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Marketing, Advertising, PR & Business Development

“Sandra Sedgbeer enjoys a reputation throughout the UK as one of its foremost PR and marketing consultants. She is particularly well known as the originator of the ‘magalogue’ concept—the informational theme magazine that also is a products and services catalogue. In my opinion her creation of this remarkable advertising vehicle places her at the very pinnacle of the British marketing industry. It is no exaggeration to say that to find someone with such an extraordinary range of talents, experience and in-depth knowledge is a rarity within this industry.”
— Nigel Rowe, Managing Director, Lavery Rowe Advertising

“I have encountered few people who possess the talents, experience, good judgement and promotional ingenuity of Sandra. Were I asked to name the 10 most effective magazine promotions experts in the United Kingdom, Sandra Sedgbeer’s name most certainly would be on that list. In my opinion, she certainly is one of the masters of magazine promotion and development in this country.”
                                                                                             — James Buchanan, Managing Direction, AIM Publications, Ltd. UK

Sandra Sedgbeer was the natural selection as an advisor for Goldshield’s marketing programmes. She’s remarkable—that rare individual who is able effectively to draw upon in-depth knowledge of many areas, including communication, marketing, advertising, writing and editing, business consulting, and a highly successful background as a journalist and author. I highly recommend her to any company requiring the expert and dedicated services of a consummate master of the advertising/marketing/communications field.”
— Ajit Patel, Managing Director, Goldshield Healthcare, Plc. UK

“I recruited Sandra to assist me with developing a major project for the NAAFI, the service organisation of the British Armed Services. I consider her to be among the most extraordinarily gifted marketing and PR professionals I have ever encountered during my long and varied career, and I know this opinion is shared.”
                                                                                                                             — Kevin Lavery, Director, Millennium Direct, UK

“…She took a central role, overseeing the development of the editorial department, supervising staff involved in editorial, artistic, marketing and advertising aspects of the magazine’s publication. She is one of the most creative marketing professionals I have encountered.  She devised extremely creative and original promotional programming, and offered truly unique services to our subscribers. She remains well known within the advertising industry in Britain as a truly exceptional and innovative talent.”
                                                                                                                  — Andrew Douglas, Chairman, The Newhall Group Ltd.

Publishing & Coaching – Books & Magazines

“There is something almost alchemical about a conversation with Sandie Sedgbeer. It’s as though ideas really love her so they stop chasing one another around my head and get into neat lines so they have a chance to meet her. As soon as I start to talk to her I find myself making new connections between ideas and am able to express them in a more coherent way. At the same time she has an encyclopedic knowledge in so many areas. I find a conversation with Sandie helps me to expand my thinking as well as gain greater clarity. It is an incredibly creative process and also a very grounded one.”
— Tracy Smith,

“Sandie Sedgbeer was there for me at a moment in my life when I needed support to expand my work. Her warmth, authenticity and heart were key for me. I didn’t want coaching tools, or techniques barging over the tender seedling within me. Sandie felt real, like a friend with two feet on the ground, just standing with me to help uncover and emerge what was already there. And all of that with solid expertise, savvy networking experience and outright competence.”
                                                                                                                                                                 — Yasmina Mara, Germany

“Sandie Sedgbeer offers an amazing clarity which allows her to see your vision in precise detail and masterfully supports the grounding of that vision so that it expands exponentially. She has a kind of direct compassion that gets things done and her vast connections allow her to match you with the perfect people to enhance, enrich and expand your offering to the world.”  
                                                                     — Suzy Miller (Author, Speaker, Creator of the Awesomism Certification Process) 

“Sandra is the editor of my first three books. I credit her with teaching me how to write in an effective and direct manner. Her skills have been invaluable and greatly added to my success as an author in the spiritual arena.”
— STEVE ROTHER (author, channel, speaker, and founder of