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Conscious Marketing

  Why do you need resonance in marketing?

Marketing was never meant to be slick and soul-less. Selling is a sacred process in which company and client engage in a mutually beneficial process that allows both sides’ needs to be fulfilled with truth, trust, and integrity.

Resonance Marketing is the art of fully aligning with who you are and what you have to offer, then developing creative alternatives to traditional advertising and marketing that demonstrate your understanding of your customer’s needs and desires.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., have forever changed social interaction in the modern world. The freedom to express any idea, mood, thought, or action with the world has not only revolutionized how people interact with each other, but also how advertising must be formulated in order to be effective.

Many businesses have already started to harness this change by allowing their customers to interact with them through popular social media channels and utilizing what they learn to provide their customers with more of what they want. This is called Resonance Marketing.

Resonance Marketing is a long-term strategy based on building relationships.

It enables you to develop loyal customers by expressing the core values your business represents and engaging your audience in a mutually rewarding relationship.

It involves engaging your audience with conversation and messages that reflect your customers’ values and interests and reinforces their desire to do business with your company.

Resonance Marketing:

  • Goes deeper
  • Focuses on developing a direct relationship with your customer
  • Demonstrates your authenticity and shared values
  • Places you in a position where you become more than just another choice on a retailer’s shelves
  • Creates an affinity for your brand
  • Adds value to your relationship with your customer.


When you employ a Resonant Marketing strategy your communications let your audience know:

Who You Are

What You Are About

That your interests are aligned with theirs—e.g.,

  • Values—Our values are the same; you can identify with me and my products or service
  • Interests—We share the same philosophies; we hold similar beliefs; we’re on the same wavelength
  • Products/services—My products/services meet your core needs and desires
  • Summary—You can rely on me (/us). We’re different, we listen and we genuinely care. We want to
    connect and develop an ongoing relationship with you. You will get something out of your relationship with us that other businesses don’t offer you.

In short

Resonance Marketing puts the SOUL back into selling

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