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Linda Backman

Books come in two flavors, fiction, and non-fiction. Of course, there’s overlap when we read something one might label as historical fiction where the author has accomplished significant research and the storyline is based on fact. For the most part I read to learn, and I write to share what I’ve learned.

At the inception of my conscious journey to understand the soul and its purpose I was hungry to read books that would concretize my intuitive experiences. Because I’m rather “cerebral” finding books that seemed to offer credible evidence of past lives, after-death communication, mediumship, and more provided sustenance for my expanding consciousness regarding soul continuity and evolution. For many years I was insatiable in my search for more to read that substantiated what I was learning and expanded my spiritual knowledge. I can well remember perusing many bookstores and daydreaming about writing a book myself.

As my Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression client practice moved well beyond the embryonic stage into the full-fledged week in and week out era, I was compelled to write weaving together direct regression content to inform others of why we embody. I wanted to “give back” the gift and blessings I had learned from many other authors. Doors had been opened via books for me, and I wanted to provide the same.

Each of the 10 books I’ve shared in my list represent the numerous avenues of spiritual content that have created my foundation of understanding who we are and why we are. Shamanism, Souls whose origin is other than Earth, the non-local, past lives, and the history of BCE inform this list. Yet, this is a “thumbnail sketch” and by no means an exhaustive list.

Dr. Linda Backman is an expert psychologist and regression therapist with 44 years of private practice experience, including over 25 years guiding thousands of Soul Regressions in person and remotely. Linda has been conducting Between Lives Soul Regression training since 2002. She is the author of Souls on Earth, The Evolving Soul & Bringing Your Soul to Light, published by Llewellyn and has been featured on numerous broadcasts and webcasts, including Dr. Oz, Coast to Coast AM and Gaia TV, Linda regularly interviews spiritual wayshowers on her widely syndicated Souls on Earth podcast., as

Trained by Soul Regression pioneer Dr. Michael Newton, Linda initially worked with Dr. Newton for six years training other therapists. She has conducted Soul Regression training programs in the U.S., Israel, Japan, England and The Netherlands. Linda has traveled extensively, conducting regression sessions and presenting workshops and presentations throughout the U.S. and in Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Australia, Israel, Japan, Australia, and Switzerland. Linda has presented twice to the College of Psychic Studies in England, as well as INREES (Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences) in Paris.

Linda founded the RavenHeart Center & Training Institute in Boulder, CO in 1997. Linda regularly conducts private sessions via Zoom, guiding Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regressions, as well as offering Spiritual Mentoring and Grief/Loss support. She is an international expert in understanding how reincarnation plays a pivotal role in our personal growth and relationships, significantly influencing Humanity’s progress.

My 10 Best

(In no particular order)

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
by Barbara Marciniak


In 2000 my study and co-teaching in Life Between Lives Regression was initiated with Dr. Michael Newton. During the training Newton explained that, at times, regression clients would discover past lives not on Earth. By 2005 my Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression practice began to include more and more clients who were souls that had evolved primarily somewhere other than in Earth bodies. For approximately the last 16 years one-half of my client practice has been with souls whose origin and evolution has occurred either outside of Earth, labeled Interplanetary, or in the Angelic Realm.

Marciniak’s book states: “For the last half-million years, various civilizations on Earth have been seeded from different star systems…”. This book gave me comfort in the early stages of working with individuals who have not been embodied on Earth numerous times. These folks often KNOW they are different and frequently struggle to cope with life within the human body and in the human community. Yet, Earth’s culture is badly in need of the advanced wisdom and perspective of souls who arise from elsewhere in the celestial realm. Marciniak offers broad detail about souls I call Interplanetary and how their DNA is distinct from souls who are designed to embody on Earth.

Man’s Search for Meaning
by Viktor Frankl


NO other book replicates the strength of impact on me as much as Frankl’s memoir which I read more years ago than I can remember. As you note the quote from Amazon.com below it is clear that MANY people have found this iconic book to be beyond breathtaking. Additionally, I KNOW that I lived during the Holocaust in one of my past lives, which makes Frankl’s crystal-clear detail of WHY holding fast to meaning in life, no matter, is crucial. Whether you equate your degree of life trauma as equivalent to Frankl’s experience or not, each of us must have a “raison d’etre.”

Amazon.com Quote:

“Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s memoir has riveted generations of readers with its descriptions of life in Nazi death camps and its lessons for spiritual survival. Between 1942 and 1945 Frankl labored in four different camps, including Auschwitz, while his parents, brother, and pregnant wife perished. Based on his own experience and the experiences of others he treated later in his practice, Frankl argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose. Frankl’s theory-known as logotherapy, from the Greek word logos (“meaning”)-holds that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful

At the time of Frankl’s death in 1997, Man’s Search for Meaning had sold more than 10 million copies in twenty-four languages. A 1991 reader survey for the Library of Congress that asked readers to name a “book that made a difference in your life” found Man’s Search for Meaning among the ten most influential books in America.”

