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Jean Tinder

For someone who brought 10-20 books home from the library each month as a child and has devoured countless books as an adult, it’s not an easy task to choose my favorites! The list could go on and on, and nearly every title I’ve encountered – whether fantasy fiction, historical tales, self-help volumes, or biographical adventures – has made an impact in my life. However, the books listed here have been particularly important to me, guiding my inner explorations and reshaping my worldview in ever more expansive ways.

I have a rich inner life, always exploring ideas, contemplating different angles, and sometimes taking life a bit too seriously. To hold my interest, a book first needs to resonate with the unmistakable ring of authenticity. Then I want it to expand my awareness and inspire my imagination. Such diverse authors as Ursula K. Le Guin, Ken Follett, Ester Perel, Kevin Hearne, John Gray, Paulo Coelho, Lev Grossman, Kathleen McGowan, Mark Twain, Robert Bly, Wilbur Smith, David Wilcock, Dan Brown, Brian L. Weiss, Barbara Brennan, and so many others have all contributed to the richness of my life.

Books are interdimensional portals, time-traveling devices, oracles of wisdom, keys to immortality, and purveyors of the mysteries of both ancient and modern life. They can expand our consciousness, illuminate our thinking, inspire us to new adventures, and distill insights from past experiences. Books can entertain, comfort, challenge, motivate, surprise, teach, and enlighten. The only problem I have with loving books so much is there will never be enough time to read them all! But I am grateful for the opportunity to be touched by the wisdom of so many brilliant hearts and minds, and I feel privileged to add just a little bit to humanity’s immense collection of literature.

JEAN TINDER comes from a deeply conservative Christian background, being born and raised in a family of Seventh Day Adventist missionaries. With her printer, preacher, and theologian father, and nature-loving, home-schooling pioneer mother, Jean’s childhood was unconventional, to say the least.

Raised in the wilderness of northeast Washington state, she never attended school but devoured hundreds of books from the public library. Countless hours were spent wandering the forests and mountains around her home, where she developed a deep love for nature and close contact with Spirit. This inner connection and communion always played a central role in her life, whether raising children or in many creative endeavors and artistic expressions.

Even as a child, Jean loved to write, creating gifts of tiny paper books filled with Bible verses, and journaling regularly since the age of ten. Of writing, she says, “It’s how I sort myself out. There is tremendous wisdom within; all I need to do is listen.”

In 1997, Jean began a series of conversations with God in her journal, at first, only for herself but eventually, shared with a few others. Moving on in her spiritual journey, she came to recognize that “God” came in different flavors, for many beings express different facets of the divine. Over the years, Jean has worked with many angelic entities including Tobias, St. Germain, Raphael, Kuthumi, Yeshua, and others, all of whom are here to assist and support humans in awakening to their own divinity.

Recognizing that her greatest passion is the realization and embodiment of her own I Am has brought the answer to Jean’s lifelong search for truth. Understanding that the journey of release and integration is often a difficult and lonely one, she now finds great joy in sharing her gifts, stories, and wisdom with those on a similar path.

Jean makes her home in the foothills of Colorado and enjoys spending time with her four grown children and a few good friends. She is employed full time in her “dream job” with the Crimson Circle and also provides private channeled sessions for clients who are ready to make a deep shift.

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

Far Journeys
by Robert Monroe


This is the only book I have read four times. It truly changed my life, and as I go through my journey of awakening and reunion with Self, it continues to be exceedingly relevant. After having a number of unexplainable out-of-body experiences, Robert Monroe decided to bring his engineer’s scientific mind to the issue and commenced research into this strange phenomenon. He eventually set up the Monroe Institute and brought many others into the project, learning how to expand beyond the typical human limitations at will. The discoveries he made along the way, both at the human biological level as well as in the vast non-physical realms, reveal a much grander reality than most of us forgetful humans can possibly remember. It gives a new meaning and much greater depth to life.

Ultimate Journey
by Robert Monroe


The final book in Monroe’s out-of-body trilogy, Ultimate Journey provides a non-religious, non-spiritual description of consciousness, creation, evolution, the fluidity of time, our purpose here on Earth, and a glimpse of the unlimited vastness of all that is.

