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Each month Sandie interviews leading teachers, authors, speakers, and presenters in the fields of quantum physics and evolution, science and spirituality, consciousness and creativity, and emerging technologies designed to advance our health, well-being LIVE from Las Vegas on The Virtual Light Broadcast.

The Virtual Light Broadcast is completely FREE and available to view on the Internet, live streaming or retrospectively on the show’s YouTube channel.

Lorraine Flaherty, Transformational Therapist, corporate trainer and author

Lorraine talks about past lives, karma, soul groups and soul mates and her book Healing With Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys Through Time and Space.

Sonja Grace, author, mystic and energy surgeon

For over thirty years Sonja Grace has been providing spiritual guidance, clarity and counseling to clients across the globe. She is the author of Angels in the 21st Century and Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul.

Jeanette Wolfe, Naturopathic Physician and author

Jeanette talks about her book I Am Not Samm which chronicles the astonishing story and journey of her son who has advanced capabilities and understandings.

Joan Cerio, spiritual teacher, lecturer and author

Joan discusses her new book Hardwired to Heaven, which reveals new information about the the consciousness of water and the blood, the Higher Heart, and the "God USB" in our heart.

Nicolas David Ngan, author Your Soul Contract Decoded

Nicolas explains how he discovered the Moses Numerology, how our birth name is designed by our soul, and how we can discover and live our destiny when decode our soul contract.


Tori Hartman, psychic & author of the Chakra Wisdom Cards

Tori shares how she came to know her psychic ability and what led her to create her "Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards" and the stories behind them.


Tracy Smith, The Sacred Money Archetypes

Tracy explains how we can bust through our money issues once and for all when we discover and work with our own Sacred Money Archetypes.


Lydia Smith, Director Walking the Camino: 6 Ways to Santiago

Lydia shares the story behind the making of the multi-award-winning documentary that Martin Sheen calls "Brilliant!."

Glynda-Lee Hoffman on brain-based learning

Glynda talks about her book The Genesis Code and the Hoffman Integration Processing Program (HIPP), a brain-based intervention for struggling students, that she co-founded. (