Edgar Cayce’s Past Lives of Jesus
by Glenn Sanderfur


More than one capable channel, independent of one another, has brought forth detail of the soul of Jesus’ past lives. Like every soul, advancement through embodiment is required. We might say the soul is not “born perfect” but must perfect through experience. The soul of Jesus is NO different. In our human culture we must normalize and remove the notion of an ego-based hierarchy where we elevate particular people/souls we deem to be better than or wiser than ourselves.

The one we call Jesus or Yeshua, which was his actual name around the time of the crucifixion, had prior incarnations or past lives before embodying as Yeshua. In 1993 I began my conscious journey to comprehend and to teach about reincarnation, both that of my clients as well as my own past lives. The soul of Yeshua had been incarnating for thousands of years before his life that began in the city of Nazareth. More than one person who channels has cross-validated particular past lives, such as when this soul was in body and known as Hermes or Thoth. For me, being able to “ground” the knowledge of soul evolution as linear and stepwise aids the solid understanding that all of us must incarnate and accomplish what we intend as expansion or wisdom. I might add an additional depth of understanding Yeshua’s past lives because my own past life during the time of the crucifixion and beyond surfaced for me many years ago.

Reinventing Medicine
by Larry Dossey MD


In “Reinventing Medicine” Dr. Larry Dossey shares the details of a dream he experienced early in his career of his medical colleague’s son violent resistance during a diagnostic procedure. Dossey describes the dream as “numinous” and “profound” only to discover later the next day that his dream was completely valid. With massive resistance the 7-year-old boy was being prepped for an EEG because of unexplained seizure activity.

A door had opened for Dossey with the alteration of his focus and belief in the world of medicine. As he states in his book, “…the Hermetic view of the infinite, divine mind” had been eclipsed by Greek thought suggesting the mind is purely “local” in the brain. Through writing, speaking, and research Dossey has demonstrated the “nonlocal” of the mind extending outside the confines of our literal brain. Dossey is a “ground-breaker” as an icon of our current world demonstrating that modern consciousness operates far beyond the physical boundaries we call body-mind.

As a psychologist who, in the mid to late 90s transitioned my entire conventional private to speak, write, teach, and regress clients to discover their soul evolution via past lives and today’s life purpose, I congratulate and greatly honor significant figures in our world for having the courage to bring the “nonlocal” to light. I am blessed to know Dr. Larry Dossey as a colleague.

Meetings at the Edge
by Stephen Levine


Perhaps death and dying have always been my passion in life today, as evidenced by books that resonated for me many years ago. In my mid-seventies now, as far back as I can remember I would honestly tell you that the arrival in body and the exiting out of the body was, and continues to be, a deep fascination. Having discovered the exquisite work of Stephen Levine around 1980 I took a nosedive to “let the healing in” of the loss of my second baby, resulting in a “PhD” course regarding the soul.

In the mid-1970s, while working with Ram Das, Stephen Levine met Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. From that time forward Stephen and his wife, Ondrea, taught workshops, having learned from the terminally ill, regarding deep levels of healing and service. Listening to Levine teach live I recall acutely a story about a woman, days before her death, finally requesting a visit with her family to offer her apologies for being such an angry person.

In 1993 my eyes were opened to our true immortal soul that evolves life to life, if we do the “work” we’ve agreed-to day by day. Levine’s books and programs brought forth the reality of potential healing on the heels of our passing. My own work to aid individuals to “know” the journey they’ve walked, tripping and falling in past lives. Then we MUST be candid with our team of guides upon our passing about our accomplishments and failures. Levine’s work has indelibly affected my endeavors in life today.

Soul Retrieval
by Sandra Ingerman


Shamanism, as a cosmology and a healing method, surfaced in my life in 1993 when I read a promotional piece about Michael Harner’s basic weekend workshop, “Way of the Shaman.” Lacking in depth knowledge of the age-old doctrine embraced by indigenous world cultures, my husband and I both decided to register for the program 260 miles from home. During our initial indigenous spiritual experience, we gained the skill of how to “journey” in the shamanic sense to discover an animal totem, who serves as a spiritual guide. Though I was skeptical about my ability to receive intuitive content during the drumming journey, to my surprise and pleasure all went well.

Fast forward a few years later, again with my husband, we traversed a 40-minute drive down a windy canyon road to a favorite spiritual bookstore. With my book purchase secured under my arm we returned to our car. Sandra Ingerman’s, “Soul Retrieval”, I hungrily waited to read once we arrived home. Lo and behold, our car wouldn’t start on a Sunday afternoon when all car mechanics were safely home relaxing. As we tried to figure out what to do, 3 young Spanish-speaking men walked by us in the parking lot. In broken English one of the guys told us he was a mechanic from Mexico and could try to get our car started.

