Stories from

My Last Lifetime

From Awakening to Mastery

by Jean Tinder

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About The Book

“The world is waking up and, if you are reading this book, so are you. Sometimes the awakening is obvious, and sometimes the evidence is hard to find. In my experience, what you see depends on where ― and especially how ― you look.” 


In Stories from My Last Lifetime, Jean Tinder traces her journey from super conservative preacher’s kid to someone who now knows who she is and why she is here.

Jean Tinder’s upbringing was unconventional, some might even say idyllic.  Raised by a deeply conservative family of Seventh Day Adventist missionaries, she never attended school. When not being homeschooled by her mother, she was allowed to spend countless hours devouring books and wandering the forests and mountains around her wilderness home in the Pacific north west where she developed a deep love for nature and a close contact with Spirit.

While it’s always fascinating to read about other people’s spiritual awakenings, what makes this book a “stand-out” for me is Jean Tinder’s deeply insightful answers to many of the existential questions that typically plague those on a spiritual path, such as :

Why did we come here?

Why do we keep coming back?

What comes after Awakening?

And more… not the least of which is, why, after more than 1400 incarnations on this planet, does she now say that she is complete?

The reason the No BS Spiritual Book Club exists is to point the  the spiritually curious toward books that don’t pander to the fluffy, feel-good, spiritual-ego-stroking material that’s proliferating today, but instead offer the kind of  gnarly but deeply thought-provoking answers that are guaranteed to shift awareness, provoke deeper reflection, and push one further along one’s evolutionary journey.

In telling her story of awakening to her own mastery, Jean Tinder neither patronizes nor  short changes her readers.  There’s no self-aggrandizing in this book.  On the contrary, she’s brutally honest about her frustrations, her  failings, and her sometimes “slow-comings to enlightenment.” That’s my kind of spritual explorer.

If you’re serious about your spiritual growth, listen to the interview I did with Jean Tinder on my weekly radio show (download link below).

You can also watch her Face to Face With… interview about the 10 Best Spiritual Books that influenced her the most, in which she shares more of her personal journey and insights.  And then read the two-chapter excerpt she’s generously provided.

As spiritual memoirs go, this one goes way beyond the average when it comes to providing the kind of information that opens up new pathways to explore. 

Which is why Stories from My Last Lifetime is this month’s BOOKWORM.

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About the author

JEAN TINDER has presented numerous spiritual workshops and retreats and has shared thousands of  live-changing private channeling sessions. In 1997, Jean began a series of conversations with God in her journal, at first, only for herself but eventually, shared with a few others. Moving on in her spiritual journey, she came to recognize that “God” came in different flavors, for many beings express different facets of the divine. Over the years, Jean has worked with many angelic entities including Tobias, St. Germain, Raphael, Kuthumi, Yeshua, and others, all of whom are here to assist and support humans in awakening to their own divinity. Recognizing that her greatest passion is the realization and embodiment of her own I Am has brought the answer to Jean’s lifelong search for truth. Understanding that the journey of release and integration is often a difficult and lonely one, she now finds great joy in sharing her gifts, stories, and wisdom with those on a similar path. Jean makes her home in the foothills of Colorado and enjoys spending time with her four grown children and a few good friends. She is employed full time in her “dream job” with the Crimson Circle and also provides private channeled sessions for clients who are ready to make a deep shift.

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Jean Tinder speaks about her life and her book Stories from My Last Lifetime

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