Goldshield Healthcare Case History


Goldshield Healthcare was founded at a time when people were just beginning to discover the problems associated with  processed foods, the benefits of supplements, and the importance of preventative health care. Its mission was provide up to date information and affordable health products and supplements to the public.


Assist the company to attain and maintain the No. 1 direct supplier of vitamins, minerals and food supplements in the UK by:

  • Helping to develop innovative and informative communications solutions
  • Keeping the company abreast of the latest research and developments in nutritional health
  • Identifying, devising and helping to formulate exciting new product ranges


1) Media, Print & Audio

Conceiving, designing, editing and overseeing the publication of a series of successful communication packages including:

health_issues_mag_cvr_medHealth Issues Magazine

“Hot News” Newsletter

Health Issues Consumer Fact Sheets

“Why Vitamins?” series of informational brochures and leaflets

Books – The Arthritis Solution, How to Beat the Menopause Naturally, Heart Health,
The  Prostate, and The Definitive Guide to Permanent Weight Control.

Audio Tapes: The Natural Menopause Solution

Carefully targeted direct marketing packages, advertisements, advertorials, and product catalogs

2) Products

Conceiving, designing, developing and formulating several ranges of cosmetic, toiletry and body care preparations including:

Vitamin Essentials

Aroma Essentials

Spa Essentials

 Fruit Essentials spa_essentials_med2aroma_essentials