While the Mexican fella worked on our car for over an hour, I began to absorb Sandra’s beautiful teaching about shamanic belief that during times of trauma our soul splinters and such pieces go into hiding, so to speak. I was fascinated. Some years later my husband and I trained with Ingerman in Soul Retrieval, gaining skills that served me well as my work progressed.

Journey of Souls
by Michael Newton, Ph.D.


Journey of Souls, Dr. Michael Newton’s first book was published in 1994. To my surprise, when my psychologist colleague passed in 1993 and began to speak to me from the “other side”, I discovered a profound fascination with reincarnation and soul evolution. In 1999 Newton and I met, leading to study and co-teaching about soul evolution.

As the wisdom of soul immortality and purposeful incarnation both as an individual soul and in relation to other souls/people came to light for me, my work and the entire orientation of my life began to shift. Newton’s work allowed me to discover for myself and with clients the deep revelatory explanation about who we are as a soul and why we’re in body today. Topics such as life planning, soul pods, spiritual guides, past lives became my passion and the ever-expanding thread of my work. When the cosmic, divine design is revealed to us through soul regression, then we can de-pathologize our thoughts, feelings, and actions in life today.

Old Souls
By Tom Shroder

In 1992 one of my psychology clients who was grieving the passing of her young adult son arrived for her weekly session, pushing a book into my hand. “Many Lives Many Masters” written by Brian Weiss, MD in 1988 chronicles a psychiatrist’s unplanned encounter with the past life revelations of his patient. Catherine, the patient, while relaxed during hypnosis recovers the memories of a man who had his throat slit in 1473, Abby a servant in nineteenth-century Virginia, and more. Tom Shroder, a capable journalist, discovers Weiss’ provocative work. Subsequently, Shroder meets another psychiatrist (Ian Stevenson, MD) whose research to validate the spontaneous past life memories of Indian and Pakistani children becomes a zealous passion.

Ultimately, Shroder and Stevenson come together, traveling to India, Lebanon, and the American South to research children’s spontaneous past life memories.

“Stevenson’s methodology involved listening to stories, comparing and contrasting variants of stories, verification or falsification of empirical claims, and constructing long, detailed narratives that attempt to “capture” the complex experience of his informants, who claim to remember incidents from past lives. In this sense Stevenson’s work is similar to that of ethnographers and cultural anthropologists.”

God, Sex, and Women of the Bible
by Shoni Labowitz


Nearly 30 years of guiding regression clients has included a search for what is historically valid in our written, as well as word of mouth teachings and research. Said differently, having guided countless clients into past lives, where have I found repetitive corroborative evidence? During the Old Testament era related to patriarchal vs matriarchal culture authorities have likely misinterpreted biblical content. Shoni Labowitz has provided clarity in how scholars may have slanted the role and actions of women in the Fertile Crescent over 2000 years ago.

One example shared in “God, Sex, and Women of the Bible” focuses on the conventional, broader interpretation of the creation of “man”, as well as who was Eve? Traditional belief indicates that God created Adam as both male and female. Regression material offers convincing evidence that a soul is androgynous. Thus, we could say that the original intent of soul incarnation on Earth may have been to have humans who were gender-balanced, either bodily or simply in attitude. Yet, western religion states that Adam needed a partner, so a woman, Eve, was “fashioned” from his rib suggesting a strong sense of patriarchy.

For the entirety of my professional career understanding the history and need for gender equality has been a passionate focus. Labowitz explains that scholars suggest the serpent was cunning and crafty and caused Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Yet, the word in Hebrew that can be translated as cunning can also mean wise, prudent, or cautious, connoting discernment. As I lead clients to access their intuition and discover credible, replicable past life and soul-level content a purer picture of Humanity’s evolution comes to light.

Souls on Earth
by Dr. Linda Backman


By 2016 I had been guiding Soul Regression for more than 20 years. In my weekly client practice I noticed repetitively that at least half of the people were discovering past lives not on Earth (Interplanetary Souls/IP) and that they were a soul designed to incarnate other than on Earth. By asking my spiritual guides the purpose of working with numerous Interplanetary Souls essentially, I was told that these IPs chose human incarnation because they were advanced souls and Earth needs their degree of soul evolution. Further such souls when they embody on Earth often have physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges because Earth life and the human body are not terribly familiar to them.

Thus, my 3rd book was born, “Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives.” Direct client regression material weaves the tapestry of the book to support the understanding of the unique qualities of IP Souls, many of whom may struggle with life on our planet. Numerous people can choose to experience their own Soul Regression. Yet, others may not take the time or have the resources for a regression. Having access to a book where IPs are showcased with their gifts, challenges, and purpose is easy for most people.

“Physicality of this Universe is a tool for the advancement of the soul. The spiritual level is constant and immortal. The elements of physicality, such as soil, air, and water can be altered by incarnate beings. Souls evolve through physical containment. There’s a spiritual presence that precedes all physical life, but on the planet where I am now it’s not human.”
Souls on Earth, page 126