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Liane Buck 

LIANE BUCK is Editor-in-Chief of OM Times Magazine and co-founder of the Humanity Healing Network. She also is General Manager of and sits on the Board of Directors for both Humanity Healing International and the Saint Lazarus Relief Fund.

Liane’s professional life has been incredibly varied. An anthropologist and degreed economist, who did her post-graduate work in city services planning for the island of Itaparica, she has worked for the Brazilian State Commerce Department, was a bank auditor, a radio talk show personality and newspaper columnist in Brazil, a prominent tarot reader and astrologer for the state of Bahia, Brazil, an organic farmer, and a Death Row minister.

Born in Salvador, Brazil, as a young adult, Liane worked for the Jesuit Priests from CEAS (a Non-Profit organization), and as an Economist and Project Manager developing Humanitarian and Social projects to raise the standard of living among the poor in Bahia, Brazil.  With the Jesuits and others, she has studied extensively in religious matters and esoteric knowledge and is a member of the Order of Saint Michael.

Together with her husband, Christopher Buck, she created Humanity Healing based on the concept of a multifaceted approach to healing by


combining alternative healing modalities with spiritual growth and counseling.  Liane sees the materialization of Humanity Healing as part of her Soul Contract and feels very blessed to have connected with so many who share a similar dream of ordinary individuals coming together to make a significant difference in this world.  https://humanityhealing.net/  https://omtimes.com

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The Little Prince, for me, is far from a mere children’s book; it is a beautiful work of literature with more than 300 million copies sold worldwide, translated to more than 200 different languages. It is a delicate tale of love and acceptance and, at the same time, is a beautiful metaphor about human beings and their brief passage through this world.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


An incredible book that was written in 1931 and is about Huxley ‘s dystopian visions of what would be the human future. What impressed me in this book was the fact that people were born and died absolutely alone, and the relationships were purposely very superficial, with their only real connection through sexuality. Funny how he “foretold the invention of bell-bottoms” pants.

One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel García Márquez


This is hands-down the best book I ever read. I regard it as important because it tells a universal story, a journey of a family lineage and tradition during the one hundred years of their existence. It is a work of art of the literary style of Magical Realism, and Garcia Marques’s genius shows when you realize that most of the characters have the same name, both the women and males of this incredible story. The quality of the storytelling has no comparison with any other. The narrative is a reflexive one, as many of the different perspectives of all characters are conveyed during the stories of their lifetime, where aspects of their loneliness and solitude bring us closer to them than we expected. It is the second most famous book in the Spanish language, following Don Quixote.

The Open Veins of South America
by Eduardo Galeano


A fantastic book about the history of South America, this became a valuable reference for historical and sociological studies, as Galeano collected stories from the time when the Latina America was under the control of Portugal and Spain as the Imperialist states until the modern era.

Galeano kept an impressive chronological historiography and a very interesting chronicle of human behaviors, tailored for those that always wanted to learn a bit of the genesis of the geopolitical situation from the countries below the Equator.

From Sphinx to Christ (Treatise on Occult History) by Édouard Schuré


This book was my Moses moment, as a divider of waters in my life and the one that sent me to a lifetime of research and never-ending studies. It was through this book that I learned about the existence of Theosophy and Anthroposophy. I recommend this book as an eye-opener for those that really like to read about serious esoteric knowledge and Ageless Wisdom. Nothing “New Age” about this book.

The Great Initiates, A Study of the Secret History of Religions by Édouard Schuré


The exciting thing about this book is that it is a Vade Mecum of ancient knowledge and old tales about various spiritual and mystic figures. For me, it brought to light many stories that helped me understand the journey of so many initiated souls; who we just usually know only by their names.


The Secret Doctrine
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Madame Blavatsky is one of the most fascinating historical personalities in my humble understanding. Her ability to “download” vast amounts of information from the Masters and Guardians of this planet was a herculean feat. The Secret Doctrine has 3 volumes and I can honestly say that it is not effortless reading, nor of an easy understanding. It took me years, reading these volumes over and over again, making notes, trying to absorb the concepts by osmosis to begin to understand some of the theories she sponsors. If you really want to have a Universal approach to real Esoteric Knowledge and Ageless Wisdom, this is the series for you.

Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramahansa Yogananda


I read this book during my first pregnancy, and at that time, I was starting to practice transcendental meditation and was extremely frustrated because I did not have any results.

After reading the book, I began to relax and gave up the idea that spiritual experience was like a Holiday on Ice Show. Funny that after I stopped expecting results, I had my first experience with astral travel. It was seriously wild.

The Caballo de Troya Series
by J. J. Benítez

I have never understood why these books have not been translated into English yet. It is a fascinating story about a secret NASA project that developed the technology to travel through time. In this book series, the person travels to the Time of Christ. This is actually a romanticized version of the Book of Urantia and introduces to the reader an incredible overview of the teaching and doctrine of this amazing book of Ancient Wisdom.

The Inner Guide Meditation
by Edwin C Steinbrecher


This book introduced me to a deeper understanding of the concept of archetypes.  It provides a window to our inner planes and can answer many of the questions we have about our spiritual journey, especially when you became awake and aware of other subtle realities. It is a fascinating resource for those that study Tarot and Astrology, and it can help with clarity and understanding of how these two “spiritual” sciences can and do complement each other.