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Georgina Cannon

When I received the email from Sandie, I was so excited and immediately went to the den and pulled out my favorite spiritual, psychology, biographies, and travel books and took them into my office. I then looked at the bookcase in my office and pulled down more books on creativity, business, and teaching. Into the living room, looked at the novels, picture books, children’s books, poetry books, history books and chose more for the pile.

40 favorites! How am I going to choose? How can I not include Gloria Steinem, Shirley MacLaine, Carlos Castaneda, Alice Walker, Dylan Thomas? After much huffing and puffing I did it. Feeling guilty about the children I removed from my ‘favorites’ piles.

Books have always been my learnings for the heart and soul, not only through their content but for their craft. I deeply admire the music of, and carving of, thought into a phrase or sentence that contains magic. Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood – “Only you can hear the houses sleeping in the streets in the slow deep salt and silent black, bandaged night. Only you can hear and see, behind the eyes of the sleepers, the movement and countries and mazes and colours and dismays and rainbows and tunes and wishes and flight and fall and despairs and big seas of their dreams.” John Steinbeck’s East of Eden –  “I thought I had inherited both the scars of the fire and the impurities which made the fire necessary—all inherited, I thought. All inherited.” And the transcendent James Baldwin from Giovanni’s Room – “I stand at the window of this great house in the south of France as night falls, the night which is leading me to the most terrible morning of my life. I have a drink in my hand, there is a bottle at my elbow. I watch my reflection in the darkening gleam of the window-pane”. Who needs movies when you can read pictures like these?

GEORGINA CANNON spent 23 years in journalism and leading corporate communications agencies, travelling worldwide assisting clients in designing communications strategies, before embarking on her 22-plus-year career in coaching and counselling.

In 1997, she left the corporate world to study various psychotherapy models including Gestalt, NLP, Psychodrama, Hypnotherapy, and Regression therapies. In 1998, she opened The Ontario Hypnosis Centre which grew to become Canada’s largest hypnosis clinic and school. Along the way, the CBC recorded a series called Past Life Investigation in her clinic, and she also wrote books, CD’s, workshops, and ran trainings around the world on the mind/body connection.

In 2016, she sold this business to concentrate on teaching, writing, and seeing clients in the clinic. She currently specializes in enabling clinic clients to achieve major life changes, managing relationship issues for singles and couples as well as healing personal and emotional issues, She teaching both at the University of Toronto – a 3-semester hypnosis and NLP program and privately Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives facilitation. Since the Cov19 crisis, she has been running a free twice-weekly meditation series at noon on Mondays and Fridays. She is currently writing her next book, From Victim to Hero, featuring some high-profile names who have overcome turbulence in life, which will be released in 2021.   www.georginacannon.com

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Since I first read it in 1998, this book has become my North Star. I carry the fly leaf around with me always, as a touchstone, a reminder to act always from my best self. I have recommended it to thousands of clients over the years and can confirm that it has helped change perceptions, acceptance of responsibility, and awareness of the role we play in community.

The Little Soul and the Sun
by Neale Donald Walsch


Supposedly a children’s book. I hand this book to read in the clinic to women who have been abused, teens, and adults who have anger issues, and I read it out loud to every hypnosis class I teach. My ‘working copy’ of this book is dog-eared, tear-stained, and well-loved. It is a simple yet profound, gentle, loving story explaining how everyone is special, there is no absolute ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that “I have sent you nothing but angels.” Neale Donald Walsch changed my perception of religion with his Conversations with God Book 1

Strangers Among Us
by Ruth Montgomery


This was my introduction to walk-ins. It enlarged my perception of energies and soul connections and it made so much sense. Do you know someone who had an almost fatal heart attack, or traffic accident, survived, and radically changed? They may be a walk-in. A higher soul taking over the body of a person ready to leave this lifetime. An exchange agreement between two souls for the highest good. She names names from early and current history as examples. Working with her spirit guides, she describes how a soul, before incarnating, elects to be born into a situation where he or she has the best opportunity to bring peace and harmony and pay off old karmic debts. At one time in communication with guides, she is told, “Why destroy a usable body when it will serve a laudable purpose for another?” Why indeed.

