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I’ll confess right up front: I’m a shameless sharer. What’s more, it’s a habit for which I will make no apologies. In truth, one of the reasons I became a journalist and radio and talk TV broadcaster is because both jobs provide endless opportunities to play in the field of possibilities.  Exploring, testing, evaluating, and sharing potentially life-changing information on consciously-aligned and assisted technologies, people, products, programs, books, modalities, and systems gives me great pleasure.

So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to have the skinny on what’s new, what’s honest, what’s good, and what’s definitely worth investigating, this page will provide you with my personal evaluations and recommendations for the people, products, programs, and systems that I have personally tested and heartily vouch for.


Can focused life-force energy raise your consciousness, diminish pain, lift depression, improve sleep, harmonize your environment and more?  It sounds a bit like futuristic science, but believe it or not, many thousands of people are the world are enthusiastically adding their voices to a growing chorus of fans of a technology that they claim is doing just that.

As someone who is fascinated by quantum physics and new technologies (especially energy-based technologies), I’ve tested many devices, apps, and programs over the years.  Recently, I started experimenting with something called Focus Life Force Energy (FLFE), or “fluffy” as its fans lovingly refer to it.   I found it so helpful in my life, that I wanted to know more.  So I organized several discussions with the founders, Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann, both of whom are considered to be experts in the creation of high consciousness fields.  And having liked what I’d both heard and thoroughly researched, I invited them to join me on my What is Going Om Radio Show to tell us more about it, and to answer a boat-load of questions many people I’d spoken to about FLFE were wanting answers to.   You can listen to that interview here.

I’ve now been on the FLFE program for several months, and I find that even in the midst of some incredibly stressful circumstances, I’m able to maintain a calmer, happier, and more optimistic frame of mind. But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself with FLFE’s FREE 15-day, no-obligation free trial and see what living in FLFE’s subtle energies and high consciousness output fields can do for you.  They can beam these to your phone, your home, or your workplace, and you even get access to an online dashboard where you can turn it on and off so you can monitor the difference in real time.

In the interests of transparency, Jeffrey and Clayten have offered me a small commision on any ongoing subscriptions purchased to support my own work. However, I do NOT earn a penny for referrals to the 15-day FREE TRIAL.  I’m a great believer in personal experience.  If you don’t notice anything or don’t want to take out a subscription after your trial, that is perfectly fine with me, and with Jeffrey and Clayten, too!  I’d recommend them regardless!



acreativespaceACreativeSpace—The Creative Space Bio-Resonance Life Enhancement Programme

The Creative Space programme is an interactive, remote bio-resonance programme. The intention of the programme is to support you as you create a life you love, in a place you love with people you love.

The way the programme works is analogous to noise reduction headphones. By tuning out the frequencies which are not from the intended source the listening experience becomes much clearer.  The Creative Space programme identifies your unique frequency and tunes out all those frequencies which interfere with this, allowing you to establish a clear coherent frequency. It’s designed to dialogue with the body’s innate knowing to create the best possible environment for true self expression. This dialogue is conducted on a frequency basis and directed by the principles of resonance. For more information visit


ascended_healthAscended Health

Ascended Health is one of the most astonishing and progressive companies I’ve ever found in the health industry.  The owners of the company are dedicated to creating effective, all natural organic products that will help our bodies heal themselves. Its products are based on the belief that high vibrational energy imprinted on the ingredients help facilitate putting you in a higher vibrational state.

Ascended Health’s products are not engineered or synthetically made. They are simply unique combinations of well known but under-utilized botanicals, minerals and herbs offered in the marketplace. When creating the products, they start from scratch by researching the scientific literature and the teachings of indigenous cultures, and then improving on what has worked.

I credit Ascended Health’s Triple Skin Healing Oil with completely healing an ugly 5-inch scar that resulted from a severe injury to my foot. And when I say healing, I do quite literally mean healing, for the only evidence that there ever was a nasty laceration on my foot is an almost invisible micro thin line. Other products that I have personally used include:

Extra strength Oralive Dental Elixir & Super Gum Oil

Marine Phytoplankton (supercharged)

ProAlive Priobiotic

Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil & I Am Blissful Spray



Glenn Harrold is one of the world’s foremost (and bestselling) hypnotherapists. Hi life journey is, by any standards, a remarkable one. From sleeping rough on the streets to get away from his dysfunctional family life, to being expelled from school at just 15, from experimenting with drugs and alcohol and running foul of the law, to transforming his life and becoming a non smoking fitness fanatic and vegetarian who not only studies shamanism, but is also one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists, Glenn is one of the best advertisements for the power of hypnotherapy that I’ve ever come across.

I’ve interviewed Glenn many times on my radio shows and the Online Summits I’ve produced, and I have gone to bed with the sleep versions of his hypnosis CD’s more time than I can count. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, weight, confidence or self-esteem, or simply want to improve your connection to your higher self, heal your inner child, or take advantage of the tremendous power of Glenn’s Solfeggio Sonic Hypnosis Healing Experience, I recommend Glenn’s work unreservedly.

lose_weight_nowIf you’re interested in purchasing Glenn Harrold’s Sleep Well Hypnosis CD or his Lose Weight Now with Hypnosis CD, click on the images on this page and you will be taken to a page where you can listen to a sample recording and/or make a purchase.

To check out all of Glenn Harrold’s products and books visit his website at