to when I need some insights into the reasons behind physical ailments and definitely one that I recommend to my clients who are struggling with their health. With insightful reflections to ponder upon, practical exercises and affirmations for a wide variety of physical ailments and diseases, it belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in a holistic approach to healing.


Let Love Find You
by John Selby


I was only 19 when I read this book, but I’m certain that the spiritual work I did, based on these teachings, allowed my heart to open and meet my husband at the age of 22. This book teaches you how to attract love into your life, through healing yourself and letting go of blocks that might be preventing you from energetically connecting with the person you’re supposed to be with. John Selby teaches the importance of becoming whole within yourself before starting a relationship, to avoid entering into partnerships with the intention of wanting to be ‘fixed’. This book guides you in releasing past hurts, letting go of unrealistically high expectations and becoming crystal clear on your intentions. You are also taught, through meditation, how to open your heart and send your energy out into the universe to connect with your future partner. Instead of chasing love, we are encouraged to allow it to find us.


Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani


This touching book is a personal memoir of Anita Moorjani’s journey from terminal cancer, to a near-death experience and making a full recovery. The detailed story of events itself is absolutely fascinating, but what touched me the most was reading how her near-death experience changed her entire outlook on life. She shares with us what she’s learned; mainly how important it is to let go of our fears, our perfectionism and to reach for our wildest dreams. Reading her story made me question my own approach to life and what really matters. When I find myself getting caught up in ‘life stuff’ or being hard on myself, I reach for this book to remind me of what truly matters: fulfilling the soul and being true to myself. As readers, we can take her realisations and wisdom and apply it to our own lives. For this I am grateful!


Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen


This beautiful book still holds such a special part in my heart. Before I had my eldest son, I could feel his spirit presence around me for several years and when I came across this book, pre-conception, I knew it was meaningful. Walter is a leading clairvoyant and medium and shares in this book what he has learnt from working with the spirit baby world, as well as how to communicate with your own spirit baby. This book teaches readers about soul contracts, how to understand past life connections, why miscarriages occur and what they might signify as well as offering real life examples of couples who are now happy parents, thanks to their healing work with the spirit baby world. I communicated often with my children, before they were conceived, which enhanced my journey into motherhood and made my pregnancy even more special!

Red Moon by Miranda Gray


This was an absolutely life changing book for me and many women I know. Little did I know, that I would go on to work with Miranda on a co-authored audiobook project 7 years after first reading it! This inspiring read teaches women about the spiritual gifts of their menstrual cycle, through the lens of goddess archetypes. In a world where there is still so much shame and embarrassment around the menstrual cycle, this book offers women a new perspective. Through archetypal teachings and storytelling, Miranda helps women to understand the four different phases of their cycle and how to utilise these spiritual gifts to enhance their lives, achieve success and connect with the divine feminine, within and without.

Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

This book found me when I was pregnant with my first child. I was extremely interested in the spiritual aspect of my pregnancy and this book was a fascinating guide to me all throughout both of my pregnancies. It includes meditations and practices that help you to bond with your baby before birth (and even before conception), prepare yourself spiritually for parenting and clear your baby’s karma using violet flame prayers and meditations. A heart-opening book that also includes real-life stories from parents as they recount their spiritual experiences with their unborn child.

The Highly Sensitive Child
by Elaine Aron


I was a sensitive child myself, so it was hardly surprising when my son turned up and I recognised the same sensitivities in him as I did myself. I wanted to do my very best at understanding him and supporting his needs and that’s when I found this book. Firstly, it was extremely comforting to read a book that described my little boy so clearly. He slept ‘terribly’, wanted to be attached to me 24/7, he was demanding from the moment he was born, he felt very uncomfortable around people he didn’t know (he would actually scream if somebody he wasn’t keen on said hello to him) and the toddler years were, challenging shall we say! As a sensitive soul myself, I already felt like I understood him quite well, but the practical guidance in this book really helped me to know how to help him thrive in a world that overwhelms him at times. I especially love Elaine Aron’s mantra: “To have an exceptional child, you must be willing to have an exceptional child.”


The Empath’s Survival Guide
by Judith Orloff


This book helped me to give my sensitivity a ‘definition’ – I’m an empath. I’ve always been sensitive and I’ve always seen this as a positive trait; it helps me greatly in my work as a therapist and healer. However, my sensitivity was still misunderstood by others and at times I would question if I was just being overly dramatic. Reading this book helped me to truly understand my empathic nature and how I quite literally feel and absorb the feelings, emotions, energy and physical symptoms of others. Through Judith Orloff’s teachings, I was able to put things in place (such as self-care practices) to make the most of my gifts and to protect myself from burnout and overwhelm which is so common among empaths. This is a book I often recommend to my sensitive friends and clients, to help them better understand their nature and learn how to protect themselves from absorbing foreign and unwanted energy that is not for their highest good.


Womb Wisdom by Anaiya and Padma Aon Prakasha

In more ancient times, women knew that their womb was so much more than a physical organ. The womb is a sacred energy centre which births not only children, but also our ideas, projects, personal healing, relationships and so on. This book explains that because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter, loving or not, it’s common for our womb energy to become muffled and stagnant if we do not focus our attention on cleansing and healing. The authors include practical exercises to heal past trauma, cut ties with old lovers whose energy may still be dormant in our womb, release repressed emotions and bring about a deeper connection with this deeply sacred energy centre. This is a beautiful book for any woman looking to awaken the ancient power of her womb and embody the divine feminine energy more fully.

Book of Lilith
by Barbara Black Koltuv

I first heard of Goddess Lilith when I was partaking in some deep spiritual work with a Shaman in Central America. Lilith is the dark goddess. She is the mythological seductress that has been repressed since Biblical times, but as more women (and men) begin to step up and reclaim their divine feminine power, she will rise once again! Working with the energy of Goddess Lilith helps us to face our shadow (especially repressed anger and rage) and understand why our anger is an important part of our healing journey, if we are to create a more equal and empowering world. This book is a wonderful introduction to Lilith and can help both women and men understand this aspect of the feminine within.