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Lee Ann Heltzel

What a fascinating journey to see my own evolution from the perspective of what spiritual books came into my life and when!

The books that have affected me the most are those that have a multi-reflective quality; books  that offered both a face value narrative that engages my mind and, greater yet, subtle narratives that speak to my spirit.

In choosing the 10 books that influenced me most, I see a repeating theme that has been mirrored throughout my life and my work. It is that we have innate spiritual capacities at the ready to be joyfully unleashed into the world if we only inquire. When we do explore and fearlessly step into what is possible, Life steps in to fully support us.

These books chronicle my personal expansion and reviewing them is like holding a looking glass to particular times in my life when greater wisdom “locked and loaded” into place.

Always a creative empath, LEE ANN FORTUNATO-HELTZEL is most comfortable unearthing her next grandest adventure exploring what is possible within the capabilities of human potential and integrating these new traits into practical applications.

Decades of exploring spirituality and human potential through mentors like Jean Houston and Deepak Chopra, gifted healers and her own nature, has led Lee Ann to trust more and more in her own superhuman capacities. To Lee Ann, creativity and imagination are gateways into higher human consciousness and is the cornerstone of her work and passions.

“Life is an adventure and should be ‘opened’ rather than ‘planned’ seeking always what is possible and then leaping into the mystery.”

Her initial esoteric gifts were uncovered early in life assisting those crossing over through the death process and that of a spiritual death doula. Years of this work revealed to her how to access higher dimensions of awareness. Lee Ann is also a visual artist, art director, graphic designer and marketing guru. Her multi-dimensional marketing firm, Creative One, caters to conscious creatives and leading edge thinkers where she taps into the highest potentials for a brand through her Signature MetaWork and carries that unique energy signature throughout the brand and practical marketing efforts.

Most recently, she has begun channeling frequency MetaArt which are not only engaging abstract paintings but more importantly elevate the energy of their environment. Ocular Meditations, what she considers a new genre of meditation, combine the ancient practice of gazing coupled with the MetaArt as the visual focus. This offers a tactile experience bringing the meditator into balance, inner exploration and peace.

Lee Ann is the grandmother of two, mother of three, and a passionate Pittsburgh Steeler fan. When not traveling extensively sharing her work, she is nestled in her art studio in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Learn more about Lee Ann at creativeonemarketing.com and leeannheltzel.com

My 10 Best

(In no particular order)

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull 
by Richard Bach


This sweet story told through the eyes of a simple seagull weaves a tale of the importance of listening to one’s own personal uniqueness and passion. That when we choose this path, we’ll often not be understood and that is okay, to do it anyway. We get to fly with Jonathan as he embarks on a personal and spiritual journey opening up to life. It is the feathered tale of following one’s own unique inner instincts and learning that we can do things society views as outside our abilities.

I see now why this book resonated with me so deeply when I first read it at the tender age of 12. It communicated to me that I can be more, do more than societal expectations, and foretold my own journey of self-exploration into human potential. The greatest journey is always inward.

The Prophet 
by Kahlil Gibran 


This collection of poetic fables and hauntingly beautiful artwork, also created by Gibran, is a classic for so many over the decades. Told through the eyes of a prophet exiled to an island, he answers the questions of the people there, speaking to every aspect of life. Even though written in the early 1920’s, the messages continue to be relevant regardless of  the passage of time. These musings touch on every human topic from love, marriage, children (my favorite essay) to simple things like clothes, teaching, and friendship.

I discovered this book in college in my early 20’s when I was deepening into myself as an adult. I was open and innocent, and this book became a roadmap of the human experience from a deeper, poetic perspective. One that I could relate to easily as I had spent so much of my early teen years writing poetry and sketching alone in the woods near our home. So much so that my mother was concerned for my lack of interest in interacting with friends. Even then, I was more interested in the inner dimensions and seeking to understand life.

Conversations with God Book One
by Neale Donald Walsch


At the lowest, most challenging point of Neale’s life, and out of frustration, he begins talking to God with a narrative that moves into “taking dictation” directly from God. It dives into so many of the questions and quandaries of what doesn’t make sense within society and the topics humanity battles with daily.

What I love about the pretense of this text is that it is presented in the context that words are not the ultimate truth, rather, words are symbols and are open to interpretations. That so aligned with my relationship with words. There is a respect for the reader of encouraging one to consult within and trust one’s own intuition rather than take the information  verbatim. The simple and fluid conversation of relatable human questions and experiences answering the “whats and whys” of life from a perspective that proved new to my ears but not to my heart.

The Celestine Prophecy  by James Redfield

Such an entertaining fictional book richly exploring spiritual ideals of Eastern tradition blended with more contemporary narratives of human evolution. The book is based on the journey of discovery of a man following nine spiritual insights from an ancient Peruvian manuscript. It unfolds during a tenuous time in his life.

