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The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge will bring you frank and fearless discussion with an eclectic mix of powerful, knowledgeable and informative teachers, leaders, and authors working at the cutting edge of science, education, conscious parenting, psychology, energy, medicine, and spirituality.


If you like playing in the field of possibilities and getting your information right at the edge from those in the know, Sandie Sedgbeer's Conversations on the Cutting Edge will shift your perceptions and give you new insights on living in the shift.



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Thursday, April 24th at 2PM-CST

Astrology Beyond the Shift with Alison Chester Lambert followed by Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA with the Gene Keys


Astrology Beyond the Shift with Alison Chester Lambert (20 min)


BBC astrologer, and founder of the Midlands School of Astrology in the UK, Alison Chester-Lambert is known for predicting personal and planetary events with “deadly accuracy.”  Back by popular request, Alison will be providing a regular monthly update on how the transiting planets are going to be affecting us on a personal and global level as we move through the constantly changing energies of the Shift.


Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA with the Gene Keys


The Gene Keys are a universal inner language whose central purpose is to awaken you to your highest purpose in life. According to international teacher and writer Richard Rudd, who received them in a transmission, the Gene Keys are a universal wisdom embedded within the structure of human DNA, waiting to be activated and unlocked.  Once a cellular recognition of the Gene Keys takes place within us, the transmission begins to work inside us, transforming our life through an ongoing process of understanding, self-forgiveness and insight.


Consisting of 64 universal archetypes that underpin the very fabric of our universe, the Gene Keys form the holographic matrix of space-time itself. As such, they represent the transmission of a living wisdom that is hidden everywhere within the universe.


In this episode, Richard Rudd explains, and demonstrates with listeners’ individual charts, what the Gene Keys are, and how we can use them to unlock both our genius, as well as our higher purpose in life.


Richard Rudd is an international teacher, writer and award-winning poet. His mystical journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body. This catalyzed an extensive worldwide spiritual search. All his studies became synthesized in 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys – an extraordinary guide to all human evolutionary potential.  It took seven years to write the book as well as understand and embody its teachings. A devoted husband and father, Richard lives in Devon, England.


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Thursday, May 1st at 2PM-CST

Your Health Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden

followed by Ask the Archangels with Joan and John Walker


Your Health - Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden (20 min)


Frank and fearless, Dr. Donese Worden is a passionate advocate for truth in medicine.  In this regular segment she takes on the role of our eyes and ears, to help us carve a pathway through the minefield of information (and disinformation) about our health, our bodies, and our rights, bringing us everything we need to know to safeguard our own and our loved one’s health.


Ask the Archangels with Joan and John Walker


If you’ve ever wanted to ask your own question of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, here’s your chance.  In this episode, Joan and John Walker will first share the latest information from the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and then allow the Archangels to answer listeners’ questions directly.  Please note, the Archangels and Masters will provide insights, advice, and information relating to matters that are of interest to all, as opposed to questions of a personal nature. Questions can be asked live, or emailed in advance to


Joan Walker is a gifted channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She emerged into the public arena in 2005 as a channel and spiritual teacher by facilitating teachings and special projects for Master Kuthumi and archangels – Metatron, Michael, Zadkiel and Uriel – to guide humanity’s shift in consciousness.


Joan was instrumental in the development of the I Am Light Curriculum and Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and 3 programs. Joan also participated in Jim Self’s annual student conferences three years in a row, during which she channeled Master Kuthumi and many archangels. It was during the 11-11-11 gathering that a great triad of beings — Yeshua, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara — made their presence known to the students through Joan, and facilitated the return of the Christed matrix to humanity and to Earth.


At the specific request of Archangel Metatron, and under the guidance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, Joan and her husband and partner John, are now being guided to expand their work to teaching, and to sharing timely and important channeled messages for the public.


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Thursday, May 8th at 2PM-CST

Keeping Pace with the Shift with Jim Self

followed by Messages from the Heart of Love with Shaman,

Mystic, Author and Intuitive, Lenedra Carroll



Keeping Pace with the Shift with Jim Self (20 min)


We’ve been hearing about “The Shift” for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here. But what precisely is shifting? What are we moving from? What are we moving toward? And – more importantly – what difference is it really going to make to your world… your life… your family… your loved ones… and your future? In this monthly segment, Keeping Pace with the Shift, Jim brings us information about the latest events and energetic changes that are all part of The Shift.


Messages from the Heart of Love with Shaman, Mystic, Author and Intuitive, Lenedra Carroll


How do we move beyond the limitations of our upbringing, conditioning and beliefs about what we are capable of, and truly live as a spiritual being creating our lives from that expansive space?


In this episode, mystic, shaman, and author Lenedra Carroll joins Sandie to share Messages from the Heart of Love.  These inspired messages offer heartening and surprising information about exploring parallel time-lines, the truth about your deepest longings, and the safety in true discernment.  A special Message from the Heart of Love will also be given to our listening audience. Topics include:


*Relationship and discernment

*Wisdom and instruction regarding journeying in parallel timelines

*Satisfying our two deepest longings

And more…


Lenedra Carroll is an accomplished businesswoman, humanitarian, singer, sound shaman and author.  She has enjoyed great success in the music industry, and in her award winning book, The Architecture of All Abundance, she revealed the unconventional but practical methods she employs in every aspect of her life. Many of her insights have been proven in the development of the career of multi-platinum award winning artist, Jewel. Lenedra has sung at the State of the World Forum, at the Vatican for Pope John Paul, at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, and on many national television programs. Her album Beyond Words has been heralded by the likes of Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and Deepak Chopra.


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Upcoming Guests:



Richard Rudd, April 24th


Joan Walker, May 1st


Lenedra Carroll, May 8th


Story Waters and Roger Hansen, May 15th


Carl Calleman, May 22nd


Stewart Pearce, May 29th


Richard Rudd returns, June 5th


Geoff Hoppe, June 12th


Jim Self Solstice Special, June 19th


Charles Eisenstein, June 26th


TBA, July 3rd


TBA, July 10th

Tori Hartman, July 17th

Lorraine Flaherty on-air regression, July 24th

TBA, July 31st