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Whatever the objective, Sandie Sedgbeer is never at a loss for a creative and effective solution. Her consultancy services have benefited large corporations, medium-size companies and individual one-man-businesses and authors around the world.

Here’s a sample of what Sandie has done for small and large companies and individuals - and is now


ready to do for the conscious community too!

Newhall Logo
Newhall Publications, Inc.,
recruited Sandra to transform and breathe new life into its 21- year-old single-sheet 1.3 million circulation, charity-based Cancer and Polio newsletter. She immediately  set about creating and establishing all marketing, editorial, PR & promotions departments, staffing and policies.  Within two years the newsletter was re-released as Candis magazine and was hailed as Britain’s most successful family magazine, featuring 132 pages of family-oriented content, and bringing in £2 million worth of advertising revenue per year, plus over £16,900,000 in subscription revenue (over £2 million of which was donated annually to charity).
Candis was unique in that it was delivered to subscribers door-to-door by part time sales reps (a la Avon). 31 years later Candis is available on the bookstands in the UK and by subscription, and is still going strong.


While with Newhall Publications as Director of Marketing, Editorial & PR and Promotions, Sandra also pioneered the creation of specific clubs designed to provide readers with a range of additional value-for-money benefits. These included vacation clubs, discount clubs, loyalty and reward cards and other concepts that were totally unique at that time.


Lavery Rowe LogoLavery Rowe Advertising, Britain’s premier direct response/mail order advertising agency head-hunted Sandie to become their New Business Development Director.Their goal—to create a dedicated natural health division, and provide existing clients with large mail order databases with new opportunities to develop their brands, create community with their customers, and in so doing expand their databases


While at Lavery Rowe Sandra was credited with being the pioneering inventor in the UK advertising industry of the Magalogue concept (a mail order catalogue that was specifically designed to provide editorial content geared towards the specific interests of the client’s customer base, with a view to entertaining, informing, and boosting longevity of the magalogue and generating increased sales.)  This concept is still being utilized successfully throughout the UK and USA.


Sandra also fulfilled her mandate to create and build a specialist natural health and beauty division for the Agency. Lavery Rowe Advertising is now widely recognized in the natural health and supplements industry as the leading British direct response/mail order advertising agency specializing in this arena with a prestigious client base of supplement and natural health products manufacturers and suppliers.

Goldshield LogoBritish Company Goldshield Healthcare needed a specialist consultant to help them grow. They wanted a creative, solutions-oriented editorial, marketing and communications specialist who also had in-depth knowledge in nutritional medicine and natural health-related products, so they turned to Sandie Sedgbeer to help identify and spearhead innovative new methods of communication and develop their business.

Today, Goldshield Healthcare, part of Goldshield Group PLC (a multi-national publicly listed pharmaceutical and consumer health company) is the UK's premier supplier of nutritional supplements and health products.


21st Century Logo21st Century Vitamins wanted to update their image with a friendly yet professional new website, so they hired Sandie Sedgbeer and Justin Harrison, one of Sandie's highly talented expert team of software programmers and web developers, to manage and complete the task.


When Swiss Company, Laboratoire Medosan, wanted to create a 100% natural Swiss beauty solutions catalogue and direct marketing campaign with a difference, Sandie Sedgbeer was their first choice as editorial/marketing/publishing consultant.

PLW LogoSandra stepped into the spiritual media arena in 1999 when she started, initially in conjunction with Steve Rother of

Lightworker Corporation, PlanetLightworker Magazine ( – a monthly online new thought/metaphysical magazine that, despite not being updated since 2009, still attracts an average of ½ million hits every month from an audience in 43 countries.


This was followed by the launch of Children of the New Earth Magazine in 2003, which, after 2 years in print, went fully online in 2005, and is still attracting audiences worldwide..





Cosmikids Logo


From 2007-2009 Sandie served as Chief Innovation Officer and Managing Director of Media, Marketing & Publishing for CosmiKids, Inc.




Today, Sandie's work straddles both the corporate and the conscious ‘new thought’ arenas.  As well as providing marketing, publishing and media consultation services for a variety of corporate and mainstream clients, she also offers a range of creative media services to those in the conscious community seeking to birth new business projects, develop and expand an existing business,or build their platform, brand or profile. These services include business development, management and conscious marketing advice, to writing, coaching, ghosting, editing and publishing consultancy services.


Past and Present Clients include:


Ascended Health—

Jim Self—

Steve Rother—

Christine Day— and

Suzy Miller—,


plust a host of authors and other web-based clients in Europe and the USA.

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