Loving What Is
by Byron Katie


This book cuts through psycho-babble and spiritual woo-woo like a razor-sharp sword. It is pragmatic, simple, kind, and effective. Using the four questions that Katie calls “The Work,” these questions change the thinking around any situation or problem to release suffering. She demonstrates how trying to let go of a painful thought doesn’t work if the thinking about the problem doesn’t change. And with the use of these seemingly four simple questions, the thoughts let go of us. I use the protocol for myself when stuck, and teach it to my clients. This book/protocol needs to be in everyone’s library.

Man’s Search for Meaning
by Viktor E. Frankl


Surprisingly neither ‘heavy’ nor ponderous, this book is a classic of one man’s struggle to survive the Nazi network of concentration and extermination camps. He survived by going inward with thoughts of his wife, his future of lecturing as a noted neurologist and psychologist. He demonstrates how forces beyond our control can seemingly take away our freedom and everything we possess – including loved ones – but we still have our freedom to chose how we will respond. “Between stimulus and response, There is a Space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” This Viktor Frankl quote is framed on the wall in my clinic.

Life Between Lives
by Michael Newton


I was fortunate enough to take Michael’s last training session, which took place in a charming village inn, in the British countryside. He was a pioneer with his dedication to research of past and interlives for over 40 years. I believe he removed the woo-woo from past and interlife journeys. He inspired many of us to follow the protocol he designed to regress clients who wish to explore their soul journey. At one point, he asked me to write a chapter for one of his books – a client journey that made a difference to that client’s life. He died in 2016 and he is missed. Thankfully, I have his signature on this book.

Tuesdays With Morrie
by Mitch Albom


A connection between student and teacher can change lives. Or at the very least, inspire a book. And the readers of that book. So it is with Tuesdays With Morrie. The theme is treasuring life and the relationships we make with ourselves and others. This is a book like no other I have encountered. Gentle, humble, powerful with a theme that creeps into the heart and mind and changes the view through the window of life. I am in grateful tears each time I read it.

How To Know God
by Deepak Chopra


I love how Deepak Chopra explains the unexplainable in simple, pragmatic terms. Since I read his first book Quantum Healing, I’ve been a fan. In this book, Dr. Chopra teaches us to understand that our everyday lives are acts of the Creator, or whatever you call your God. This book is a must-read for folks who know instinctively that there is more to life than just us. He helps us find the “more” in a way that fits our personal timing and evolution into connection.

Dear God! What’s Happening to Us?
by Lynn Grabhorn


Saved by the book! Although Lynn has written many books that I like, this one made the most impact.

In the early 2000’s, my clinic was close to a crystal/wiccan/spiritual store, and our clients would frequently go there before coming into the clinic. We would often feel ‘heavy’ and irritable at the end of each day and not understand why. When I read this book, I understood clients were unknowingly bringing in negative and dark energies with them that they’d picked up browsing the store. Lynn’s book explains the cosmic war we can face of light versus dark energies. Most importantly, she gives us a prayer that protects and heals.

And it works. It worked from the moment we started using it in the clinic. The air felt lighter and we no longer were exhausted at the end of each day. I tell my students and clients about the book and give them the prayer to use for themselves should they want it. I still use it at least once a week….

It helps with Zoom energy too!

The Collected Poems of
Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou & Rumi


When my heart needs to sing and my soul needs nurturing, I often turn to poetry:

The magic of Maya Angelou:
“Use a minute
feel some sorrow
for the folks
who think tomorrow
is a place that they
can call up on the phone.
Take a month
and show some kindness
for the folks
who thought that blindness
was an illness that
affected eyes alone.”

The visions in the voice of Rumi:
“Passing, passing,
The blossom gives way to the fruit;
both are necessary.
One passes into another.
Bread exists to be broken
To sustain its purpose.
The grape on the vine
Is wine in the making.
Crush it and it comes alive.”

Power and pain in poetry Audre Lorde:
“There is a timbre of voice,
that comes from not being heard
and knowing. you are not being
heard. Noticed only
by others… not heard
for the same reason.”

I am deeply moved, awed, and quite a bit jealous of the ability to make words sing to the heart the way these poets do. Also, the weaving of magic from the writings of James Baldwin, Dylan Thomas, Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut and John Steinbeck. Ahh, in my next life!