This book mirrored my life as I was in the muck of the most challenging time when what I viewed as my foundation was seemingly crashing down around me. It was as if I had been asleep and was beginning to awaken again and this book helped me realize there were greater truths and sacred foundation. Each of the nine insights guided me to remember and challenge my view of reality much like the character. In the story, he meets individuals along the way that confirm or guide him to the next insight. I, too, was beginning to find my own soul tribe and each person was offering me guidance and  hours of deep contemplative conversation that came into my life in perfect timing and critical to my healing.

The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz


I chose this book because every time I pick it up it feels like required reading to be a human. If I can master these four“agreements” every moment of every day, I’ll kick butt as a person and better myself and everything around me.

To be impeccable with my words, to not take anything personally, to not make assumptions and to always do my best. This is the one book that I have read and contemplated more times than any other. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the book offers a code of conduct, which, if followed, can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. It dives in and reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that highjack our joy and create needless suffering. It’s a short book in pages with a lifetime of guidance. A roadmap to being the best version of ourselves. Why is this not required reading for being a human and raising children? I’m convinced if these four codes were implemented by every person, we would live in peace, equity and joy.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding


This was the most instrumental series of books that presented complex concepts virtually new to my ears but a remembrance to my spirit. They are an anecdotal biographical account of Spalding’s journeying over India, Tibet, China, and Persia in a party of 11 researchers in the late 1800’s. These men interacted with the Great Masters of the Himalayas over a series of years. How incredible that this group of men were able to live with and study these immortal beings gaining insight into their lives and chronicle proof of their avatar-like abilities. Reading it, I wanted to be there witnessing these incredible mysterious events firsthand. The books are a deep dive into the Enlightened state or Christ Consciousness and the discovery of the Light of God that is the source of our inner power. They confirmed my own belief that we are all capable of such abilities and sparked a curiosity about human potential and how we can evolve into these magnificent capacities.

A Course in Miraacles
by Helen Shucman


This channeled book, or as the author describes it “inner dictation,” from Christ started with the author and her professional friend William Thetford questioning “there must be a better way.” What started as dreams, visions and finally this inner dictation of information took close to a decade to compile. It goes through 15 deep wells of dense narrative around miracles, forgiveness, healing wrong perceptions, the Holy Spirit, separation and our spiritual home.

For me, this was not an act of complacently sitting around reading a book. A Course in Miracles was the biggest, self-administered, year-long spiritual task of my life. I didn’t plan on it taking an entire year to read it, but I did know it was something I wanted to absorb and integrate to determine what felt like truth to me personally. I see this book as mystical literature that answered questions and sparked more clarity than all my years of attending church. The result was my life improved dramatically as I began stepping out of the illusion of fear and stepping into what is possible with love.

Power Vs. Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins 


To me, this book has an epic quality to it, steeped with hope for humanity in understanding that force always succumbs to genuine power and what the difference is between the two. That consciousness is measurable through a calibrated scale from 1 to 1,000 so we can see and understand the collective evolution of consciousness. I would say that some of these books stretched my thinking about consciousness as a “practical learning” and some were more of a “cellular remembering.”

This book was one in the “learning” category as it deep dives into consciousness through philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive aspects. It explores multi-dimensional universes and how this dimension is an illusion and to expand our own consciousness is key to evolving humanity past the inhumanity we currently experience.

Alien Interview 
by Lawrence R. Spencer


This is not inherently a spiritual book. It is a compilation of official Top Secret U.S. Army Air Force interview transcripts and personal notes from the late Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy. Conversations between herself and an extraterrestrial she interviewed back at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Her dying request was that the transcripts finally be released to the world, stating that mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents. She felt it vital that people understand the devastating consequences to our physical and spiritual survival if we fail to take effective action to undo the long-standing and pervasive effects of alien intervention on Earth.

This book wove together so many touch points of my own personal research into spirituality and consciousness from a completely different yet contextual perspective. Rather than being totally out there, it aligned with and gave more depth to the truths I had been feeling into for decades.

Gaia Codex
by Sarah Drew 


This fictional book is the story of sisterhood through the secret wisdom of the Priestesses of Astera, an ancient lineage of women. It is written in the near future of impending societal and environmental collapse (something I think we can all relate to right now). The story of how a young woman remembers her own true origin of mystical capacities as she finds her “tribe.”  

This too is a narrative to remember what it is we are capable of. It speaks to the hope and hidden treasures of our own sisterhood and brotherhood, and that we are not to make these conscious leaps alone. Lila Sophia, the main character in the book discovers that through the rise and fall of civilizations, codes of culture and planetary rejuvenation and right action have been protected. As she navigates a manuscript full of alchemy and magic, she experiences synchronicities and her own powerful abilities and that it is her lineage that holds these codes. Again, the core message of all we need is within us.