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Bill Ayling

The ten books which (at the moment) I consider to have had a significant impact on my spiritual growth.

Choosing the 10 Best books that I consider to have had a significant impact on my spiritual growth has required a lot of thought. In part, this is because some of the titles that might fall into the spiritually lightweight category have actually been invaluable in my own development. 

I learned much from books like The Secret, Zero Limits, and Access Consciousness, and I still encourage people to investigate the ideas presented as they borrow from Spiritual Laws or Truths in an accessible way. However, they all fall into a category that I think of as spiritual marketing. Marketing, advertising, and business in our society operate by creating a sense of lack and selling solutions that promise you more and better.

It is the continual striving for more and better, and the means to control our circumstances and environment, which are actually the cause of our dissatisfaction. It was the first book on my list, The Power of Now, that woke me up to this fact. In essence, my spiritual journey has been about learning to surrender to and fully accept the present moment.

I have taught workshops on the Law of Attraction, and shared the teachings of Ho’oponopo, and whilst great fun, they all have an element of “when-then” thinking behind them. Crudely put, when I arrange my external universe, then I will be OK. I now operate in completely the opposite direction.

The books that made it to my 10 Best List attempt to avoid the trap of Spiritual Marketing.  www.billayling.com

My 10 Best

(In no order of suggested reading or importance)

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This was the first book which really caught my attention in the spiritual arena. Its simple message and obvious truth continue to act as a compass as it continually reminds me to refresh my relationship with the Present Moment.

The Way of Liberation Adyashanti

This book is one of many that I could have selected from the Adyashanti stable. Adyashanti has become my root teacher and, after much exploration in the new age pseudo spiritual arena, his teaching has become the natural and organic landing point from the impetus given by the Power of Now. Practical, grounded, honest, sincere, and written from the vantage point of experience, this is totally bullshit-free spirituality. Challenging, and not in the least bit sugar-coated, but ultimately liberating.


The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton

Whilst I was spiritually curious from a young age, it was my experience with my son that hooked me into this world. Having witnessed the transformational effect of kinesiology, I was hungry for an understanding of the world beyond the physical, and particularly the scientific basis for energy medicine. This book is still the best in the field, explaining the power of thoughts and emotions on our physiology. This book has proved to be an important point of access for many of my “scientific” or skeptical friends.


Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

As I went deeper into the world of energy medicine, this book proved an invaluable bridge between the chakra system and the psychological seeds of our behaviour. It was key to connecting the many dots in my mind.


The Presence Process by Michael Brown


This book and work proved to be the most powerful practical tools to consolidate my understanding and conceptual relationship with presence into a living, felt experience. The writing and instruction are the best example of this concept understood and delivered that I have ever read. This includes warning against the trap of recommending this book to others in an attempt to somehow control your experience! I love this work and return to it often.

The Field by Lynne McTaggart


This was an invaluable text that confirmed what I was intuiting and feeling through my work, particularly with bio-resonance. Although not spiritual per se, this book was always on my list of recommended reading as it introduces the reader to a credible exploration of the non-physical world.  

Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism by Suzy Miller


As I began trying to help my son, my curiosity and exploration lead me to work with children with many diagnoses. It soon became obvious that these children are here as part of an evolutionary process. I could not easily express this “knowing” until I read Suzy Miller’s book. A truly visionary understanding and an important step in the evolution of humanity.

The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan Calleman


There is often a fine line between curious and impressionable, at least in my case! It has been easy to fall into the many rabbit holes of conspiracy and fear. 2012 was a classic case of a deeper understanding and truth being masked by the uninformed and exploitative spiritual marketing machine. Carl Calleman’s work gave me a great understanding of what was happening in the world and why the world and I were feeling and experiencing the shifts of these exceptional times.

Being Aware of Being Aware
by Rupert Spira


As my spiritual journey has progressed, the seeking has eased and I find great joy and peace resting in the most intimate and familiar experience: simply being aware of being aware. The knowing of our being is at the core of all teachings and familiarity with this space allows a totally different relationship with the world. Life itself is a meditation.

This small book is a transcript of some of Rupert’s meditations and in my opinion, expresses so much of what most teachers reference but are unable to explain. Terms such as ‘infinite being’ are frequently used with little understanding but Rupert makes really challenging concepts easily available to all.

The Universal Order of The Creation of Matters
by M T Keshe


This book is almost inaccessible! I must have read it a dozen times and still find myself lost in places… and it is the first of a series of eight!  However, the understanding grows over time and within it lies the secrets of the nature of creation.

This really is the introduction to the Science of the Soul and provides the scientific explanation for so much that is purely descriptive in the spiritual arena. This book and the science it reveals will change our orientation from a matter-based to a consciousness-based reality.