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Kimberly Meredith

For me, since I was very little, starting when I was five years old, books were a way to survive. Books are very special to me because I use them as a way to learn to express and explore my inner world. Books allow your imagination to open up. They allow your brain to take a break from your reality. Books are like keys to enter another dimension, like passports to your own spiritual world.

Every book has its own meaning. Every book can influence you and  impact your personality. To me, books are a life-changing way to cope, and collectively, can uplift all of humanity.

Books can reduce stress and alleviate depression. Books can improve and activate your brain, your mind, and your consciousness

Many of the books I chose to talk about are by authors that I feel a deep and intimate personal connection to, and have a personal identification with.

Now as a channel and author myself, I feel an even greater identification with these authors. I didn’t feel it was hard choosing these books because I have always felt a deep personal connection with these amazing people.



KIMBERLY MEREDITH is a Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly can see into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines, accurately detecting all manner of medical conditions. She also possesses the ability to emit healing Scalar energy even through walls, as measured by Dr. Norm Shealy during scientific testing.  She has also been tested by the PSYtek subtle energy Laboratory and at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Kimberly hosts The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show streaming radio program on and iHeartRadio and is the author of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: A Guide to Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing.


My 10 Best

(In no particular order)

Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramahansa Yogananda


This incredible book details the spiritual journey of the renowned and revered sage Paramahansa Yogananda. From his childhood in India to his discovery of his guru to his journey to America to bring Indian spirituality to the West, this book covers a vast range of not only autobiographical material, but spiritual material as well. Many amazing, even miraculous, events are revealed. The book is written in such an open and honest way, even those who are new to spirituality will have their eyes opened. I love this book. Everything about Yogananda is so inspiring. He lives on in us forever. He’s eternal.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
by Richard Bach


A beautiful spiritual parable with many lessons for life. This book was very touching to me and opened me up spiritually. It tells the story of a seagull who lives with a flock of gulls who are concerned only with the mundane pursuit of food. But Jonathan dreams of greater things, such as mastering the possibilities of flight. However, Jonathan’s ideas don’t conform with the flock’s, and he finds himself on the path to becoming an outcast. But in his devotion to learning to fly faster than any gull has ever flown, Jonathan discovers a spiritual world that opens his understanding and perspective beyond anything he could have ever imagined. This book is perfect for adults and especially children.

by Richard Bach


I’ve really loved this book throughout my life. I first read it as a child. I felt it understood who I really was. Illusions made sense to me and  empowered my spirituality.

This book tells the story of a barnstorming pilot who meets a mechanic-turned-spiritual master/biplane pilot who opens his eyes to the spiritual possibilities and abilities that exist within all of us, if we are brave enough to embrace them. Topics explored include the malleable nature of reality and the power of consciousness. It’s also filled with many pearls of wisdom that are revealed through the conversations of the two men, in much the same way that philosophers or Buddhist monks dialogue in order to debate and deepen their understanding. Told in a simple, relaxed style, Illusions is an easy read filled with many invitations to the reader to explore an expanded way of thinking about life and spirituality. One of the important ideas is that powerful spiritual states of being are available to us now and at all times, if we can open our eyes and minds to a more expansive way of thinking and believing that surpasses our belief in our limitations. Great for adults as well as teenagers.


The Little Prince
by Antoine De Saint-Exupery


This wonderful book was given to me by a friend as a gift, and I loved it. It’s a very special and endearing book to me that I have always held close to my heart.

This classic fable is a delightful treat for children and adults, including adults who have never grown up as well as those who have forgotten how to be children. The story reveals the adventures of a pilot—the narrator—who crashes in the desert, only to encounter The Little Prince, a magnificent being who comes from a very tiny world. The Prince has very unique ways of looking at reality that challenge the often closed-minded and unimaginative ways that adults perceive the world. The story reminds us of the special power of thought that we all have as children, and encourages us to reclaim that magnificent way of thinking and hold on to it throughout our lives. The book also includes the author’s original and joyful illustrations. A must-read for adults and especially children.

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay


One of the first books I read as a young adult. It was very helpful to me because I could look up things that were wrong and find connections. Louise Hays teaches us that our lives and our health—for bad or good—are a product of the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold, the words we speak to ourselves and others, and the actions we take. She teaches us that we are not victims but heroes capable of bringing our lives into the states of greatness we crave—if we’re willing to make the necessary changes to manifest these new realities we desire and deserve.

