Unlock  |  Ignite  |  Unleash

You already have everything you need to make anything happen; you just don’t know it yet. Sandie’s one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions will catalyze profound movement, both internally and externally. So if you’re ready to unlock the magic within, ignite the spark of your brilliance, and unleash the most misunderstood principle of the Law of Attraction—it’s time to get your glamour on!

Resonance  |  Frequency  |  Success

You cannot separate who you are and what you do from how you interact with the world. Applying the science of resonance to your business communications puts the soul back into selling by bringing authenticity and value to everything you say and do. Resonance creates a frequency that magnetically attracts an audience that doesn’t just like you, but LOVES you!

The future of businessCONSCIOUS BUSINESS
Align  |  Create  |  Connect

Sandie’s intuitive ability to connect with people’s values and needs, and create innovative communication pathways utilizing the 6 foundational principles of conscious business development have made her a sought-after adviser to international corporations, direct marketing companies, advertising agencies, small businesses and start-ups.

Inspire  |  Educate  |  Entertain

Have you ever walked through a book store and known in your heart that you should have a book on one of those shelves, but have no idea how to make that happen? From crafting and polishing your story to publishing in print and/or digital format, Sandie has the professional expertise and literary reputation to help you realize your dream of becoming a published author.

vlb_tricast TALK TV HOST
Virtual  |  Light  |  Broadcast

For more than ten years the Virtual Light Broadcast has been broadcasting  shows offering enlightening and uplifting information to an international audience. Each month, as part of the show, Sandie conducts thought-provoking interviews with inspirational authors, teachers, scientists, speakers and filmmakers working at the edge where spirituality and science meet.

sandie_mic_finalRADIO SHOW HOST
Conversation  |  at the  |  Cutting Edge

If you like playing in the field of possibilities and getting your information right at the edge from those in the know, join Sandie every week on OMTimes Magazine’s flagship radio show, What is Going Om and on iHeart Radio for incisive interviews and mind-expanding conversations with  leading international teachers, authors, speakers, filmmakers, and thinkers working at the cutting edge where science and spirituality meet.


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