While my own inner journey has come through the path of Christianity and then spirituality, this book provides astonishing insights into the true nature of reality, which resonate completely with my own experiences, yet without all the jargon of religion, spirituality or new age.

Journey of the Angels
by Tobias & Geoffrey Hoppe


A profound parable, told from a spiritual perspective, about our timeless “beginnings” and our journey from All That Was, through creation and experience to this very moment on Earth. I have been through this material at least a dozen times in different ways (live recorded events, text editing, and more) and it still moves me to tears when I feel the love and deep compassion from which it was created. Perhaps it is the story of us all, but more than anything it is my story, my purpose, and my own realization of life. And, yes, it is also a different way of telling the very things discovered in the books of Robert Monroe.

The Red Lion
by Maria Szepes


This is the incredible tale of a being who created for themselves a very difficult journey of awakening. While we all wish for the “magic elixir” that will bring us everything we seek, it is also vitally important to trust the timing of our soul. This book contains tremendous wisdom, and one of the most important threads is illustrating the misery that comes from forcing one’s way into enlightenment through means of deception and power games. We all “get there” eventually, but there are far easier ways, and wise is the one who allows their own personal journey to unfold in grace.

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho


Deep wisdom woven into a tale of adventure and discovery; this little book is a gem. Not long after reading it the first time, while touring a very magical place in England, I happened upon two little stones – one black, one white – that unmistakably reminded me of the story in the book. Even now, 15 years later, they still sit on my desk, reminding me daily of the magic of life. Interestingly, my daughter was assigned this book in her high school English class. While her fellow students found it boring, she eagerly devoured it, sharing with me in wide-eyed wonder the things she was learning. It served to inspire and awaken her to the deeper truths of life, and I was delighted to share with her my own story, including my little stones from Merlin’s Cave.


Life After Life
by Raymond Moody


Among the very first metaphysical books I read, the stories shared by Dr. Moody opened up my world. You could say that my spiritual search began when I could no longer reconcile the death teachings of my religious upbringing with the “more” that I sensed to be true.

Life After Life opened the door and was one of the first books to help me realize I wasn’t crazy or rebellious because there is indeed more to who we are than what we’ve been taught. Since then, I’ve learned much more about reincarnation and such, but I am forever grateful for the research documented in this book.

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
by Annie Kagan


A delightful and humorous account of a beloved brother’s communication from beyond the grave. Long before reading this beautiful story, I had come to understand that our existence is eternal, and our beingness neither begins with birth nor ends with death. However, the insights and humor shared by Annie’s brother after his unexpected death give a lighthearted glimpse into our true nature without the heavy seriousness that often accompanies such explorations. It leaves one with a feeling of joy and gratitude for life.

Strangers Among Us & Here and Hereafter by Ruth Montgomery


Several books by this author played a very important role in my awakening, including proving to me that we are so much more than our physical selves. While I no longer believe in “walk-ins” in the way she portrayed them, I have indeed discovered that, for many on this journey, the purpose of life is that we “walk in” to ourselves, bringing our full divine Self into our human experience. This total allowing of Self has profound implications for the limited human, and Ms. Montgomery was among the first to help open my eyes to the possibilities.

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah & Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach


I love every book by Richard Bach, but these are two of the best. Simple stories, yet mind-blowing in the questions they ask and the potentials they open. Illusions resonated very deeply with me, putting into words things I had long felt but didn’t know how to describe. Similarly, Jonathan Livingston Seagull felt like the story of my life, but with hope for the grander outcome that I could sense but was hardly able to imagine. Always the strange, awkward weirdo, I never once felt like I “belonged” as other people seemed to until Jonathan’s story helped me realize my oddness wasn’t necessarily a problem. Richard Bach feels to me like a kindred soul, and I treasure the beautiful wisdom he shares.


Summer with the Leprechauns
by Tanis Helliwell


This true story of a woman’s interactions with the local elemental population of a remote spot in Ireland sparked a tremendous openness and curiosity in me. I always wanted to believe these beings are real, and this story erased all shadow of doubt. I have since had my own contact with elementals who live in and around my home, and while I have not seen them with my human eyes as Tanis did, I have had very real, tangible, and unforgettable experiences. If anyone doubts or even scoffs at the idea of “imaginary friends” such as leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, and others, I highly recommend this beautiful and very inspiring book.