I was always inspired by Louise Hay and I found this book to be very beneficial for healing — physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has so much truth in it, I recommend it to everybody.

The Ra Material channeled by Carla Rueckert with Don Elkins and James Allen McCarty


I got connected to Carla Rueckert and Ra while at a channeling event in Arizona, and I began channeling the Ra group. When I read this book, it revealed such profound truths to me. I just love her. I still feel the Ra group around me. They work through me.

The transcripts of these amazing channeling sessions reveal deep and profound truths about humanity and our place in the cosmos. The rich spirituality and detailed precision of the information channeled by Carla Rueckert convinced me of the authenticity of her connection to highly advanced spiritual/extraterrestrial/higher dimensional beings. Important concepts like spiritual Ascension and Harvest are explained in great detail. After reading the Ra and Q’uo material, many spiritual people who previously felt out of place in the world suddenly find a sense of peace, purpose and belonging. These “Wanderers” and “Seekers” often find that, for the first time, everything “makes sense.” Highly recommended material, whether reading or listening to the original recorded channeling sessions.

Seth Speaks
channeled by Jane Roberts


I was introduced to this book by my aunt. It left a great impression on me. Jane Roberts is one of the world’s great channelers. She wrote several books, all of which are worthwhile. I feel particularly resonant with Seth Speaks because of its many profound and consciousness-expanding ideas. Many of the concepts presented, such as parallel universes and parallel selves, were virtually unknown in the 1960s, when Jane Roberts began receiving communication from Seth. Aside from a few physicists, such as Erwin Schroedinger and more specifically Hugh Everett, the originator of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, no one even imagined that parallel worlds and parallel selves existed. Today, these ideas and concepts are now widely regarded as not only plausible, but even probable in many quarters of the scientific community. Of course, Seth takes these concepts to the next level by marrying them to consciousness and spirituality. Seth tells us that our current state of consciousness is “barely half-developed” but that we are on the cusp of awakening into beings of higher dimensions and higher consciousness. He also gives important instructions on how to pull desirable “probable realities” into your life.

All of this resonates completely with everything I’ve learned on my own journey as a trance-channel and medium with my own connection to many Spirit Guides and Teachers.

Power of Intention
by Wayne Dyer


I find this book so inspiring, as is everything Wayne Dyer has shared and communicated with the world. I love Wayne Dyer. He’s such a gift to humanity. As soon as I read or listen to Wayne Dyer, I’m immediately moved, filled with a deep feeling of truth and resonance. I feel that Wayne Dyer had a wonderful connection to the Divine, and his mission on Earth was to bring us all closer to that connection, to show us all a way home to that, so we could have one foot on Earth and another foot in Heaven. By reminding us what powerful creators we are and can be, he taught us that we have the power, through our magnificent intention, to create our lives to be wonderful and empowering experiences that we can cherish.

This book, which is all about the power of our intention, helped me to learn about our energy fields and how we can create the life that we want and need. If we could all collectively embrace the wisdom Wayne Dyer shared with us, this world could become the paradise we wish it were, the home we wish we grew up in, the future we all long for.

I recommend all of Wayne Dyer’s books, especially in audio format, because his voice is so wonderful, magnetic, resonant, truthful, humorous, wise, caring, and inspiring.

I Am the Word
by Paul Selig


I was always inspired by Paul Selig’s channeling process. He’s an amazing, powerful channeler. The book offers an intense program of self-awareness that offers readers guidance directly from Paul’s Spirit Guides to help us overcome the emotional challenges that have held us back. This book, and the channeled wisdom contained in its pages, enables us to overcome our fears, doubts, and persistently self-defeating bad habits. With the help of Paul and his Spirit Guides, we are led on a journey of self-discovery, guided to find and meet the best versions of ourselves—the wonderful people we’ve secretly been dreaming of becoming all of our lives.

Conversations with God
by Neale Donald Walsch


I’ve read Conversations with God many times and I love it. It’s changed millions of lives. When I read it, I feel like it takes me on a spiritual journey with God. It’s breathtaking. The book came into being when Neale Donald Walsch wrote a letter to God about the hardships in his life. But to his shock, God replied. The more questions Neale asked, the more answers he received. The book compiles a wide-ranging series of eye-opening exchanges between Walsch and God, touching on many of life’s biggest questions and most important topics, all of which, at their core, are ultimately about love.