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Julie Ryan

How Books Have Influenced Me

Books are a resource I didn’t begin utilizing until I was in my mid-30’s and they have opened my mind to fabulous new horizons.

As a person who hated school, I saw books as a part of a system that I found to be tedious and, for the most part, absolutely boring. As a result, I didn’t even think about reading for pleasure, let alone to learn something. Rather, I read what was required to graduate from school and later, what was needed to help me in my career and adult life.

In the meantime, I have come to realize the benefit of many hours of research, thought, and effort by an author a book contains. Information I can access in a short period of time.

Some may believe that by not reading books, I missed out on learning a lot that could’ve helped me along the way. Perhaps. My take, however, resonates with the old adage of … when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and that has happened to me.

As an author of three books, so far (Angelic Attendants, Angel Messages For Kids, and the soon-to-be-released Angel Messages For Dogs), I’ve come a long way from those days of not reading books.

Now, I find an insatiable curiosity for the information contained in books of all genres and I find audiobooks to be my format of choice. Each day you’ll find me listening to a book as I take a morning walk, get dressed, drive in a car, fold laundry, cook dinner, etc. The ability to learn and experience another’s world, thoughts, and ideas through an audiobook as I go about my day is glorious.

JULIE RYAN is a psychic and medical intuitive who can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has, and facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits both alive and dead. She can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings, and she can tell how close to death someone is. Her book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next describes a series of events that involves angels, multitudes of deceased family and friends, the spirits of deceased pets, and countless serendipitous and miraculous moments. Her latest book Angel Messages For Kids is a picture book that has angels answering kids’ tough questions. Each week, Julie scans callers on her ‘Ask Julie Ryan’ podcast which is heard by millions in over 100 countries throughout the world. Julie is a businesswoman, an inventor, an author, a podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Her surgical device inventions are sold globally, and she has founded nine companies in five different industries. Julie’s Psychic and Medical Intuitive skills are learned. https:/askjulieryan.com.

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Anatomy of the Spirit
by Caroline Myss, PhD


This book launched my 30-year Spirituality quest. The author describes herself as a medical intuitive. I hadn’t ever heard that term and wanted to learn more. As a businesswoman who, among other things, invented surgical devices, I was interested in the medical field, and because of this book, I was led to learn to be a medical intuitive and energy healer. I now teach others throughout the world how to do the same.

In Anatomy of the Spirit, Dr. Myss compares similarities of three of the world’s great religions, Catholicism, Judaism, and Hinduism to show how connected we really are. The Catholic seven sacraments, the seven branches of the Jewish Tree of Life, and the Hindu seven chakras are used to illustrate a model for energy healing.

Hands of Light
by Barbara Brennan, PhD


Dr. Brennan is a former NASA physicist who parlays complicated Quantum Physics principles used in energy medicine into understandable language for the non-scientific mind. The book details how the energy centers (chakras) in the body can be utilized to heal any and all illnesses.

I was intrigued by the material covered in Hands of Light, and called Dr. Brennan’s school to find out if a graduate of her school was in my area teaching her curriculum. As luck would have it, there was, and that person has been my teacher and mentor for almost 30 years! Dr. Brennan’s concepts were the foundation of a formalized curriculum that I studied in the mid-1990’s and now currently use to help people and teach other healers throughout the world.

Death Is But A Dream
by Christopher Kerr, MD, PhD


As the director of a large hospice practice in Buffalo, NY, Dr. Kerr has conducted university-based research on over 2,000 of his dying patients. His findings show 88% of participants report seeing their deceased loved ones (and pets) either in dreams or visions as they approached the end of their lives.

This book validates, from the human perspective, what my book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next describes from the spiritual perspective. I describe the Twelve Phases of Transition®, a sequence of events everyone goes through at the end of their lives in which angels and deceased loved ones and pets greet them and lead them into paradise.

The Way of the Rose
by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn


Strand and Finn, a former Buddhist monk and a feminist, describe their experience with an apparition of the Virgin Mary and the many ways it changed their lives. They also sprinkle in historical information about the Virgin in pagan and early Christian civilizations and show how relevant the devotions and teachings are today.

As a practicing Catholic and product of twelve years of Catholic education, I found this book interesting, informative, and motivating. As a result of reading it, I have now begun routinely praying the Rosary for the first time in my life, and find it to be a great addition to my spiritual practice.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
by Christiane Northrup, MD


The “Bible” for women, this book needs to be read by every female on the planet! Not only does Dr. Northrup teach us how a woman’s body works, she lets us know how wise our bodies are and how we can learn from them.

This is the first book I ever read that spoke about women’s health and emotional issues in a manner that was concise, informative, understandable, and based on scientific research. All of that coming from a board-certified OB/GYN who incorporated spirituality into the equation was, and still is, extraordinary.


You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay


This guide to how mental patterns affect health is a reference book everyone needs. In this book, Ms. Hay discusses the mind, body, spirit concept in a way that resonates with those familiar with spirituality and those to whom the concept is novel.

I found this book in the mid 1980’s, and it gave me the foundation of what would later become an integral part of my energy healing practice and teachings. Addressing leaks in a person’s energy field membrane caused by energy blocks originating from an emotional event either in this or a past life, is the most important part of energy healing.

Out On A Limb
by Shirley MacLaine


I found out about this book when I watched Ms. MacLaine on the Oprah show in the 1980’s. Although I knew her as a talented entertainer, I wasn’t aware of Ms. MacLaine’s fascination with all things spiritual.

In this and subsequent books, Ms. MacLaine talks about her personal experiences with spirits, deceased loved ones, spirit guides and entities from other planets and universes. She uses her celebrity to bring these concepts to the mainstream public and make it okay for others to discuss their similar experiences.

Kabbalistic Healing
by Jason Shulman


This ancient form of energy healing is so powerful that throughout the ages, it has only been taught orally to married male rabbis over the age of 40. Some scholars believe that Jesus learned this form of healing while in his mid-twenties in Egypt and utilized its techniques while performing miracles later in life.

Kabalistic healing focuses on creating a nondual state of consciousness, which allows us to heal ourselves and others as well. I studied Kabbalistic Healing in a formalized curriculum for three years in the mid-1990’s and have incorporated it into my energy healing practice and teachings.

The Priest And The Medium
by Suzanne Giesemann


The true story of a former Jesuit priest who falls in love with and marries a renowned medium. In this memoir, two very different life paths converge to form a couple with similar interests – spirituality – and how they reconcile their different points of view.

Especially in this time when media tells us we’re so divided in our beliefs, I found it fascinating to learn how people from different “cultures” indoctrinated in different dogmas could come together and create a long-term, loving relationship.


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
by Wayne Dyer, PhD


Five hundred years before Christ was born, the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching (the Great Way), a compilation of 81 verses intended to provide moral and spiritual guidance to humanity. In this book, Dr. Dyer translates the ancient text to our modern world, and in doing so, creates a roadmap to help us live a life aligned with nature and thus a life of peace.

The concept of allowing the natural unfolding of one’s life was introduced to me in this book. Since that time, I have repeatedly seen the same concept presented in a multitude of ways by teachers from various backgrounds and have incorporated it into my daily life and teachings.