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Nancy Myers 

When Sandie asked me to compile this list of 10, I had to chuckle. How far I have come! Before the sudden and unexpected passing of my son, Robbie in 2010 I could have counted on one hand the number of books I had actually finished. There just weren’t many subjects that could hold this girl’s attention. (Chalk that up to a slight case of ADD) But after my son crossed to the other side, I wanted to learn everything I could about what his world was now like, and more importantly, if we ever were going to be able to “talk” with each other again. Now, here I am as an author of two of my own books, passing along my favorites to you!

When I gave the nod to the Universe that I was ready to learn, the books were laid out in my path, one after the other, in just the right order with one building upon the information of the previous book. Here are the books that helped me to expand spiritually, which lead to a profound healing and awakening. They are listed in the order that they were brought to me but I am certain you can read them in any order that feels right for you.

Nancy Myers Myers founded The Orb Connection to share her experiences and knowledge gained from photographing orbs, a phenomenon she was introduced to after the unexpected passing of her son, Robbie, in 2010.

As an orb photographer and medium, she works with the orbs to interpret the important messages they wish us to hear. Her library of orb photographs now exceeds 10,000 images. Nancy shares this knowledge on her website, through demonstrations, presentations, private readings, and in her books, Entering the Light Fantastic and Encircled by the Light Fantastic.

Her work as a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, and medium have been greatly enhanced because of the relationship Nancy has cultivated with orbs. She has learned to trust their guidance and companionship, and her wish is that one day, we will all learn to trust Spirit’s guidance. www.theorbconnection.com

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Many Lives, Many Masters
by Dr. Brian Weiss


This book was instrumental in opening me up to life purpose, life lessons, and the process of reincarnation. It teaches that we, or rather our souls, have a big part in selecting the life we will experience and how living that life will impact others. This book taught me about soul families and their purpose and it gives us a glimpse into the world beyond the veil.

Ask Your Guides
by Sonia Choquette


Wondering if I would be able to contact the spirit realm myself, this book was brought to my attention. It is a wonderful “how to” for connecting with your own spiritual team. A team that stands ready to assist when asked. I was astounded to learn about the amount of help each of us has in the spirit world.

Your Soul’s Plan
by Robert Schwartz


Following through on the idea that we are active participants in choosing the life we live, Robert Schwartz explores that idea further with the assistance of a medium. This approach yields more information about life lessons and the work a soul does on their individual karmic lessons..

The Survival of the Soul
by Lisa Williams


This book was exactly what I was looking for. Lisa tells us of her own near-death experience, but also teaches us about the journey of our souls including the different stages of the afterlife and proof that death is not final.

Into the Light
by Dr. John Lerma


This book knocked my socks off. It is a beautiful compilation of stories of the final moments of hospice patients under the care or Dr. Lerma. Dr. Lerma was the director of a hospice that was funded by George and Barbara Bush in Texas. These stories shed some light on what many of us will experience in our final moments on the physical plane before we are escorted into the light by our loved ones and angels.


We Don’t Die
by Joel Martin


This is a true story of one of the most renowned psychic mediums of our time, George Anderson. It chronicles his powers and abilities to successfully reach beyond the physical to bring forth messages, evidence and hope that our loved ones in spirit wish to share. George Anderson was a pioneer in the field of mediumship and as such volunteered to be subjected to rigorous testing by mainstream science and skeptics.

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
by Annie Kagan


Here is a remarkable story of how the loss of a loved one can open up our gifts of mediumship. After her troubled brother had passed, Annie starts to receive communication from him at the most unlikely times and places. It is also a story of a soul’s progression on the other side and the wisdom he wishes to share with all of us in the physical world.

I’m not dead, I’m different
by Hollister Rand


This book will have special meaning for those who have lost children. Medium Hollister Rand shares what the children on the other side she has connected with over the years want to teach all of us about how to live a better life on earth. The beautiful and clear wisdom these young souls share answers many questions about life and death we have all asked ourselves at one time or another.

Soul Survivor by Bruce Leininger and Andrea Leininger


Sometimes our old belief systems can keep us from believing what is right in front of us. This is a story about a little boy’s recollection of a past life as a pilot, but also the journey his parents made from non-believers to believers of reincarnation. It wasn’t an easy journey for them, but overwhelming facts and the persistence of their son kept them searching for answers.


Application of Impossible Things
by Natalie Sudman


This is the story of a civilian contractor working for the United States in Iraq, who was hit by a roadside bomb resulting in a remarkable near-death experience. Her out of body experiences are riveting as she explains the many divine helpers she meets along the way and how her life was changed. Her detail of the other side is like no other book I have ever read.

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